Pasocyst • Kogake Prime • Nikana • Pyrana • Arca Scisco • May be small, but so is a stick of dynamite. Modifying for the Situation: Swap out Pistol Pestilence (toxin) for Jolt (electric) for missions against the Corpus. Tasaki Podwójne ( Prisma) • Grattler •

Gammacor ( Synoid) • So you can go for raw damage, replacing the cc and cd with more damage or fire rate mods.

30px Zakti Prime, Ankyros Prime • Typ Broni Karabin Laserowy ( Prime) •

Your first build looks fine. Pistoletowa

Cykron • Mroczny Sztylet ( Rakta) •

Kohmak Podwójny • Cyanex • Ocucor • If you are not doing endurance runs just use precision. Raza Podwójna • Nukor ( Kuvy) • Tazicor • Attica • popular dex pixia prime mods. Karabin Strumieniowy • This message is tied to a cookie, it won't appear again unless you clear the cookies from this site, don't worry, that's a one time announce. Guandao (30px Prime) • Zakti •, Baza Prime • Miecz Eteryczny • And is there a better secondary Arcane for Titania? 2.0x with primed crit mods its 27% so not far off 1 in 3 not factoring multishot , its is more than worth building into crit when also factoring firerate buffs , punchthrough is a good option though. Prova • Lex Prime • Pandero • Synapse • 0.3 s

You'll always run out of ammo all the time. Skana Podwójna • I … Pixia Dex to broń używana przez Titanię podczas korzystania z umiejętności Skrzydłoostrze, Baza ( Prime) • Sybaris • Karabin Maszynowy Deth Prime • Torid, Ack i Brunt • Paracyst • en. Fragor ( Prime) • Venka Prime, Dekonstruktor Prime • Zenistar, Arca Titron • Stradavar ( Prime) •

The build also isn’t limited to just Eidolon Hunting. Kategoria Broni Quartakk ( Kuvy) • DEX PIXIA PRIME. Hystrix •

Glaive ( Prime) • Lethal Torrent and Barrel Diffusion give improved multishot, with a bonus fire rate increase from the Lethal Torrent for a general DPS boost. Penta ( Carmine, Secura) • It's normally not worth spending a mod slot just on punch through, but the Dex Pixia are already very strong, and punch through lets them eat through crowds. Grinlok ( Prisma) • Don't worry, you can set your builds to private and create your own database of builds for your personal use. Magazynek pistol. Raza Podwójna • Pyrana Prime • Serro • Tonbo • Item DB Top Builds Tier List New Build.

Grakata ( Prisma) • Karak ( Wraith, Kuvy)

Panthera Prime • Venka • Dread • The author of the build will receive an anonymous notification indicating the reason of the alert. The Dex Pixia Prime only has a 10% Crit Chance. Quellor • Cronus • Spira Prime •

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