Hong, an American citizen, operates a Korean restaurant in Guam. At least 28 people survived the crash early Wednesday of Korean Air Flight 801 on this U.S.-governed Pacific island. (221.) Korean Air Flight 801 (KE801, KAL801) was a scheduled international passenger flight operated by Korean Air.The flight crashed on August 6, 1997, on approach to Antonio B. A player who is six foot eight is not automatically better than someone two inches shorter. According to the cockpit voice recorder (CVR), the flight crew had suggested to the captain that he made a mistake, but did not explictly warn him. [2][21] and eight to University Hospital in Seoul. M-R: Pak Yongch'ŏl)[5] The captain had close to 9,000 hours of flight time (with 3,192 of them on the Boeing 747) and had recently received a Flight Safety Award for negotiating a 747 engine failure at low altitude. “Korean Air had more plane crashes than almost any other airline in the world for a period at the end of the 1990s. The flight experienced some turbulence, but was uneventful until shortly after 1:00 a.m. on August 6, as the jet was preparing to land. The flight was meant to take a route from Seoul to Guam and was piloted, mostly without incident, by an experienced captain. The flight was meant to take a route from Seoul to Guam and was piloted, mostly without incident, by an experienced captain. Officials said human error may be a factor and newspapers reported the pilot may have been fatigued. A special weather observation made at 01:32, ten minutes before the impact, reported: Wind 090° at 6 knots; visibility—7 miles; present weather—shower vicinity; sky condition—scattered 1,600 feet, broken 2,500 feet, overcast 5,000 feet [above ground level]; temperature—27° C; dew point—25° C; altimeter setting 29.85 inches Hg; remarks—showers vicinity northwest-northeast.[1]:20. "Outliers Chapters 7-8 Summary and Analysis".

GradeSaver, 2 November 2016 Web. Combined with unusual tolerance for ambiguity and an emphasis on politeness, a high PDI can lead to poor functioning in high-stakes situations.

There were differing reports on the number of survivors. They stayed together until Gutierrez discovered them. ``The suggestion that the pilot is less experienced is simply incorrect,″ Korean Air flight manager Kim Sin-jung said. [1]:45,57 Six of the passengers were Korean Air flight attendants, who were deadheading.[1]:3,15. [1]:173–174, The NTSB presented its findings on March 24, 25 and 26, 1998, at the Hawaii Convention Center in Honolulu.[18][19][20]. [1]:45,57, Of the 31 occupants found alive by rescue crews, two died en route to the hospital and a further three in hospital. About 30 years ago Korean Airlines had such a high rate of plane crashes that Delta, Air France, and the US military refused to do business with them. Oh had felt the jet shaking more than usual throughout the flight, worrying her so that she said at one point she looked outside _ only to see flames surging.

By mid-afternoon, 99 bodies had been recovered. As a result, US Congress passed the Foreign Air Carrier Family Support Act of 1997 to require those carriers to file family assistance plans and fulfill the same family support requirements as domestic airlines. [33], New Zealander Barry Small, a helicopter pilot and a survivor of the accident, lobbied for safer storage of duty-free alcohol and redesigns of crossbars on airline seats; he said that the storage of duty-free alcohol on Flight 801 contributed to spreading of the fire and the crossbars injured passengers to the point where they could not escape from the aircraft (Small himself was injured when he broke his leg on one of the crossbars during the crash, but was still able to escape the aircraft). The Korean Air and Avianca pilots, however, failed because they took the exact opposite of Rattwatte's communicative approach. Gladwell puts forward the example of Sure Rattwatte, a veteran pilot and behavior researcher who makes a point of interacting with subordinates during flights, and of making sure that they call attention to his lapses and mistakes. It gave no further details. ``I felt the plane shake, and shake more, and then it was a sudden drop. [1]:59 However, the flight crew only began to challenge the captain six seconds before impact, when the first officer urged the captain to make a missed approach. The Boeing 747-300 departed the gate about 21:27 and was airborne about 21:53. But her ability to learn persistence led Gladwell to a valuable idea: "Put a bunch of Renees in a classroom, and give them space and time to explore mathematics for themselves, and you could go a long way" (246).

.Which of the rhetorical appeals (ethical, logical, emotional) does this key term lean towards? The airline brought in a Delta Air Lines official named David Greenberg; at Greenberg's insistence, English skills were aggressively promoted within Korean Air.

[29], On August 5, 1998, the first anniversary of the crash, a black marble obelisk was unveiled on the crash site as a memorial to the victims. Carl Gutierrez, was released from a hospital today. ``When I woke up, the plane had crashed.″. Outliers essays are academic essays for citation. The glideslope Instrument Landing System (ILS) for runway 6L was out of service; Captain Park believed it was in service, however, and at 1:35 am managed to pick up a signal that was later identified to be from an irrelevant electronic device on the ground. The Question and Answer section for Outliers is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. Yet good pilots know how to avoid such potential for catastrophe: often simply by communicating actively and consistently.

The report also identified that the captain may have mistakenly believed that the airplane was closer to the airport Rika Matsuda described what happened to her and her mother to interpreters.

