Always up to date. yeah I managed to get to 60 on my mage back in Vanilla by doing these Lashers. Again, thank you very much for your feedback.”, Kaivax also confirmed the bugfix was not a numbers change or balance nerf. How much Health and Mana do you need for ZF? By eskimoDK [on 2006/05/04]( (Patch 1.10.2). each lasher gave me 43xp each kill when i was attempting to farm it together with a resto druid (resto druid + prot pala) so that would mean if i were to be able to solo it it would only give me around 86 xp each kill. Several spawns removed from Stratholme. they WAS kickass until blizzard nerfing stick said hi. Yeah my assumption is that as well, some videos are obviously private server (crushers in entirely different spawn points), others look accurate but I’m still pulling following the same paths, just hiked it back to ZF /shrug.

There is no longer a one-hour time restriction on the Vaelastraz the Corrupt encounter in Blackwing Lair.

Maraudon added to the game. There is also, of course, the map Blizzard World in Overwatch. So for any of those who like me appreciate the more challenging experience I think we should make our voices heard about this issue. Additional new raid items have been added to the treasure lists for Azuregos, Lord Kazzak, and bosses in Molten Core. You get a feeling of accomplishment from beating something you know is difficult/challenging.

WoW Classic raid experience gains “nerfed” after bug fix. Use Chain Lightning, Fire Nova Totem, rinse and repeat. NERFED est une guilde PVE & PVP Horde de WoW Classic sur le serveur Sulfuron. Check the loot tables on classic db. And I have to say, MC cleared in under a week - with a raid of folks in greens, no resist gear and…what roughly half not even level 60? combatt rogue 1000 runs +. When I say the entire world I do mean the entire world. sips coffee, Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, World of Warcraft Arena World Championship. The loot tables for some of the Molten Core bosses have been improved so they drop an additional epic item per kill. We hope that you enjoy the first round of available relics and we will continue to add more in future patches. If you’re a WoW player who also loves playing Sombra in Overwatch, Activision Blizzard has your back (and your hair), because World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has a new hair option for the Night Elf race called “Sombra” that looks exactly like the hacking hero’s hair does in Overwatch. Some hardcore grinders discovered a bountiful source of experience due to a Classic bug, where 10-man raids were earning three times the amount of experience they did in the same Vanilla challenges. Soyez alerté des dernières news et guides, postez vos spé / build de talents, participez aux jeux concours et gagnez pleins de cadeaux ! I’m back for Classic after not even considering WoW since early Cata, but Vanilla is not this state of perfection that cannot be improved. Massive instanced solo farming is not healthy for the game at all. The forums never cease to amaze me and always keep me entertained at work. Reduced the duration of Dark Plague from three minutes to 90 seconds. Most of the non-class set items that dropped from Molten Core and Onyxia have had their effective levels increased, resulting in higher DPS weapons, and/or better stats and effects. That has never been the point. The loot tables have been changed so Molten Core bosses will now only drop items from the lower tier class sets. Here we go: I’ve scanned all the Classic patches from 1.1 to 1.12, and compiled all the nerfs and major changes made to instance difficulty and overall gameplay and itemisation.

WoW Classic General Discussion. This is a real player Punkrat’s video. “Thanks to player reports and feedback, we’ve identified a bug affecting how experience was calculated for parties of six or more players,” Kaivax said in the announcement. Molten Core: Every 7 Days, resetting during weekly maintenance. Cette fonction n'est disponible que pour les membres connectés. they WAS kickass until blizzard nerfing stick said hi Players called for experience-boost bugs to be removed from WoW Classic. Here’s every single nerf from every single patch from patch 1.1 to patch 1.12.

Ragnaros now stays up 2 hours rather than 1 after being summoned. MC in 2004 was challenging to a raid of 40 level 60’s in dungeon blues. If it had not been, it would have been beaten by…well see what I just wrote above. (nothing specified in the patch notes, but probably nerds aswell). It wasn’t. Players can use this crystal just like any other crystal in the encounter, but it cannot come back up during the encounter. Debuff limit increase to 16 (previously 8). Noxxion encounter made easier for groups lacking area of effect damage. Poster des spécialisations de talents sur le site. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, This is also a great PvP spec for open world and BGs and can even still heal in raids. This ones and books are nerfed in Classic dm east first weak books wher good got 3 Epic palla/warr after that weak is seems every thing from mobs to drops have been nerfed 500% still good for herb.

