Your email address will not be published. Inaros joins the ranks of Warframes such as Rhino and Nezha as versatile tank classes, with a dash of crowd control and Damage mitigation akin to Oberon or Octavia.

Going for Rejuvenation is very beneficial for Inaros, since you almost always are in need of some health regeneration. He is also an extremely durable warframe with no shields but with a … If you don't like that, feel free to not use our website. Targets affected by this will create an aura around them that will restore health to Inaros and his allies, as long as they are in range. Ability Strength mods affect the initial damage and damage over time of Desiccation, the damage of Devour and Sandstorm and the damage and healing of Scarab Swarm. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Then he belittles my build stating: “And you got that wow synergy with P.Flow, Rage and G.Finesse, and you probably thinking that this synergy is so damn great and gives you so much eHP. Inaros is a very unique Warframe and especially his Scarab Swarm will help you to survive even against large groups of high level enemies. Just make sure that your equipped melee weapon has all the status mods you want to use – especially slash might be very useful against high level enemies. If Inaros damages an enemy with Sandstorm that is under the effects of Devour he will heal himself. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. All abilities you can subsume When this ability is held, Inaros stands stationary and converts his Health into Scarab Armor at a set rate not affected by Warframe Mods.

– 3x Umbral Mods isn’t really usable. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Inaros flings a wave of cursed sand at enemies, stunning all enemies in Range of the Ability and blinding those facing Inaros.

Blinded enemies are opened to Melee Finishers, and stunned for a short Duration. His abilities allow him to disrupt and drain enemies of their life force.

If you plan to use this build against higher level enemies, picking up the augmented mod Elemental Sandstorm might be a good idea.

Enemies affected by Devour and caught in Sandstorm will restore Inaros’ Health as if he were consuming them, and create Sand Shadows if they are killed while still affected by Devour. He needs health regeneration to gain health back.

Your second ability though is not worth using it, even though it will replenish some health. While regular warframes go down into a bleedout state, Inaros enters a sarcophagus. All of these effects can spread to nearby enemies from units already infested with scarabs. Ability Duration mods affect the damage over time duration of Desiccation, the quicksand duration of Devour, the energy drain of Sandstorm and the duration of Scarab Swarm. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible.

Now my Inaros (Prime) build consists of Rejuvenation, Umbral x3 mods, Adaptation, Rage/Gladiator Finesse, P.Flow, and 8th slot can be for negation swarm, gladiator Aegis/Resolve and so forth.

Enemies caught in Sandstorm are affected by Slash Damage over time, and will be flung away from the Sandstorm. Don’t forget to use some form of health regeneration, since you don’t have any shields to protect your health pool. I created an account and got Inaros (added… But standing still for several seconds without dealing damage to your surroundings is very dangerous and simply a bad choice. A percentage of the damage done over time is converted to health for Inaros. Furthermore, I believe he didn’t read my entire guide.

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However his logic was to have a very high eHP and status immunity with Negation Swarm.

I tested it. Modded properly, he’s completely unstoppable.
Basically I agree that Rejuvenation is one of the mods to keeping Inaros alive rather than a nerfed corrosive projection and physique. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});
. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. Learn how your comment data is processed. As I explained to him eHP doesn’t matter if you can’t regenerate health or have a low energy pool to cast abilities.

Question that came to mind “Did he really tested this build out” Answer: No he didn’t because right now Umbra forma is very scarce to why waste that. Inaros sinks an enemy target in quicksand for a period of time, incapacitating them.

This is a low budget Inaros tank build. Inaros is a unique combination of aggro, crowd control, and tank, making him potent in any situation. Tapping the Ability again while targeting an enemy will release the Scarab Swarm, sending out a projectile which consumes 25% of Scarab Armor’s charge, reducing Inaros’ bonus Armor, and causing the targeted enemy to be partially staggered.

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His first and second abilities even restore some life, so you don’t necessarily need more regeneration. This effect will stop when Scarab Armor reaches 100% or Inaros only has 2 hit points left. The Tank Build Your second ability though is not worth using it, even though it will replenish some health.

If you find yourself having trouble casting your first ability often enough, simply turn off your melee channeling until you have more energy. It’s really useless”. Rush is nice to have, but can easily be replaced by something like Handspring or Sure Footed.

The damage over time will ramp up to a maximum over a short period of time. Hiding behind ‘kindly as to delete’ is just not in any shape or form acceptable. While in this state, Inaros can aim at enemies or allies to siphon life from them, filling up his revive meter, allowing him to resurrect himself. Range and strength are your main focus, while you also want to stack some efficiency. He will also pull in nearby pickups. The siphoning beam from this ability pulls enemy towards Inaros much like Devour, and can be dispelled by Nullifier Crewmen, or Scrambus-type enemies with ability neutralising effects. Inaros. During the charge, Inaros remains immobile and will convert some of his health into armor, up to 100% extra armor.

If the incapacitated target dies from being devoured it becomes a Sand Shadow, a friendly copy of that enemy unit that will aid Inaros. , and can siphon Health from enemies (and allies) in order to fill his respawn meter. This projectile will infest enemies with scarabs on contact and they will receive Corrosive damage over time. Once this meter is full, Inaros can respawn and continue fighting.