Art Of War Kennels is home to some of the largest XL Pitbull Males on Earth. Beauty is a part of all the other quality traits that we produce, such as health, function, structure, and of course; exceptional temperament always above everything. Crump’s Bullies Kennels works hard to ensure you feel less like a customer and more like a family member. THIS BREEDING WON’T HAPPEN UNTIL LATE 2018 OR EARLY 2019 ALL BUYERS WILL BE SCREENED. He has known by his muscular structure and champion bloodline. When it comes to BIG STRONG ATHLETIC Pitbull Puppies, this is one of the best breeding you will find in 2018. No other kennel can say that. 2 females from troubleman and Nefertiti. Here at Swag Kennels, we specialize in breeding various rare species of dogs of American bully breeds such as Pitbulls, and many other unique kinds of puppies. We have consistently produced 150-160 pound tri males almost every breeding. We breed "blue pitbulls" or "American Staffordshire Terriers" here at our "pitbull kennels" ever since we fell in love with the "blue pitbull". Shipping inside the U.S.A. is $550 and puppy arrives same day to your nearest airport. click here to view the contract. The United Kennel Club (the UKC) goes further to include such breeds and varieties in the origins of the XL Bully such as Pitbulls/Amstaff (UKC recognizes them as the same breed), and the infusion of several other breeds including the American Bulldog, English Bulldog, and Olde English Bulldogge. When it comes to producing the biggest Tri Color and Merle XL Pitbulls in the World no one even comes close. This program is designed to support all Crump’s Bullies Family Members. There seems to be some confusion in the community on what an American Bully XL really is. Art Of War Kennels is unlike any other Pitbull Kennel or breeder on Earth, with over 10 years experience breeding the best XL Pit Bulls and producing the biggest and best tri color Pitbull Puppies since the beginning of the tri color bully movement.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of raising these dogs and puppies in a setting where they have proper and adequate socialization, handling, and playtime. first pick. UKC’s Most Wanted Waka of Crump’s Bullies, Worldwide American Pitbull Puppies (Shipping Worldwide), Worldwide American Bully Puppies (Shipping Worldwide), Champagne and Blue XL Pitbull Puppies for Sale, XL Blue Nose Pitbull puppies Females – $3000 Each, Blue Nose Pitbulls & Lilac Pitbulls & Champagne Pitbulls, BIGGEST XL PITBULL / BLUENOSE XXL PITBULL. puppy we require a deposit .

xl Pitbull Puppies for sale XL PITBULL PUPPIES FOR SALE. ManMade Kennels is committed to being highest quality Pitbull Breeders in the world.

We ship  our XL American Bully puppies all over the world – to destinations such as, but not limited to. We are breeders XL American Bullies . Swag Kennels produced famous pit bull puppy with two faced face merle color american bully Phantom. We sell quality puppies and we are not like every regular dog breeder.