Peace and love my people.UPDATE: Their site is now DOWN. No one EVER answers , or returns phone calls. I was not able to run during this time, and carry out my normal routine routine. Unbelievable. Yoga Girl. Clothing Company. I wish I'd seen these complaints before I purchased. I've seriously prolly spent over 500$ this year alone on this company may it be through the teeki site or some other distributor.

They are operating this business like a SCAM. Here at YogaClub, we’re allllllll about bringing you the latest brands in your little pink box of motivation! Claim your business to immediately update business information, respond to reviews, and more! Even though they are posting a NEW collection.... ( press on their contact page and you will see "oops this page no longer exists ). All Teeki's workers are based in California and are in safe, humane and fair working conditions. This company.... where do I start?? I'm going to have get in touch with my bank now and report them as a fraudulent company. I love their pants, but I was sent defective merchandise. Plastic bottles take 400 years to biodegrade.

A: The infamous recycled water bottle material is where Teeki gets its fame! I ordered pants 5 weeks ago and they charged me and no reply and no way too get ahold of them .

So then I email customer service. teeki. But they are terrible. Many people I know owned teeki items and loved them. They only refund actual money). I've called 30 times and emailed about the same.They don't answer phone or email. UGHHH... even after reading the others comments on here clearly they have a reputation for being a shit company. So I love the idea of sustainable and conscious clothing however, this is the worst experience I've ever had with an online shop. I've lost 70$ ish USD.Perhaps the NEW collection is trying to dupe you. All of us attempted to buy yoga clothing in December we waited for the first two weeks because it said it could take 10 days for them to make the clothing. Questioning if I need to file a credit card dispute or if the the company will make good on the order or at least provide a response about shipping time. I've called 30 times and emailed about the same. This company prides themselves on being eco-friendly and they definitely deserve kudos for turning plastic, which takes 400 years to biodegrade, into beautifully hand crafted apparel. The website is still up and you can put an order in but don't ever ever expect to receive any merchandise.

Loyal since 2012. Q: What kind of tech specs does Teeki feature?

Clothing (Brand) 1.8. A: We LOVE them at YogaClub because they not only have unique designs that call to our inner goddess, but they create their clothing with the environment in mind.

If you have questions you'd like answered in a future "meet the brands" post, just let us know! Fit is always perfect and feel is so sexy-n-slick-n-silky.

I was bummed , so I called the company. Sizing is is perfect for me....only thing is to have more prints/styles :), "I was in this store about a month ago and saw some cute shoes for my toddler. Magical moments covering myself in Teeki! I order two pairs of shorts and one shirt.

Yeah...they’ve got it down, and are a role model for others fashion companies who are looking to minimize their environmental footprint. Teeki is the eco-friendly yoga brand for our free-spirited, yet conscious yogis. They were the pioneers at one point and to treat your "tribe" like this is despicable and dishonest, 2 things I Never thought to be correlated to teeki. Their fabric is made of recycled plastic bottles to make clothes that blend comfort, sustainability and function. A: Since the very beginning, Teeki has always had the environment at the forefront of their vision.

They respond with "hey love , your package already arrived weeks ago", Amazing leggings/hot pants!