It will be the first distillery in the Rio Grande Valley, and the 48th or 49th in the state since Texas legalized distilling only seven years ago, he said. “You never stop learning doing this. My social media has blown up with friend requests, messages and comments. Some people actually use rabbit or even iguana. You know, they made him out to be a bad guy. In the end, Bray used cherry apple cider, lemon extract and honey. Adamson used oranges, cherry apple cider, orange cider spices, and honey. “I don’t want to just appeal to the people on their way to the Island. It’ll have my name and my label and be put on the shelf. Now, judged by legends Mark, Digger and Tim, America's top legal and outlaw shiners go head to head to see who wins the right to be called Master Distiller. "We found absolutely nothing pleasant about this liqour," one judge said. (He actually has a federal permit to own and run a small distillery - his still - at his residence.). Moonshiners Season 8 Episode 24: Master Distiller Summary: A subculture of distillers across America carries on the backwoods tradition of moonshining. We’ll, collecting stamps is a hobby. The three men all had different choices, with Croy choosing apples, apple cider, cinnamon, apple pie spice and nutmeg. Under the terms of his appearance on the show, Henry isn’t at liberty to reveal the winner. Anybody can make (bad) liquor. America's top shiners go head-to-head for the title of Master Distiller. "They made like we raided the place," he said, although he said the flavoring was good. I haven’t been doing this that long. The winner … Henry knows because he’s an expert.

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“I had no idea what I was going to do. Moonshiners: Master Distiller TV14 • Reality • TV Series • 2020 America's top legal and outlaw distillers go head-to-head in the ultimate booze-making competition to see who has what it takes to join the ranks of the greats and win the title of Master Distiller. Magilla has enjoyed success from a diverse portfolio of over 45 separate and unique series including hit shows such as Discovery’s Moonshiners, Diesel Brothers, Dirty Mudder Truckers, TLC’s Long Island Medium, HGTV’s Beach and Lake Front Bargain Hunt franchises, as well as History Channel’s American Ripper, Mega Doc Cars That Built America and the one-hour documentary Rise Up: The Movement That Changed America and The Snap Original Stunt Brothers. MASTER DISTILLER is produced for Discovery Channel by Magilla Entertainment. One winning spirit. The all-new series, MASTER DISTILLER, premieres Tuesday, March 3 at 10pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel after an all-new episode of MOONSHINERS at 9pm ET/PT. Sister, Ann Pennington and husband Mike. I winged it,” Croy said with a laugh. 100 just east of Los Fresnos, probably around mid-May. Dustin Croy sits beside a moonshine still at his home in Lerona on Saturday afternoon. Once the stills were completed, the contestants were taken in the night to the Apple Barn and Cider Mill in Sevierville, Tennessee, to pick out ingredients. “We talked about it and we made an agreement and that’s what we’re working on now. The network, which is distributed to 100.8 mllion U.S. homes, can be seen in 224 countries and territories, offering a signature mix of compelling, high-end production values and vivid cinematography across genres including, science and technology, exploration, adventure, history and in-depth, behind-the-scenes glimpses at the people, places and organizations that shape and share our world.

(Denise Cathey/The Brownsville Herald), Jerrod Leon Henry walks down the steps of his home carrying two stoneware jugs used for holding moonshine Friday at his home outside Los Fresnos. The good jar was sitting on my table.". I'm not used to being around a lot of people." James "Jimbo" Bray Jr. of Carbon Hill won the Master Distillers contest on Discovery Channel's "Moonshiners series, aired Tuesday to more than 1 million viewers. When the moonshine is ready to be marketed, Jimbo's Pineapple Express Moonshine will be announced on TV to be available from Sugarlands and through state stores, he said. About Magilla Entertainment Founded in 2009, Magilla Entertainment is one of the nation’s largest independently owned production companies in non-scripted TV.