[6] Park had originally been scheduled to fly to Dubai, United Arab Emirates; since he did not have enough rest for the Dubai trip, he was reassigned to Flight 801. For reasons such as these, Chinese-speaking students find learning mathematics less confusing and alienating than English-speaking students do. Anyways, the best piece I’ve probably ever read about Korean culturalism is Chapter 7 of the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.

[Outliers Reading Group] In chapter seven “The Ethnic Theory of Plane Crashes,” Malcolm Gladwell discusses the activities of a tragic Korean Air flight and readers get a sense of how the interactions between pilots and co-pilots relates to the larger discussion of cultural legacies. Korean Air Flight 801 (KE801, KAL801) was a scheduled international passenger flight operated by Korean Air. In contrast, rice farmers must consistently engage in work that is demanding and, by Gladwell's definition, meaningful. Burke, 24, recently moved to the West Coast from Minneapolis. ``Controlled flight into terrain is usually an error on someone’s part and it does have all the earmarks of controlled flight into terrain,″ Black said by telephone from Guam. There are a few possible answers. Gutierrez had found Rika trying to tend to an injured flight attendant.

[1]:175, Of the 254 people on board, 223 – 209 passengers and 14 crew members (all three flight crew and 11 cabin crew) – were killed at the crash site. Gladwell realizes that, by inserting ethnicity into his theory of success, he is approaching a sensitive topic. It felt like there was no gravity,″ Song Yun-ho, 29, said from his bed at Guam’s Navy hospital, cuts raked across his face, arms and leg. [1]:3,15 The first officer was 40-year-old Song Kyung-ho (Korean: 송경호, Hanja: 宋慶昊, RR: Song Gyeong-ho, M-R: Song Kyŏngho), who had more than 4,000 hours' flying experience (with 1,560 hours on the Boeing 747), and the flight engineer was 57-year-old Nam Suk-hoon (Korean: 남석훈, Hanja: 南錫薰, RR: Nam Seok-hun, M-R: Nam Sŏkhun),[7] a veteran pilot with more than 13,000 flight hours, including 1,573 hours on the Boeing 747. The captain was pilot-flying. When we think of airline crashes, we think, ‘Oh, they must have had old planes.

The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigated the accident.

He shows that a major factor in the crash was the lack of communication between the First Officer and the Captain, owing to the way in which Korean culture dictates the relationship between people of different status.

Rice, as Gladwell points out, was for centuries fundamental to the Chinese diet and economy. Suduiko, Aaron ed. [9] Shigeko died in the fire. It is also possible that such an idea of cultural "tendencies and predispositions" indicates an unsettling lack of freedom and choice in human psychology. Yet Gladwell would probably not argue that mathematical determination is unique to Asian students. Emergency vehicles could not approach due to a fuel pipeline destroyed by the crash and blocking the narrow road. Not only does the Act ensure that all victims and family members will be treated equitably, regardless of the carrier they use; it also impels many carriers that may not have thought about family assistance issues to give them due consideration in their emergency response plans. However, a concept of mathematical excellence based on inquiry and persistence is by no means confined to the Chinese. To put this into perspective, the loss rate in 10 years for: United Airlines: 0.27 per million departures; Korean Air: 4.79 per million departures (17x more) Many companies and countries that collaborated with Korean Air suspended partnerships. Describe the difference between ‘divergence testing’ and ‘convergence testing’. The hull had disintegrated, and jet fuel in the wing tanks had sparked a fire that was still burning eight hours after impact. ``She is a brave young lady for trying to help a lady three times her size,″ he said. An airline official denied the report, but acknowledged that Park, a retired air force major, was assigned to the Seoul-Guam route for the first time on July 4 after a three-year hiatus. Here’s a link , but if you want the TL;DR I’ve got you.

[1]:9,45–48, Governor Carl T.C. Information about the flight’s final moments began to emerge today, with some survivors describing violent shaking. After all, David Greenberg was able to completely re-vamp Korean Air simply by addressing the cultural weaknesses of the Korean language. One survivor, 36-year-old Hyun Seong Hong (홍현성, also spelled Hong Hyun Sung) of the United States, occupied Seat 3B in first class, and said that the crash occurred so quickly that the passengers "had no time to scream"[9] and likened the crash to "a scene from a film.

Chapter 8, "Rice Paddies and Math Tests," opens with a depiction of the Chinese countryside and an explanation of the rice farming industry. After escaping from the aircraft, Rika discovered a surviving flight attendant, Lee Yong Ho (이용호). Western agriculture, for instance, involves large plots of land, advances in technology, and (traditionally) long periods of rest; hunter-gatherers such as the !Kung bushmen also work relatively little. The girl appeared at a news conference today, her face bruised. The IQ test usually asks participants to look at a question and choose the correct answer out of a handful of answers: they "converge" on the solution. The plane was carrying 254 passengers, including 13 Americans, when it went down in a heavy rainstorm on approach to the airport. Gladwell then considers another aspect of Chinese culture: its number system. However, Gladwell uses the discussion in "The Ethnic Theory of Plane Crashes" to argue purposefully against the second of these two possibilities.