Once you had it memorized, no matter what the difficulty, it was just a boring grind to get a full T1 set. Twitch streamer JokerdTV became the first player to hit level 60, and veteran raid guild APES became the first group to complete the Molten Core raid just a few days after the game’s release. Private vanilla server: 0, actually lashers were farmed in vanilla, read the comments from all the way back in 05 here, Some already have, while others are well on their way to the target level 60. Removed the stacking acid from the Flesh Tentacles in the C’thun encounter. aight I tried and I got nuked down hard even with 2 shields after ice block, U have to time when to get out ice when most of them just attacked, Can also confirm, Lasher loot is nerfed and the aggro range is increased on Big Trees. And no private servers didn’t get it wrong. Reduced the duration of Lethon’s Draw Spirit from 7 seconds to 5 seconds. It gives a total overview of what to expect from this dungeon how it’s going to affect the game, how the Dire Maul is going to affect the economy in a large way, so get ready to stuff your wallet with wow classic gold. The location of this NPC is unknown. Lasher farm has been heavily nerfed, they drop little to no loot. History has already been made on WoW Classic this week as well. The changes made in Vanilla were exactly as you state, to protect the gold economy and nerf the lasher EXP farm there. I think a lot of the videos you are watching are either private server stuff or some serious back in the day content. This would’ve been the perfect opportunity to, y’know, include said evidence. some comments are about xp, some about them being able to drop epics.

I did it too, not best strat yet, but ice block, with double shield before hand and jump of with frost nova. The player in this image chose to use the purple color as well, making it look even more like this Night Elf is getting ready to push the payload on Dorado.

Archivist Galford, Baroness Anastasi, Nerub’enkan, and Maleki the Pallid will now always drop at least one Rare item. Crimson Conjurers can now only have a max of two "pets" at one time. Patch 1.1 and 1.2 - Didn’t bring major changes in terms of gameplay or progression to the game, only some minor class tweaks. EDIT: HERE’S A LIST OF ALL THE NERFS FOR ALL THE NAYSAYERS! I tried a lasher pack on my resto shaman and got destroyed. In Vanilla, raid groups were given less experience if they took more players into the instances. Shadowforge Ambushers are no longer elite. Seems that way. Edit - I'd like to just clarify that when I say "nerfed" I mean relative to pservers. 26 new Rare items have been added to Stratholme. Mother’s Milk off Mother Smolderweb will now only affect players.

Witch Doctor Zum’rah’s loot table was improved. Voter pour les meilleures spé PvE et PvP. The loot tables in Molten Core have been revised slightly. Speak with Zanza the Restless for more information. Doesn’t matter what patch it’s released on, classic wow has like no mechanics at all LOL, i was wondering what you people where going to blame when classic was not what you remember. Theka the Martyr will now only remain immune to physical damage for 30 seconds before reverting to normal. AQ40 - Did it Of course, you don’t have to choose purple hair along with this style, but you do have to be a Night Elf. The new system will have all instances reset at a certain server time, regardless of when you were actually saved to the instance. Here’s some comments from Players who become unpossessed will now have full health, and after the Baroness unpossesses a player there will be a much longer cooldown before she can cast possess again. Can you please tell me how he did it differently?

It will resume normally five seconds after the last spell cast. In addition, several epic items, have had their drop rates significantly increased. Think I'll finish leveling my alt herbalist :/, :( no epic mount.. it was my one true hope. Has … By eskimoDK on 2006/05/05 (Patch 1.10.2) If anything, the pservers had it wrong to begin with and this is more in-line with what was accurate during vanilla.

The impact damage of these fireballs has been slightly increased to compensate for the loss of the damage over time.

Slowed the rate at which High Priestess Arlokk’s panthers spawn. Published: 2/Sep/2019 4:40 Updated: 2/Sep/2019 6:00. by Isaac McIntyre. Published: 2/Sep/2019 4:40 Reduced the number of Mad Voidwalkers that are summoned from the death of a Mad Servant from three to two. Blackwing Lair: Every 7 Days, resetting during weekly maintenance, Temple of Ahn’Qiraj (40-man): Every 7 Days, resetting during weekly maintenance, Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj (20-man): Every 3 Days. Lengthened the overall respawn of the dungeon. 264 votes, 545 comments. The world nerf happened before over the course of patches leading up to 1.12 and during 1.12 itself. Good. They are using the tuning from 1.12, which is common and public knowledge. Major change to the 5 seconds rule and how healer play in general – “Mana regeneration is now disrupted when a spell has completed casting rather than at the start of casting. Good let the hatred flow through you. The hotfix targeted the percentage bonus players were receiving from dungeons like Scarlet Monastery. Rattlegore, Jandice Barov, and Lord Alexei Barov will now always drop at least one Rare item.