This is a great sauce for the price!! I tried to like it, but ultimately found it lacking the character of my old faithful. A number of websites claim to have the scores for all the hot sauces, but I couldn’t confirm where they got that information. So now I'm back on the GC. In fact, I'd forsake many of the hipper, more esoteric bottles in my fridge before I'd give up Cholula. This can oddly make it seem less spicy at first, before the chile heat begins its ascent. Plus, in my experience, green hot sauces are usually derided by hot sauce fanatics as being lesser than their red counterparts. Representatives from Valentina Salsa Picante claimed they have never measured the Scoville ranking of their hot sauce. Since these are Mexican sauces, and this is an international forum, I assume you're talking about the west coast and east coast of Mexico. Just grab the closest hot sauce bottle and begin drizzling. I have a lot of hot sauce in my fridge—nine bottles at last count, including varieties from Trinidad, Peru, New Orleans, and the corner store. Epicurious may earn a portion of sales from products that are purchased through our site as part of our Affiliate Partnerships with retailers. Known for its distinctive wood top, Cholula is thinner and slightly spicier than Valentina, with an official rating of 1,000 SHU. ‘This is as bad as I’ve ever seen,’ says one Chicagoan. Turns out most of the bestselling hot sauces are milder than a jalapeno. I keep all 4.

Park Ridge restaurants fined for defying Gov. Cholula has a thinner consistency than a lot of other hot sauces. But if the dish is already salty, it might be overkill. Lunch looking pallid and sad? Thanks to the natural preservative properties of chiles, vinegar, and salt — three ingredients nearly all hot sauces contain — hot sauces are usually shelf stable, and thus ready for action at any time. According to “The Chile Pepper Bible” by Judith Finlayson, Scoville levels used to be measured by seeing how much sugar water it took to dilute a chile’s extract before tasters failed to detect any heat. But I know that no new-fangled, extra-spicy sauce will ever get in the way of my number one. The thin sauce has a heat that lingers on the tongue for a long time. Cholula Hot Sauce Original is all about Flavor, Fire and Fun. Several weeks ago I received an artisanal green hot sauce in the mail. Since these are Mexican sauces, and this is an international forum, I assume you're talking about the west coast and east coast of Mexico. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. I have a bottle in my fridge and another packed in my desk along with all my other work lunch essentials. I also picked up on a slightly smoky background, perhaps from the wood barrel aging. From what I was reading, Tapatio is fairly unknown on the U.S. east coast. Photo by Chelsea Kyle, Food Styling by Kate Buckens, Date Honey Is the Natural Sweetener We've Been Waiting For.

So, uh, buy that one? I agree, I think the others are made from dried chile, imparting that chalky texture. I can't say the same for the Caribbean hot sauce in my fridge (which is very flavorful, but also scorchingly hot). ... arguably the most popular Mexican hot sauce in the United States. Across the nation, political rage is on the rise. After a few seconds, a genuine heat floods your tongue that eclipses even Cholula. Valentina is thick and complex, with an intriguing citrus note that comes at the end. Dear Mexican: Soy un gabacho from way up north in the 530 area code.

So even though some claim it has a higher Scoville rating than many, it doesn’t taste like it. Unlike most Louisiana-style hot sauces that use cayenne chiles, Tabasco uses tabasco chiles. I was surprised by how much spicier Tabasco was than its competitors. But, most importantly, I've discovered that without question, it's the absolute best hot sauce to top pizza. It's not obscure—you'll spot it in most any grocery store. But I believe it’s time to better understand our hot sauces. First created in 1928, “Louisiana” Hot Sauce is much milder than Tabasco, with a heat that pops up for a second before dissipating. 2 Valentina Hot Sauce . In fact, at 200 milligrams per teaspoon, it takes the prize as the saltiest hot sauce I sampled. It may sound superficial, but I love the look of it: The bottle is glass and the cap is made of wood (although there is a plastic insert). Because green pepper Cholula provides an ideal amount of heat to most any finished dish and it adds good nuanced flavor while doing it. Valentina The heat lingers confidently on your tongue for quite a while. 3. The green jalapeño provides fresh, grassy notes, while the poblano rounds out the undertones, providing an earthy sweetness underneath the heat. Crystal also has a more prominent dark chile flavor, and a slightly subdued vinegar profile compared to Tabasco. I mix a few shakes of it with tahini and yogurt to dollop over Mediterranean grain bowls. I use green pepper Cholula with nearly any cuisine. Tapatio is thick like Valentina, but no one would ever confuse the two. Hot sauces are there when you need them most. Some have vinegar-forward profiles, while others prefer to hang back and let the chile heat build slowly. All rights reserved. I spent a few days carefully pouring hot sauces on to spoons and then slurping, which I wouldn’t recommend to an outsider. According to a number of online sources, its SHU is almost twice as high as Frank’s or Louisiana, yet the heat never overwhelms the other flavors. Leftover pizza in need of some excitement? You’ll recognize it as the bottle with the large rooster on it.

But despite the myriad bottles I riffle through on a daily basis, more and more I find myself reaching for one humble bottle: green pepper Cholula. But you want to know a great secret about most hot sauces?

The packaging is as nicely designed—if not more so—than any trendier hot sauce on the market.

Ingredients: water, puya chiles, vinegar, salt, spices, sodium benzoate.

Four years later, it was renamed Tapatio, which is a term for someone from Guadalajara.

But I don't care. And that’s nothing close to the mighty habanero, which regularly scores over 300,000 SHU! Imagine pickled jalapeños—but better and in liquid form. Hot sauces with a lot of salt also seem extra assertive at first, though this sensation vanishes after a few seconds. I liked it! Ingredients: water, red peppers, salt, spices, garlic, acetic acid, xanthan gum, sodium benzoate as a preservative. Known for its distinctive wood top, Cholula is thinner and slightly spicier than Valentina, with an official rating of 1,000 SHU. © 2020 Condé Nast. Unlike harissa, gochujang, or even Sriracha, the flavors in green Cholula don't feel tied to a particular flavor profile. This is probably due to the addition of garlic powder, which provides a rounder, sweeter base. I may even like them. This is why I love living in west Texas/New Mexico. Ingredients: fresh red jalapenos, sugar, salt, garlic, acetic acid, potassium sorbate and sodium bisulfite as preservatives, xanthan gum. Tapatio has a little heat to it, and Valentina is as mild as ketchup. El Pato Salsa Picante Hot Sauce: 0.23 ppm According to Arellano, popular brands Tapatío and Cholula weren’t included in the study, and Valentina was fine. Edmund McIlhenny founded this classic American hot sauce company back in 1868. All products featured on Epicurious are independently selected by our editors. Tapatio and Valentina are both from Guadalajara, and Cholula is from Jalisco, so they're all west coast. I think Cholula is better for flavor. Ingredients: Aged cayenne peppers, vinegar, salt. Tapatio is never my first choice.