South Coast Air Quality Management District v. EPA, “about doctrine, precedent, and the other conventional materials of legal analysis”, Symposium on Joanne Yates and Craig N. Murphy's "Engineering Rules", Legacy ABA AdLaw Section Notice and Comment Blog, Symposium on Rachel Potter's "Bending the Rules", Symposium on Delegated Management and Index Investing. Editor’s note: This story has been updated to include Elizabeth Bays’ response. That’s why I’m excited to see that the D.C. Yale Mock Trial finishes the season with two teams in the top five at the National Championship! They ended with a 4 – 4 record.

It totally separates a trial from the case materials, and eliminates impeachment as an effective remedy.

Finally, in South Coast Air Quality Management District v. EPA, a “NAAQS” case, Judge Sentelle (joined by Chief Judge Garland and Judge Rogers) agreed — quotations omitted — that “there is no legal basis for allowing states to credit reductions achieved at sources outside the nonattainment area.” The Court also considered arguments advanced by various environmental groups and ruled in their favor on multiple grounds: Specifically, we grant Environmental Petitioners’ petition and vacate as to (1) waiver of the statutory attainment deadlines associated with the 1997 NAAQS; (2) removal of New Source Review and conformity controls from orphan nonattainment areas; (3) grant of permission to states to move anti-backsliding requirements for orphan nonattainment areas to their list of contingency measures based on initial 2008 designations; (4) waiver of the requirement that states adopt outstanding applicable requirements for the revoked 1997 NAAQS; (5) waiver of the § 7505a(a) maintenance plan requirement for orphan nonattainment areas; (6) creation of the “redesignation substitute”; (7) creation of an alternative baseline year option; (8) elimination of transportation conformity in orphan maintenance areas; and (9) waiver of the requirement for a second 10-year maintenance plan for orphan maintenance areas. Panelists will include Professor Vladeck, the advocates Ms. Murphy and Professor Koh, as well as Beth Brinkmann. But during Rivers’ cross-examination at the National Finals, as he followed the script Young-Perez and Bays wrote days before, the problem became obvious to the AMTA: Rivers apparently lied. Exhausted from the competition and its almost endless preparation, defense attorney Elizabeth Bays ’19 LAW ‘22 led her team into the courtroom for the last time with frazzled excitement. This year’s tournament will consist of four rounds of competition and several workshop lead by Yale’s All-American competitors. The authors argue that holding a mock trial may be a more politically acceptable way to reducing violence in the absence of stricter gun control laws. “Both girls delivered convincing points that led to a unanimous decision by the judges,” said Marcella Scalise, the Rye Neck High School Mock Trial team coach and a social studies teacher. If we are going to have mock trials, I would much prefer a real question-and-answer approach that explores the hard questions.

Six questions about election night (and after) answered, Haar: Trump and COVID helping Senate Democrats, Teacher sues CT school district over remote teaching policy, In small CT town, 79-year-old folk icon to stage drive-in concert, Camacho Garage focuses on contemporary Mexican street food, Lamont: Returning to Phase 2 will help CT ‘stay ahead of the curve’, West Haven’s Blue Horse closed for allegedly violating COVID protocol, Police ID man who allegedly drove into New Haven building. After a tough first day against nationally-ranked competition, the team rebounded by winning both of their trials Sunday. While invention of material fact is not unique to the association — or to Yale, for that matter, which employed the same strategy earlier in the National Championships  — the sanctions were much harsher than any other punishments doled out by the Association since it started publicizing violations in 2011.

Mock Trial Rebounds at Yale’s… Oct 20 2020. Mock trials, however, are something else; they are often silly. Established in 1983, the Yale Journal on Regulation (JREG) is one of the top ten specialized law journals in the United States.

In a mock trial competition, the students arguing their case must adhere to the witness affidavits.