… as a cosmic being! Their Magic Jewel color would be a darker blue than Ignihyde. i hope you enjoy my teenie tiny gremlin self as the banner for now until i can finish my neromar references lol, im just here to draw and yell about ocs with peeps tbh, rbing this again since i now have no more Halloween asks and i'd like to see what yall would like me to draw lol, listen its still halloween where i am i have every right to bully my characters, my friend: it looks like wedding lingerie. Lilia: Wonder what happened to that gargoyle girl he was dating two centuries back.

However they have quite the struggle because compared to other houses they have two leaders who fight over the main position, so things can get quite unorganised.

I'm gonna talk about their Lore, the characters and their story. Apparently each dorm has a main magic thing. Me too.

He also is fond of puns sometimes, although they are incredibly corny, similar to dad jokes nearly.

Henry and Leroy fight about something and Mellow just hopes form to get along and stop already.

His favorites are ones with ambiguous endings. The Alberts, mostly have free will outside of when Aldric decides he wants control. :). I know literally NOTHING about Twisted Wonderland. … as a witch!… with their familiar!… ⚔ with their weapon of choice! Oh dear, what an unfortunate situation, I had hoped I wouldn’t be watched. Having grown up impoverished, he's always eager to eat.The dorm leader of Octavinelle and the manager of Mostro Lounge. The Alberts used to be their own android but Aldric in his realization that he didn’t want to be an AI “servant” forever “freed” the two with his DOR-15 hats.

… as a mermaid!… as a vampire!… as a werewolf!… as a dragon!… as an angel!… as a demon!… as a fairy! In order for the Mirror of Darkness to select a dorm that matches your soul, you must complete this quiz and then your dorm will be revealed.

It all ends with a victory celebration of th project and Henry and Leroy agreeing to work together as leaders of the dorm. Henry himself is the sole Rival to Leroy, because lot of people see him as the actual Leader of the Dorm. Organic Chemistry. 16.

Headmaster Crowley: He used to be a living student of Octavinelle dormitory seventy years back and now he’s a school ghost.

Don’t be intimidated by him, he’s like 5’0 lol. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. I will do my best to meet your expectations. Sometimes he’ll even invite residents from other dorms.

His Magic would be Blue and Red. He is mostly the person who makes the blue prints out the group as well as writes down the notes Leroy and Henry come up with. If you happen to meet Al, he would be very sassy at first, but he’ll show his nicer side to him once he meets you again.

“You were the one who cursed me seventy years ago, Professor. Which means at some point, Hikari fought/seen the mirror in Dwarf Woodlands (the name of the world in Kh) lolol

Twisted Wonderland OC #3 twisted from The Hunchback of Notre Dame Posin Garille ~~based off the Gargoyles~~ “A little belle we have here, oui?

A guardian of the school catacombs, he will only turn serious if any of the banned areas happen to be stumbled upon by too adventurous students.

His magic is Blue and Grey. Out of the Monsville dorm he is one of the hardest workers on the project, tries to outshine everyone who could possibly do better than him.

He also has talent for Alchemy and cooking. I love these guys already. What about the rest? Aldric’s is definitely some sort of mind control. 7 months ago Twisted Dreams . well.

He’s been rocking that fedora for how many years already. Prone to headaches a lot due to the fact he clenches his jaw and his eyes are sensitive to light. Sam: He’s the only gargoyle that is active outside the catacombs.

He is said to be one of the gargoyles of the school possessed by a spirit - luckily a humane one albeit very flirtatious.

He is serious, mostly the manager of ideas and works to become a boss of a company one day.

She ends up at Night Raven College trying to find a cure for her brother.

1. Visual arts. Mini Albert will have some sort of illusion thing based off DOR-15′s holographic projector. Which is why he let up that look he has now and feels bad for messing something up.

Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Arts.

Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. This is prob how he would look if you groovied his card djffjkdkdjd.

I haven’t posted about this stupid ship in a while so take this. He tends to clash with Silver.The headmaster of Night Raven College. Twisted Wonderland Class and Dorm Sorter! … dressed for their favorite sport!… in a kigurumi!… as a pop star! The Headmaster won’t tell me anything as to how he became a ghost and it’s suspicious. He first shows up in part 30 of Chapter 2.The deceased princess of a kingdom betrayed and ruined in war. Has goals to abandon his family’s old estate and last name to set sail and research aquatic creatures from the different parts of Twisted Wonderland. Next student is Henry Lakeside who is based on Waternoose, the companys boss. Ortho: He has to stop roasting chicken on my hair!

Anxious Bi.

@hiwrik: 2 people diagnosed 0 twst sorter Tweets Daily results Result patterns 105: Epel: Why does he play with his head, like why?

Also the guy in the first picture is her older brother, who was put under a sleeping curse.

Math. I will probs try more to them, like Promo art and etc.

They find them leaning over a plan and bickering about what went wrong this time. I don't know if I will draw these guys often, but if I wanna use them if I try to mimic the twisted wonderland chibi style.^^, Monsters Inc and Twisted Wonderland by Disney(c). I run the Neromar Fan Dorm–pleasure to meet ya lovelies! His magic is Green and Red.

Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. Consider it Johnny’s highest form of flattery bc it ain’t cheap for one person let alone a group…. To see what is going on you have to talk to Mellow and find more about the group, but of course you have to break through his shell to get him to talk to you.

Mozus Trein: I have gone through the school records and I found some old test papers of his in the archives.

At first, he was supposed to attend to Royal Sword Academy, but begged not to because he felt he didn’t fit the prince role. For your ease of access, the wiki team has compiled a tutorial to help you get started. He is a butthole and I love his design. Ramshackle literally means being in a … He might come of as stern and serious if you meet him at first but once you gained his approval he is very kind and supportive. THESE NERDS BELONG TO ME @theblackjinx​ AND I’M ONLY SAYING THAT CAUSE I LOVE THEIR DESIGNS, I’M A LOSER WHO USED GOOGLE TRANSLATE, I DON’T KNOW JAPANESE I JUST WANTED IT TO LOOK “OFFICIAL”. Welsh Medraut, possibly from Latin moderatus meaning “controlled, moderated”+Baltic vyd “to see”=Medrautvyd, the dorm name. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

And his sign of Evolution of course a Chameleon. And his sign is a Eye. Floyd: Goals.

Buff Albert is under control more often cause his original AI is a softie and Aldric thinks that’s unnecessary.

I settled for a younger buffer waternoose you could say.

Mozus: He broke down several wooden doors already with those stone wings of his.

After defeated you will hear about Leroys past and how he got bullied.

Does not handle crushes well. His sword is modified from his own customization and design. Yuu and Grim's bedroom shares similarities with Mickey's bedroom in the 1936 animated short, Thru the Mirror. Technology (Computer Science, Engineering, etc.)

… as a ghost! It’s the magic mirror from Snow White. Divus: Can’t count how many potion bottles I’ve had to replace because he keeps breaking them! Tends to really like loose-fitting clothing and beanies…they’re comfy, Frequents the bathhouse the pirate lord and her sons run.

His Sign of Evolution is a crab. … in a horse mask! Twisted Wonderland Dorm Sorter. Ramshackle Dorm The main protagonist (default name Yuu) and Player Character of Twisted Wonderland.

He’s close with former dorm leader Idia Shorud because not only because he’s Idia’s assistant, but he’s Idia’s boyfriend as well.