After the flight over to New Planet Vegeta, he started experiencing a hangover (which was also amplified later on by Oolong smashing his head with a mallet in order to give him "medicine", although the Dub implied that his hangover was due to overstuffing on Tuna Sandwiches).

In his normal state, he seems old and fragile usually walking with a cane, not doing much battle, but he is able to perform incredible superhuman acts that most ordinary people cannot accomplish, such as his ability to effortlessly catch bullets from a machine gun with his bare hands at close range.

After Kale's rampage, Master Roshi runs into Za Priccio, whom he traps with his Thunder Shock Surprise, and Tien knocks him out with the Neo Tri-Beam. Once the tournament is over, Roshi teaches Goku that there is always someone better out there and that he should never think of himself as the best. A few days later, Goku returns with the Ox-King's daughter Chi-Chi to borrow the Bansho Fan to put out the flames on Fire Mountain. Kuririn remarks that, although they're powerful, Roshi is stronger, and thus, only losing because he's getting distracted by their attractiveness. Roshi later visits the hospital to see his friends where they are tending their wounds following the battles with Bojack and his Galaxy Soldiers. Now listen to me boys! Master Roshi at Goku's House in The Tree Of Might, "You.. Haven't won. Roshi is initially overpowered by the three and when Krillin joins his side, he tells him that the girls he chased after are more than he bargained for, as they will not let him grope them, before correcting himself and saying that his attacks won't hit. Master Roshi is bald, with a thick white fu manchu mustache and beard. After Goku fails to find him an attractive woman, a former Orin Temple student named Krillin comes and requests to train under Roshi as well. Main article: Black Star Dragon Ball Saga, "You know you do kinda look like Goku. Below that is a look at the Master Roshi-original move, the Kamehameha, for his Meteor Attack. Realizing that King Piccolo was back, Roshi decided to travel with Tien and Chiaotzu to get the Dragon Balls before the demon king could. Roshi, refusing to let Vegeta get eliminated thanks to him, charges and is easily blown back by Frost and shot with more Chaos Shots. Despite his skirt-chasing antics, Master Roshi is still a very wise and kind-hearted person who loves those around him like his own grandchildren. Goku agrees saying Master Roshi can easily hold his own with his special moves alone. In Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest, it is revealed that 50 years ago, Master Roshi was considered the Earth's strongest fighter according to Dr. Wheelo and Dr. Kochin who believed he was still the Earth's strongest fighter and thus a candidate to transfer Wheelo's mind into. Master Roshi sits down on a rock, Goku asks him if he will be fine. In this state, he can perform many ki attacks at their maximum potential (most noticeably the enhanced MAX Power Kamehameha). This knowledge scares Roshi, and realizing that King Piccolo is back, Roshi decides to travel with Tien and Chiaotzu to retrieve the Dragon Balls before the demon king can. With that pointy hair and- Goku, is that really you?! "Dragon Ball Super Main Visual Reveals 2 New Characters", "Dragon Ball Z: 15 Things You Didn't Know About Master Roshi", "The Japanification of Children's Popular Culture: From Godzilla to Miyazaki", "Lascivious Master Roshi Suspected Target in Latest BPO Published Complaint", "Fans Vote For Their Favorite Leacherous Male Characters", "A Ranking of All the Characters on 'Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku, Dragon Ball Z Side Story: Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans,, Anime and manga characters with superhuman strength, Fictional characters with energy-manipulation abilities, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 31 October 2020, at 23:00.