“They asked me if I wanted to open a distillery,” Henry said. That’s a huge difference than little mason jars out here with no name on it.”. Croy’s creation of vanilla bean rum won him the master distiller title and impressed the judges. There was a problem saving your notification. Low 37F. Gold Rush. Available in 220 countries and territories and nearly 50 languages, Discovery is a platform innovator, reaching viewers on all screens, including TV Everywhere products such as the GO portfolio of apps; direct-to-consumer streaming services such as Eurosport Player, Food Network Kitchen and MotorTrend OnDemand; digital-first and social content from Group Nine Media; a landmark natural history and factual content partnership with the BBC; and a strategic alliance with PGA TOUR to create the international home of golf. Son, Mark Timothy Shoemaker, Jr. and wife Leslie of Texas. 823 likes. The mescal episode, which airs on the Discovery Channel at 9 p.m. on March 17, was shot over a week in December at Sugarland Distilling Company in Gatlinburg, Tenn. Sign up now to get our FREE breaking news coverage delivered right to your inbox. “It doesn’t. Write CSS OR LESS and hit save.

The all-new series, MASTER DISTILLER, premieres Tuesday, March 3 at 10pm ET/PT on Discovery Channel after an all-new episode of MOONSHINERS at 9pm ET/PT. James "Jimbo" Bray Jr. of Carbon Hill is seen in an image from the Master Distillers contest on Discovery Channel's "Moonshiners series, aired Tuesday to more than 1 million viewers. He noted he had showed it to one of the judges, and he could see on Bray's face that he realized he had put down the wrong jar. Latest. American Whiskey 41:00. I've not. Stream Moonshiners: Master Distiller FREE with Your TV Subscription!

I want to appeal to people here.”. Croy, of Lerona, had the opportunity of a lifetime when he traveled to Tennessee to compete on the television show ‘Master Distiller,’ and have his product judged by professionals in the distilling business. 4th November. Now I have a title as Master Distiller,” Croy said. Tolbert receives 15 years for assault; victims' advocates speak out during hearing. Besides mescal and moonshine, which is unaged whiskey, Grande Distillery will offer a rum line as well as an aged, oaked whiskey, he said. Watch Moonshiners: Master Distiller: Mark vs. Digger vs. Tim from Season 1 at We’ll be having margaritas.”.

First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Judged by three legendary moonshiners (I.e. It’s a sophisticated art form, in fact, legal or not. Girl observes slumped man, saves his life, 'Jimbo's Pineapple Express' available in a month. In Croy’s episode of Master Distiller, he went head to head with a man with a specialized college degree to aid in his distilling and another who was the fourth generation distiller in his family.

Adamson was criticized for using orange peels, and Neely was sent home for having a flat-tasting moonshine. Forced to work with what he had, Croy used his remaining ingredients and won. After his bucket fell the majority of his ingredients were lost. Moonshiners: Master Distiller. MAY THE BEST BOOZE WIN: DISCOVERY’S ALL NEW SERIES MASTER DISTILLER PREMIERES MARCH 3. It's going to change a lot of things in my life.". Bray noted on the show he was "very nervous," and he came out last as he turned in the wrong jar, allowing Neely to come in first. All of his cut apples, spices and other ingredients scattered. Master distiller competes on Moonshiners TV show. As it turned out, Neely's still was somewhat top heavy by using both of thumpers anyway, while it was noted Bray was using an "old school" configuration. Moonshiners: Master Distiller. Across the country, distillers carry on a centuries old tradition. Across the country, a handful of amateur distillers are heirs to a century’s old tradition. America's top shiners go head-to-head for the title of Master Distiller. It’s endless and you can always do something different,” Croy said. All images are used with permission or licensed. Steve Clark ... Henry was featured on the Discovery Channel series Master Distiller. “It’s been awesome. Contestant on Discovery Channel: Moonshiners, Master Distiller. I can tell you the boy did offer to take his still part and give it to me, to give me the thumper. After the show aired on March 3, Croy has been inundated with fans and positive feedback. Executive producers for Magilla Entertainment are Matthew Ostrom, Laura Palumbo Johnson, Jason Fox and Cristin Cricco-Powell. It appeared the business was closed at night, and the contestants went in with flashlights in the darkened business to find what they needed.