Due to his lack of control, Aaron had to hide his ability to turn humans into werewolves. Derek informed Aaron about this in his dorm, also putting his tuition on the line. He then uses an unknown magic that kills the two of them, as it was the only way to kill Zane. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Fortunately, he was able to snap out of it by Aphmau, who gave him a bandanna. His father even sent him to a military academy to keep him from becoming close to anyone. The Stranger, AKA Aaron, first appeared when Aphmau was being chased and attacked by werewolves. As a cat, he is very dark grey with a teeny red hoodie. He said that Aaron would not be returning, but he obviously did. After the explosion, Aphmau is alerted by the vibration and sees the land damaged.

Aphmau visited with a housewarming gift as well as a new phone for Aaron. The only friend Aaron had in his childhood was Alexander, his dog. They, along with his entire village died when he touched the stone in the amulet given to his son by Zane. His hostility made Aphmau feel intimidated and he backed away. The legend of Falconclaw that people believe isn't true. Aaron then told Daniel to run as Ein woke up. They were more focused on keeping Aaron isolated as they did not notice that his eyes were normal. Aaron said that it doesn't matter. In "I Love You, Aaron," Derek told Aphmau in that the reason he abused Aaron was to hide his Ultima powers and deep down, he regretted his decision as controlling Aaron isn't helping and that it caused him to be with Aphmau more as she helped control his powers.

Realizing that the break up was just a setup, Aaron manned up and told Blaze to meet him in the morning as he snuck out of campus. When asked what he knew about her, he was able to give several facts such as a cat face she makes when she pouts and her favorite dish in Olive Garden. He is also wearing some bandages. Aaron shows up on the nick of time, especially during the auditions of the play, where he gladly accepts to play the part of Romeo.

Zane walks in and tells Aphmau that Aaron asked him if he minded them dating and that's all that matters. After the sparring he commented saying she fought well, but still have a lot of room to improve. This is first shown in the second season of, Aphmau is Aaron's first kiss, confirmed in MyStreet Phoenix Drop High episode 30, ". In Episode 81 of Season 2, "His Choice," Aaron traveled to the Irene Dimension to engage against Zane. In Hebrew the meaning of the name varies, and can sometimes mean "lofty", "enlightened", "exalted", or "high mountain". Instead of feeling shame, Derek felt anger as Aaron walked away. MyrrSenpai/FANFIC-While You Were Gone - Prolouge, TheSockMaster1415/The Nether (A FanFiction), KingCrimson2001/Where Two Worlds Meet (A fan fiction), LunaSchnee/Competitive Sense (Episode idea), NightfallTheAphmauFan/Travfall (Nightfall X Travis)~Travis Is My Senpai~*Part 1*.

Aaron is a main character in Minecraft Diaries. His looks and personality top the guys as they see him as a threat. Instead, he ends up knocking Laurance out. But, that he was cursed to turn other humans into half human, half wolves.

Even if you don't post your own creations, we appreciate feedback on ours. ", Aphmau informs her friends that she is pregnant, and Aaron is the father of her child. Before leaving the house to go and rescue Garroth, Aaron kissed Aphmau while she was asleep and said goodbye to Lilith, who heard his walking through the room, making her wake up, and he promised her that Aphmau will take care of her. In Episode 81 of Season 2, "His Choice," Aaron traveled to the Irene Dimension to engage against Zane. When he went to his house during spring break, Rachel caught him and sent him to his father. Screen Shot 2017-05-27 at 10.57.33 PM.png|Ultima (Masked) He could only watch in horror as he keeps seeing a vision of Aphmau, who seemingly succeeded in killing him, living a happy life with Ein as they hang out alongside the rest of the gang, who acted as if he never existed, and the nightmare keeps repeating and repeating and every time it repeats, he kept begging that he wake up from his nightmare. So much that he would do anything for her... And she loved him just the same. Ein punched Aaron in the face, but Aaron just stood still and was not affected. According to "Scars", Aaron mentioned that he couldn't sleep as he had a nightmare. When did you find.... GGRRH! However, Derek noticed that Aaron was spending more money than usual, deciding to cancel his credit card after he found evidence of Aaron sneaking out. Upon seeing the crater, she is surprised by Garroth's sudden appearance, who informs her on Aaron's sacrifice, causing her to scream in despair. On the thumbnail (Of the episode this is in) you can see Aaron's face which (unless you see the next episode this won't make sense) shows HE is the descendant of the ultima werewolf but otherwise he just seems shocked. According to Irene herself, Aaron is living his second life. He was banished into the depths of the woods where he would stay for years.

In Season 2, Episode 23, "They Travel from Far" he slits his sword on Laurance's arm to try to get Laurance out of his Shadow Knight Form. Aaron was able to sneak out from his room and head to Phoenix Drop High, where he spotted Ein hugging Aphmau. During Katelyn and Lucinda's competition to see who could figure out more about Aaron and Aphmau relationship-wise.

Later in the episode, Aaron showed his deceiving side when he and Aphmau did the running competition. His past is mostly unknown, but he was Lord of a village named Falconclaw. When Aphmau told Laurance of the stranger's presence, he told them he had been tracking Zane for a long time because Zane was responsible for his wife and son's deaths. This is due to humans fearing Ultima werewolves again. After a long fight, Aaron becomes bruised and desperate. Before Aaron attended Phoenix Drop High, he and Aphmau became friends through the internet while playing video games. In "Her Wish", Aaron is seen trying to play the guitar again, but he doesn't seem to know how to play again.

Aphmau does not want to say yes at first, worrying about what the others would think, especially Garroth, Laurance, and Zane. He also lets her scratch his ears but finds it annoying if she does it without asking. Aaron's son, Jacob, took an amulet from Zane and when Aaron confiscated the amulet, his touch caused a large flash of light, and then everyone in the village, except for himself, was dead. Aaron is more teasing too. Aaron was barely allowed to go to college, but he was on constant watch by people hired by Derek himself. After a long fight, Aaron becomes bruised and desperate. He probably relies on his other senses a lot to go about his day.

If you don't think you can make the extra mile then for me you will smile. In Hebrew, the meaning of the name varies and can sometimes mean "lofty", "enlightened", "exalted", or "high mountain". I'll always be with you. Unfortunately for Aaron, the dean called Derek, who once again waited in Aaron's dorm for Aaron to arrive. Aaron then texted Ein to make it seem like he and Aphmau got together again and that she found her phone. In MyStreet, he keeps his calm, kind, helpful, and understanding personality with him. It was there he realized his curse was not that he was a hideous monster. He defended Aphmau from Zane, but Zane eventually started to gain the upper hand and had almost killed him when Garroth stopped his brother. It wasn't until he realized that Aphmau was actually Shu that he had a change of heart, wanting to start over and prove that he wasn't the jerk she thought he was. It was from Aaron before he died. Derek followed Aaron to his room and told him that he doesn't even know what love is.

At Love~Love Paradise, Aaron no longer wears a hoodie. "Hey." Needing to talk to Aphmau, he decided to text her when Derek left, only for Derek to grab Aaron's phone and destroy it. He also hired a new agent, Xavier, to make sure Aaron doesn't kill anyone.