That was it, just Cocktails and Cupcakes. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts on this! Thanks so much for sharing this, Jesus! But still all the attention really makes me feel weird and cutting the cake is the weirdest thing for me, even though how much I love to eat chocolate cake. ☺. Tips For Finding a True Friend as an Introvert, Fool-Proof Gifts For Your Introverted Girl, 4 Tips for an Introvert Not to Feel Lonely at College. Not only do I feel better That it’s not just me but others feel the same way as me. Tears! This really explains a lot! I think I will start doing things like this on my birthday. But moments of joy and celebration are also important in a time of uncertainty and crisis, so that's worth bearing in mind. My 21st still gives me nightmares.

I do like to just go out for dinner with my boyfriend, and maybe spend some money on myself. I forced myself to go out and he gave me flowers and asked me to be his gf.

I could utterly relate with everything ♥ I hope I’d be able to start hating my birthday less from this year on haha but the other reason being that I just want to skip that certain date is my family is not always complete on my birthday since my dad is the busiest during Decembers, my birth month. ‘My boyfriend also made a playlist of all my favourite songs,’ she says. I just don’t like clutter and I live in a small space. You are most welcome, Marie! You see, it just seems like for the most part there is something artificial about this whole thing of birthdays. Do you love your birthday, or do you avoid celebrating it? But there’s something different about birthdays in the eyes of an INFJ.

She died in a car accident 18 days after our 18th birthday. . I am so so very blessed to have all of these people in my life who understand me & let me be me. Have three, one for each meal, and use different bubble and aroma mixtures for each one. This describes me …I am a Christian my faith is what keeps me afloat. Thanks for the insight. .

I had explained to her why I lashed out on her and apologized, because I had never did that to her before.. It makes me feel less alone.. It truly made me feel like I’m not alone. While this is annoying and I sorta wish I was like another personality sometimes- who could easily celebrate their birthday, I am a proud INFJ-complications and all. I also plainly hate it because, as you’ve mentioned, past events really have made things worse. Well get inspired by US site – The Birthday Project. ? . Even if they sometimes tell me a little late ahaha. —. I felt happiest watching everyone enjoy their dinner and chatting in small groups with others and secretly I felt like I was celebrating them! Thanks for the posting, Marko. Most of my birthdays were spent with just a couple friends or sometimes just my parents and my 6 siblings. I’d rather pick something like getting to spend an entire day in a bookstore or library, or just to wander around on my own and watch people. , A triathlon for your 60th, I love that!!! We had the best night. Even if only one person calls and congratulates you, it’s enough. A group of friends have gathered and are cheersing with flutes of warming sweet prosecco, singing in lacklustre harmony. I can’t really not invite one of the two, because that would be rude. Or reading that is. I truly do. If you’re self isolating and solo cooking don’t forget to light those candles and #makeamealofit, A post shared by Laura Jackson (@iamlaurajackson) on Mar 21, 2020 at 1:15pm PDT.

Lunch and dinner also in bed.

. I get joy by watching them enjoy my day. One thing that I’d really like for my birthday is to have my wishes respected.

For the past few years I have actually planned my own celebration with a small group of girlfriends at a lovely restaurant and this past birthday in March went big! And I’m sorry, I’m just not going to. We have an entire year to do that. My daddy died when I was 28.5 years old, I believe he was an INFJ also. I never have parties though…, Thank you so much for sharing your point of view, Courtney! Thank you for sharing this article! I suppose I don’t mind telling you what’s happened since I don’t know you and you don’t know me. Thank you so much Jennifer for your constructive and kind thoughts on this article. Introverts love thinking, but what happens when our thoughts get out of control?

It’s not even mid-day and I’ve actually already dripped salad dressing on my pants. It’s actually very normal to feel anxious or depressed on your birthday. Also, I understand how you feel, all too well… Just remember, there is nothing wrong with you to feel this way, there never was.

** $1I can guess your birthday according to personality. I’m a triplet and one of my twins is a girl who recently tested as an infj-a while I’m an infj-t. We hate attention but my twin brother loves it. I hear you, and it’s really nice of you to acknowledge your sisters effort for your birthday. I absolutely loved it! I felt as though I was always at half-life; I never knew what I truly wanted because I wanted very different things. My dad said ‘Happy Early Birthday’ three times (THREE) to me today, my parents kept asking me what I want for my birthday and how I want to celebrate it.

I don’t feel the need that I should be celebrated, there’s too many people, etc. I usually don’t have a big party, but rather go out for an intimate dinner with family. Glad you find the article interesting, Calli. That’s nice for me, because the attention is devided between the two of us : ) I can handle this. I tell myself it’s my one day to do whatever I want without feeling guilty for putting my wishes first (after all, no one will tell the birthday girl she’s being selfish) I have always thought this was a personality fault. I would start to get anxious a few days before and dread picking up the phone (still do unfortunately). I’m glad you love your birthday Sarah, but I am sorry you had that sad and difficult moment when you had 16… I’m happy to hear you made the decision to dedicate that special day to yourself, and that you are okay with the way how you celebrate it.

This is so accurate but even though we are considered a blessing to this troubled world, I still feel no matter what I do or no matter how much I improve or how much good I do, I will never be happy with my accomplishments.

This last birthday was different though. I love this #tableforone tablescape by @fionaleahydesign - showing self care goes beyond meditation and face masks. Always remember, that is your special day, and it’s your decision to decide how will you spend it. Being outgoing is something that many people see as a strength. This has, super conveniently, carried over into adulthood. It’s important that you acknowledge this beautiful date from within. And then I try to end the day with immediate family or one or two friends, eating at a new restaurant. And honestly as dark as this sounds, I just feel like quietly disappearing from this world on the day I was born. I plans weeekkss ahead and seem more excited then they do lol. You are worthy, more than you know.

Looking back on pictures of this day decades later, I'm like, "Yup, this proves it. . She took it very wrong. This gets the ladies so upset cos they obviously don’t know me(I mean, I’m an infj). I know it’s easier said than done, and I know how you feel. Before I felt kind of happy, organized everything and when time for partying came I just fell into a circle of “get it over with”. Hello Marko! They were the ones who got the surprise. Tomorrow is my birthday. We had bacon, eggs, and pancakes, and my younger brother and I cooked for everyone. My 30th birthday was on August 21st. You have really inspired me, as that’s the kind of goal I’d love to have at your age. I usually celebrate by myself, this works for me, and I’m totally okay with that! Thought I was being rude n self centered. Cooking has great therapeutic powers on the best of days, so why not host a Zoom dinner party for your family or best friend? Best part was the oldies talking about when I was young and the memory my sister made with all sorts of old pictures.

It was brilliant.’. Don't just choose the answer that you think will make you look the best, actually think about which one is most like you, in a good way or bad way. Every other birthday, I experienced the “you’re an unworthy fraud” meltdown. Then I detached somewhat social media. Funny how you posted this article on that date, seemingly just for me. Especially celebrating it. Just don’t forget, your birthday is a special day and you don’t matter less because someone doesn’t see it. I felt sorry for myself; ‘am I not worth celebrating my own birthday?’. That’s wonderful to hear, Hannah!

I fully understand you, a lot of INFJs simply don’t like their birthday for numerous reasons, but there also those who do. 40 TV Shows You're Going To Be Obsessed With, ELLE Edit: 20 Of The Best Eyeshadow Palettes, Just A Super Useful Guide To Balancing Oily Skin.