Canadian pm your favorite staff with any issue that you might have,if the mod didnt respond right away give them a little time or just try another staff member. The world is a harsh place, a deadly place, and yet oh so vast. (This is a list of the countries present in the mod, as of the HPM port).

Romanians always have a greater chance of refusing if Romania already exists, as do the Poles if Poland exists. The first step in formation is enacting the Propose the Danubian Federation decision, requiring: Once that decision has been taken, the proposal will be taken to each of the cultures of which Austria-Hungary currently owns cores-- beginning with the Hungarians. Despite the. With each culture, they will come back with one of three responses: 1) Full Agreement -- they endorse the federation. Similarly, if the Danubian Federation ever becomes totalitarian (meaning it is not either a democracy, HMS government or Prussian Constitutionalism) and either average militancy rises above 4 or more than 25% of the country becomes rebel-controlled, the same breakup event is fired as above. When it forms, their culture will be added as accepted (if it isn't already) and the new country will gain cores on their lands (if they aren't present there already). Click here to remove banner ads from this forum. Their culture will be added as accepted (if it isn't already), but after the Danubian Federation forms they will automatically be released as promised (and the DNB will receive relations and influence). They pop up and disappear in decades if not years, and fight for glory, independence, resources, religion, and anything else you can imagine.

You could potentially end up with a Danubian Federation that has. Installation. Enter the name of a country, or a country's tag, into the search box to instantly search our database of 225 Victoria 2 country tags .

Austria-Hungary can ignore this and still proceed, but then it will be treated the same as a refusal.

May be formed by: Austria-Hungary . Either download the mod as a zip folder or copy over the Napoleon's Legacy folder and .mod file to your mod folder.. Or, download the mod via git in your terminal by doing: If Hungary ever separates (meaning it exists and is not a vassal), a breakup event will fire where the Danubian Federation must decide whether to become Austria once more (losing all accepted cultures and returning to base Austrian cores) and all vassals and component countries being released. It also changes the national value to Equality and adds the "Protected" Minority Rights reform as well as the "Two Per State" Upper House reform. That said, forming the DNB is a gamble, with huge potential rewards should every culture choose to agree. I hope I'm right, Another day of able to send a dm to even the staff ffs. Please post game questions in the Boards. Happy Posting, I pre-registered, just am kinda salty they wouldn't let me use my gmail so I had to use my inactive outlook account lol, All non-existing component countries will automatically separate and join in the civil war. As soon as the average militancy of a state with their cores is 3+, the chance of refusing starts to go up. Thanks to Semper Victor for his Portrait mods, that I'm slowly integrating. The best way to heighten the chance of a culture accepted is to make sure militancy is low. Vast enough to claim land halfway across the globe to double your nation's land mass... yet even if it was endless there wouldn't be enough to satiate every state's desire. List of Formable Nations in Victoria 2 and in the HPM Mod: If you truly are a master of Victoria 2 I want to see you win a campaign with Yan Mayen. They act as cosmetic tags and change the name, flag and map color of the nation, but not other aspects like national focuses or advisors. Glory of Generals 3 board is open, not much in it atm but feel free to post and share your thoughts on this brand new Easytech title. 3) Refusal -- should the process of federation not be halted right there, forming it will result in their culture being removed as accepted (if it's currently accepted), and all cores on their territory lost (for Hungary, this is only their cores which are not also cores of the other cultures). If it's less than 2, the chance of agreeing goes up-- as does having their culture as accepted if they're not Hungarians (meaning Austria-Hungary has already taken some of the "Embrace Culture" decisions. Just a new name and colour? Rylock for his excellent New Nations Mod (NNM). These are the nations of the world as of the present, 1836 AD, but as the past has shown us nations are fickle things. Link: Post the new GoG3 mini game icon if you seen it, so I can replace the placeholder image, I found it, it's posted in "random pics of GoG 3" now. All existing vassals will decide whether to support the federation or separate by declaring an independence war. Napoleon's Legacy. This is a rough attempt at simulating what Archduke Ferdinand had envisioned as the United States of Greater Austria, and which he might have done had he not been assassinated. 2) Partial Agreement -- they will agree to the federation, but only if they are released as a vassal.

Glory of Generals 1 (classic and pacific), Ran rampant through Georgia in the March to the Sea, "None but a coward dares to boast that he has never known fear. Most importantly, we must understand that he is an excellent hybrid, not tank damage dealer. If the Danubian Federation refuses to break up, then it loses all accepted cores anyhow and immediately starts a civil war to retake Hungary. They will also get a rebellion event adding both +6 consciousness and militancy to their POPs and the "Nationalist Agitation" modifier to their cores for 3 years. The Danubian Federation (DNB) is a special case, as it cannot simply be formed-- it is an attempt by Austria-Hungary to elevate many of the other Danubian cultures (in this case the Czechs, Slovaks, Slovenes, Serbs, Croatians, Romanians and Poles) to the same level of equality as the Hungarians... in effect, trying to get them to buy into a willing union and convincing them at the same time that they won't be utterly dominated by the Germans.

", In fact, the Model is not as bad as it might seem. Victoria 2 - Pop Demand Mod Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Thanks to Faulty's for the icons and Thoughtful Punk for his flags. I hope you guys pre-registered, Easytech really would like to see as many registrations as possible (both IOS and android) and there is going to be in game rewards for that. Built off of HPM

What ideas would it have?Maybe a single formable nation for the Maghreb region is a good idea, but I don't think 'Carthage' would be a good basis for it. Victoria 2 Formable Nations Mod; Victoria 2 Tags; I think an Iberian nation would be interesing, but how would it be different from Spain or Potugal? Once all component cultures have had their response event fire, and assuming the federation process has not been halted en route, the Form the Danubian Federation event may be enacted, requiring: This will turn Austria-Hungary into the Danubian Federation, add +25 Prestige, and replace all Austria-Hungary cores with DNB cores. All cultures are otherwise inclined to agree (except for the Poles, who always lean towards either partial agreement or refusal). List of Formable Nations in Victoria 2 and in the HPM Mod: Germany-Can be formed by any nation which has North or South German as an accepted culture-Formed when all German cores are controlled by you, in your sphere of influence, or is a puppet of yours Victoria 2 Divergences Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. This mod creates an end-game reward for gaining certain territories and allows the player to … Victoria 2 Country Tags Below is a searchable list of all countries and country tags from Victoria II on Steam (PC / Mac). Chat is available for members here if you feel like it. Formation Requirements: . (This is a list of the countries present in the mod, as of the HPM port) The world is a harsh place, a deadly place, and yet oh so vast. Vast enough to claim land halfway across the globe to double your nation's land mass... yet even if it was endless there wouldn't be enough to satiate every state's desire. Instead of having an inconsistent way of forming nations by events, this mod uses decisions which let the player know the prerequisites for forming each nation. An alternate history mod for Victoria 2. Formable nations are special nations that do not exist in the 1936 or 1939 starting dates but can be formed through a decision enacted by certain nations provided they fulfill the needed requirements..