With Dakota Pheasant Guide you’ll be hunting on privately owned land, reserved exclusively for our guests. Book now for the turkey hunt of a lifetime! I was recently invited to hunt at Marsh Lake Preserve in Victoria Minnesota.

Wild pheasant hunts in central North Dakota for $200/day including deluxe lodging, guide, dogs and 10,000 + acres. Prairie Dog Lodge: 

***$50 per day kennel charge, if choose to bring own dog.

Antler Adventures:  Rolling Plains Adventures:  Welcome to Pheasant Hunt Getaway, a pheasant hunter’s paradise on the South Dakota prairie.

Jim River Ranch: You'll need your upland "A" game to be successful at UGUIDE Pheasant Camps. Located in the south central part of South Dakota. CSA’s allow us to have an extended upland season by supplementing the current wild bird population. FrogvilleUSA: This package also includes 6,000 private acres to hunt and lodging. "You need that many to walk and block appropriately. We offer fully guided pheasant hunts that include lodging, and dogs for $300 per day. Welcome to South Dakota Wild. Typically guys that like to hunt by themselves or in small groups of 1-2 hunters like this style of hunting. Experience the great South Dakota pheasant hunt near Mitchell. email: info@777hunts.com. Please contact us to see if your dates are available. South Dakota pheasant season opens the 3rd saturday in October to January 5th. Many hunters calling me emphasized this point "Well, we don't want a guide you know" and I simply restate the name of my business "UGUIDE" was created just for that reason... self-guided hunting experiences. FARMS. Weidner Ranch:  Hunts start at $200 day includes guide with dogs and thousands of acres to hunt. No released bird here, just real wild pheasant hunting!

Get into a corn field or CRP with several hundred birds in it late season and you can have you A## handed to you real quick.

Watch your awesome dog work pheasants, sharp-tail grouse and prairie chicken. Hunt Rio’s and Eastern Turkeys  on our 30,000 Acres on Unit #8 in Republican Valley. Welcome to Pheasant Hunt Getaway, a pheasant hunter’s paradise on the South Dakota prairie.

Hunts are $675 per day includes, meals, lodging, guiding, dogs, transportation to and from the field and much more. The need to search several different schedules for a South Dakota pheasant trip may arise and should be entered separately. You can plan your own hunt, using your own dogs!

Hunt prime South Dakota pheasant land with 4 Season Hunting Adventures.  $450/person/day includes guide with dogs, lodging, meals, bird cleaning/freezing, and transportation to and from the field. $350 per person per day includes lodging, guide with dogs, and noon lunch.

Include meals and lodging for $100 per person per day. $550 per person per day includes lodging, guide with dogs, and noon lunch. We specialize in premium self-guided hunts, where our guests can tackle 3,200 acres of family-owned land bursting with native wild pheasants.

Shoot 6 wild birds a day!! I've only hunted at a game farm one other time in the last 28 years. Dog Skills  3.) Jim River Ranch:  Learn more about the packages that 777 Outfitters has to offer for Pheasant Hunts! Your land and lodging package is private and exclusive to just your group for that week in the schedule. Check Availability of UGUIDE Self Guided South Dakota Pheasant Hunts Here.

This package includes custom maps of hunting locations, including tips prime hunting areas and how to approach each area. If you're not in a position to take down a piece of land then your most cost effective option might be to start exploring trespass fees.

We are not a preserve or hunt club and these birds are not raised in pens and released in our fields. **PRICES BASED ON HUNTING PARTY OF AT LEAST 4 HUNTERS, FOR SMALLER HUNTING PARTIES, PLEASE SEE BELOW, Please add the following fees for smaller parties: Three add $40/guest/day, Two add $100/guest/day, Single add $240/day, ***$50 per night kennel charge if you choose to bring your own dog. The results of the hunting operations will vary based on booking availability for the particular pheasant season dates submitted. That's what I build into my Pheasant Camp Lodge in Charles Mix County South Dakota and all the other 8 Pheasant Camps across south and North Dakota, that UGUIDE offers. My definition and experience with South Dakota Self-Guided Wild Bird Pheasant Hunting was the basis for how UGUIDE Pheasant was formed. Unguided sharp-tail and prairie Chicken hunts start at $300 day per person. Whether planning your South Dakota pheasant hunting trip in advance, last minute, or looking for the early or late season preserve lodge hunt, you need only utilize our hunting calendar. Bring your family and friends and make memories at 777 Hunts! This will ensure an action-packed hunt with red hot barrels! The limit for wild birds in Kansas is 4 roosters per day! We cater primarily to the D.I.Y. The season calendar allows a search of 2017-2018 pheasant hunting operations available by simply checking the dates of your desired pheasant hunt and clicking "Search.". You get a map and tour of the property by the landowner and are left to the challenge of fair chase roosters for the balance of your stay. Again, you will be able to explore all the preserve hunting lodges offering early and late season South Dakota pheasant hunts. Extended Limits are available with prior arrangement. North Dakota Pheasant season opens the second Saturday in October to January 5th. If you have a bird dog and know how to hunt pheasants, get a group of guys together and head to South Dakota for the best self-guided wild bird pheasant hunting in the nation. Request InformationNeed help or a recommendation?Click here to fill out our quick form. UGUIDE packages high quality self-guided land & lodging experiences on privately owned land (not leases).

