Comic art is merely another form of story telling, it is equally capable of being as representational or avant-garde as any other art form. why not just go out and say 'respecting comics is serious business'. He took something easy to explain and built upon that to the more complex ideas. Well done. What I liked about this chapter was how he took the meaning of this painting and expanded on it to help explain comics. Recommended for any and all fans of every medium of art, visuals, storytelling, and humanity.

There is a lot of information within Understanding Comics and I don’t think I have explored it all yet. We are subjected to arbitrary education, test and criticism that are meant to 'guide' our 'understanding' of the creator's concept and execution - how to read them, how to properly experience them, how to get the most of it like the artist 'wants' us to.

If I knew half as much as Scott, this would be the book I’d write!” Maybe this is less true for non-comics fiction, though. I have used this with my English 4 classes and will be using it next year with my Intro to the Graphic Novel course. McCloud has a great graph selection in chapter three breaking this down. Understanding Comics traces the origin of comics back to the ancient Egyptians and other pre-Columbian people. While the book did fascinate me, it also bored me at certain points. I finished reading it for my comics/YA Graphic novels class this summer, 6/16/16 and now again, 8/8/17. -- Alan Moore, Watchmen, “Cleverly disguised as an easy-to-read comic book, Scott McCloud’s simple looking tome deconstructs the secret language of comics while casually revealing secrets of Time, Space, Art and the Cosmos! I'm starting a graphic novel book club!! Twenty five years later and a thousand comics later, on the heels of rereading Zot!, I decided to finally give it a shot. -- James Gurney creator, Dinotopia, “McCloud firmly establishes his reputation as both the Thomas Edison and Marshall McLuhan of comic books...A comic book about comics, Understanding Comics is a thought-provoking book that will be talked about for years to come.” But there are so many parts that articulate things that we as readers may have never realized we were doing (such as reading between the panels, as discussed in Chapter 3). 'THE TRUTH WILL SHINE THROUGH'! Its employment of comic art as its vehicle is brilliant. A book that explains the forms and functions of the graphics media -- in the guise, naturally, of a comic book. What can this book teach me?" think about it: hamlet is completely consumed in his little world, and the stakes are all about what will happen to denmark and only denmark.

And it is just theory! What McCloud is saying is that as an artist you have more control over the output.

Understanding Comics is a comic about comics by Scott McCloud. A non-fiction comic book. and i completely skipped the chapter on "the six steps" because i could tell it was going to annoy the crap out of me. See? GAH I'm angry! While thoroughly practical, it's also the most philosophical and thorough and at the same time efficient guide to the craft.

McCloud deeply and thoughtfully explores how sequential art works on o I have used this with my English 4 classes and will be using it next year with my Intro to the Graphic Novel course.

I guess the idea is to understand the basic structure and potential of comic art, but must it be so academic and dry?