In a panic that he will be discovered, Kira is pierced by Yoshihiro's Arrow a second time, giving Kira's Stand a new ability which revives Hayato. After a week of training, Zeppeli teaches Zoom Punch to Jonathan.

"Talking Mouth" in official English releases. 2 or 3 years before Jotaro visits Jolyne, he tells her that he will divorce her mother. White Album's ice surrounds the car in the canal, but Giorno manages to transform some car parts into grass for Mista to use as a makeshift snowboard. 3 days after Ryohei's death, it's raining over Josuke's house and Angelo is fused into a rock by Crazy Diamond. Santana begins to awaken after 2,000 years of sleep. Karada no Naka wa "Chō" Ōsawagi!

The Soldier House's previous owner dies at age 82. Back at the vineyard, Bucciarati receives instructions from the boss to travel to. When designing his characters' outfits, Araki considers both everyday fashion and "cartoonish, bizarre clothing that would be impractical in real life." However, things go sour when Shigechi greedily gives the duo only a small fraction of the money earned rather than splitting it 50/50. In the official English releases, Red Hot Chili Pepper is named "Chili Pepper". 4 minutes after Joseph's temporary death, he is transfused with DIO's blood. Abbacchio then uses Moody Blues' replay to discover that Zucchero's partner is already waiting for their boat on the Capri. Genre Action, Adventure, Supernatural, Horror, Historical. The anime series is divided into 4 seasons with a total of 5 parts constituting the whole, until now. As Josuke arrives with Okuyasu to heal Jotaro and Koichi, Kira, having failed to pass himself off as an innocent bystander, chops off his own hand to set Sheer Heart Attack loose and escape. Squalo uses Clash to teleport Giorno to various water sources, making it difficult for Narancia to keep up. The boss determines that he cannot fight them all without revealing his identity and decides to withdraw, allowing them to escape with Trish. Meets Angelo (1–5)", 289–293. Diavolo recovers the arrow, but not before Polnareff uses it to pierce his own Stand, Silver Chariot, transforming it into a new Stand which appears as a shadowy figure.

"Josuke Higashikata! After cutting off Okuyasu's arm, Chili Pepper drags the rest of his body into the cable.

Monday, 8:00AM Josuke and Okuyasu meet Mikitaka in a Crop Circle in Budogaoka fields,13 hours after Mikitaka had fallen unconscious from being scratched by Yoshihiro's arrow. This season covers Part 4 of the manga, titled Diamond Is Unbreakable. The group manages to secure an airplane after escaping Venice, with Abbacchio using Moody Blues to fly the plane by replaying its pilot. However, scalpels that Doppio had earlier attempted to throw at Risotto ended up flying in the direction of Bucciarati's group, attracting their attention. In the official English releases, Bad Company is named "Worse Company". The next day, while riding a bus through the Futatsumori Tunnel with Josuke, Rohan spots a window to a room revealing a man cutting off a woman's hand, believing it to be Kira. Given the chance to finish Bucciarati off, Giorno decides against it and instead asks to join his organization. The series formally aired from October 5, 2018 to July 28, 2019, on Tokyo MX and other channels[4][a] and was simulcast by Crunchyroll.

As Josuke enters the house, Keicho attempts to attack him with his Stand Bad Company, Reaching the attic where the bow and arrow are, Josuke and Koichi find the Nijimura brothers' father, a former servant of DIO's who mutated into a mindless creature after DIO died, "Koichi Hirose (Echoes) / Koichi Hirose (Reverb)". A German book describes a case similar to. Battle Tendency consists of 69 chapters, compiled into Volume 5 to 12 of the Jump Comics trade paperbacks (TankōbonW). In Mexico, Straizo kills four of Speedwagon's employees and becomes a vampire using Speedwagon's blood. Stroheim is revealed to have survived the encounter with Santana. March, Hazamada makes one of his friend gouge his left eye using his stand because of an argument over a manga or an anime. Diamond is Unbreakable Caravan Serai dies, leaving Anubis without any user. The next day, Jotaro calls on Josuke, Okuyasu, and Koichi to inform them that Joseph, whose Stand Hermit Purple can potentially detect Chili Pepper's user, is due to arrive at the port.

6 days before the harvest, Josuke, Yasuho, and Rai pursue the head of the, Tsurugi begins to succumb from the effects of the. Steven Steel (28) disappears, presumably escaping as a sailor. Autumn, Joseph and Erina move from London to New York.