Research Point 25 – When you enter the restricted area for this Research Point, make sure that your RC Jumper stays close to the left wall. Find a closed circuit terminal on the ground level and hack into it. Get there using a quadcopter and do a remote hack. The last action is to perform a remote hack on the antenna.

Of course, the XP in this game is known as "Research Points" and there are various ways to build them up. Jump on top of a solar panel attached to the ground and then on the roof. The research point is on the building's roof behind the billboard. There's a security camera above the collectible. Hack the elevator on the roof and go up to find the Watch Dogs 2 Research Point resting on another air conditioning box. Locate the briefcase with the collectible and sneak in using a jumper. Research Point 14 – Take out all guards using your Quadcopter, then look for this Research Point on the porch of the house we have marked on our map. After that starting jumping down to the roofs of the lower buildings. Start off by taking control over a jumper and making your way to a roof. Check the backwall for a crate and an air duct. Research Point 6 – The Research Point marked by 6 on our map is inside an office on the second floor of a warehouse. Research Point 52 – While standing in front of the gates that lead inside the restricted area, create a diversion on the right side of the yard to lure the guards away. Alternatively, you can use a van to get on top of the train cart, and from there your RC Jumper can jump over the fence, if you have the spring upgrade and the speed boost. You must destroy some of the wooden elements using explosives or similar means. Tear them down with a gun or grenade. After you've hacked the terminal manipulate the elevator to move down and go back up with Marcus. The jumper has to be taken to the place highlighted with a red rectangle on the picture above (by default, there will be a wooden cover there - destroy it with explosives. medianet_versionId = "111299";

The research point is on the roof of the building. 26 – The research point is connected to an antenna located on the building's roof. Research Point 26 – Check the roof of the building we have marked on our map and use the Quadcopter to hack the sniffer. Sneak over there with a jumper. Stay under the trailer and exit close to the briefcase containing the Research Point. Research Point 18 – This Research Point is inside a closed yard, near a window.

After you've hacked the terminal manipulate the elevator to move down and go back up with Marcus. This point can be found in a air duct situated on the roof of Climbax Equipment Co's building. Near the stairs is a grate that allows your Quadcopter or RC Jumper to enter and hack the Wi-Fi sniffer. Simply lower the crane’s platform, get Marcus on it, then align the platform with the edge of the tank. 52 – The research point is near the roof of the skyscraper. Jump on it using your RC Jumper and then on the nearby pergola. 112 – The research point is in the restricted area. Hack a nearby lift and use it to help Marcus to reach the roof area. After that starting jumping down to the roofs of the lower buildings.

Once you unlock it, place it on the boxes blocking the Research Point in order to destroy them, and hack the Wi-Fi sniffer. Deploy your Quadcopter, fly up and hack it. Now, fly your Quadcopter back to the ctOS security breach and hack it. This research point is located on the roof of the main building of a petrol station. After that find a tunnel leading to the collectible and head inside while controlling a jumper. Our Watch Dogs 2 Trainer is now available for version and supports EPIC STORE, UPLAY, UPLAY+. Jump on the rocks and over the bench on the terrace because the guards won’t see you. Reach the balcony with a jumper and neutralize a single guard or wait for him to leave. You must jump over the fence using a jumper and climbing on top of a nearby forklift will help in doing that. 77 – The research point is inside a ventilation shaft.

The secret is at the end of the tunnel. All the necessary steps needed to solve the mini-game are in the description in our guide. Fly over there with a quadcopter in order to perform a remote hack. Use a motorcycle or a similar mean of transportation, to perform (not a very long!) Some No-CD/Fixed EXE files work fine in Single Player mode but are detected to be modified when trying to play online. 27 – The research point is inside the building in the construction site. Go around the restricted area, and stay on the rocks close to the water. 92 – The research point is under the building by the water. You'll find it inside a small room with a computer on the ground level and you should sneak in using a jumper. A one-stop shop for all things video games. So, just by playing the story, playing can gain up to 46,000 followers under one mission. Fly inside with the quadcopter and then get across the tunnel to reach the secret. Research Point 20 – Look for this Research Point under a bridge.

You'll find it in a dark corner next to a building wall and it's best to sneak in with a jumper. Activate the jumper. 86 – The research point is in the restricted area. 41 – The research point is on the highest floor of the building, near a balustrade. Now, raise the forklift and the crate after you get on top of it. You can attack nearby enemies, use hacking to your advantage (hack cars and other objects) or try to sneak in (swimming or using a jumper). The research point is inside the building. Hack the door and then an object from a very small room. Research Point 7 – Using the forklift in the backyard of the building, head to the roof and deploy your Jumper. Use remote hacking to take it down.

The briefcase is on the ground. Jump on the air conditioning boxes, then cross the bridge between the buildings and you will find a small office with a CCTV box inside. Locate an antenna on the roof and perform a remote hack. The tunnel will lead to a small stash with the collectible. Once you've reached the platform activate the jumper and jump into a hole located in its center.

Hack it, switch to Marcus and lower the window washing lift.

You can easily do a remote hack from the ground.

From there go right, and around the corner, jump on the air conditioning boxes to reach the upper roof. 46 – The research point is inside the hospital. 44 – The research point is tied to an antenna on the roof. By climbing them, you will bypass the gate and reach a terminal. Drop down from the roof to the balcony. Thus, Marcus can also change information that's associated with the in-game's smartphone with the NPC's that can cause them to become a target with the police force and other gang members. Second, we have a text guide with hints and tips for all Research Points in the game. Use a lift to reach a hackable device and begin a mini-game tied to the network bypass. 109 – The research point is in a small restricted area. Hack a nearby lift so that you can reach the balcony without any problems. More secrets are desribed on the next page. Make sure you boost its speed. Drive the vehicle into one of the tunnels inside of the building and park it by the opening in the ceiling shown in the picture above. This is one of the most important types of secrets in Watch Dogs 2, since they will help in the development of Marcus by quickly providing access to new skills.

Head towards the house using the forklift and load the crate near the green pipes in front of you. Research points is a calculation of many different factors that you will never be able to hack via CoSMOS and no trainer that we have seen that claims to have this option actually works, only changes the value on the screen. Hack into the system. To get on it, you can use the flatbed truck to create a ramp on the shore, then jump on it while driving a bike, or you can use a boat. Find a locked gate and jump above it using a jumper in order to reach a red terminal (be careful - this is a restricted area). The research point is in a small fort and it's a restricted area. Research Point 5 – Look for the fifth San Francisco Research Point on our map, in the area under the bridge and use the Quadcopter to reach it.