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100% WILD PHEASANT HUNTS. Buckshot Pheasant Hunts LLC: 777 Hunts is committed to our hunters and their safety. As we state on our Rates page, "These hunts are not for everyone". I have a blast with my habitat projects and rarely have to leave the property to hunt elsewhere.

Or you may dig for hidden gems in Athol, Agar, Murdo, Midland, Onida, Plankinton, Wood, or Dante. Located outside Faulkton, SD, Pheasant Hunt Getaway offers opportunities for avid sportsmen to hunt when they want, at their own pace, with their own dogs. Most guys like me grew up on pheasant hunting by staying in motels and hunting public ground and road ditches with the occasional foray onto private ground whenever the opportunity (and permission) presented itself. Your genuine South Dakota pheasant hunt includes guide with dogs, lodging, all meals, and transportation to and from the field for $375 per person per day.

Another frequent question we get from hunters is, "If I have my own dogs, know how to hunt and I just need a map and some directions, can I be left alone to hunt the way I want to hunt?". Actually, how hunters define self-guided pheasant hunting varies quite a bit. You against the roosters. Experience classic South Dakota pheasant hunting at its finest. Hunters that come the distances they do from all over the country are obviously concerned about being able to hunt fair chase. Guides . * Please plan your arrival by 7:30 am the morning of your hunt to complete paperwork and safety briefing. Booking of a top quality South Dakota bird hunting adventure can be a long and complicated process. Garnos Ranch Hunts:  In South Dakota, hunting fair chase pheasants combines all the unpredictable factors that make the experience special and unique like farming, weather, natural production, hunting pressure, dog skills, hunter skills, shooting skills and the journey to get to your destination.

Extended Season until Jan 31st; Contact Us Click Here for Each Farm Info & Availability. THE ONLY WAY TO HUNT. Great habitat with farms near Aberdeen, Mitchell, Roscoe, Onida. You’ll enjoy a great hunt on beautiful grassland, cropland and tree belts. License Info Read More. South Dakota wild pheasant hunting guide and outfitting by Taylor Guide Service. UGUIDE Self Guided South Dakota Pheasant Hunts. For this reason, it became important for the landowner/outfitters to also provide the lodging in association with their hunting offering. Todd Hofer:  2021 South Dakota Pheasant Hunting Season Dates, Reserving Next Years UGUIDE South Dakota Pheasant Hunt. ABOUT.

Medicine Creek Ranch: Essentially hunters just needed a "place to stay" and did not want to pay a lot for lodging. FARMS. We take pride in our management practices to ensure the upland game have everything they need to flourish. Having grown up hunting whitetails in Minnesota and Wisconsin (and pheasants in Iowa for 20 years staying in motels and hunting public), I became introduced to the very special (deer) camp tradition those states hold. I wanted an authentic, real, wild pheasant experience, in the setting of above average habitat and hunting conditions in a controlled private and exclusive environment. Utilize the calendars of hotel and motels, explore the menus of our dining establishments, canvas the calendars of the entertainment venues, or shop the coupons and discounts of our pheasant hunting supply and service outlets! Your best option for fair chase, private-exclusive, self guided pheasant hunting. *** ***$100 per day gun rental. Our expert guides matched with their experienced dogs will provide you with the hunt of a lifetime. Our top priority is making sure each hunting party has an incredible upland bird hunting experience, and we know that a great bird habitat is key to a first-class South Dakota pheasant hunting expedition. Marsh Lake was a great "Self-Guided" pheasant hunting experience. SD Hunting Licenses. the 'Front Door' to South Dakota pheasant hunting. You are able to explore hunting operations in renowned areas such as: Aberdeen, Mitchell, Pierre, Huron, Winner, Redfield, Chamberlain, Platte, and Gregory. Sure!

With this type of hunting 3 things happen: You fill your gas tank a lot, you put a lot of miles on your vehicle and success can be hit-or-miss.