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Blue Ridge Dam - Release Schedule. Pick a Lake: Website Help. TVA explains that the lake drawdown protocol is a crucial and necessary process for the surrounding area.

The original designers and constructors of Boone Dam in the early 1950s encountered highly irregular bedrock known as “karst,” consisting of local pinnacles separated by 20- to 30-foot deep crevices, during excavation of the foundation. TVA responded by assembling a team of TVA dam safety engineers and external experts to investigate the source of the observed seepage, and to determine whether dam safety may be compromised. Some areas could well see 90-degree water by this weekend, as the lake continues to heat up. efforts to reinforce downstream facilities in a way that will minimize potential risks from an unlikely failure of Boone Dam. Share with Us. This, in turn, stimulates schools of shad to meander and follow their forage base. accounts, the history behind an article. In its current state, the dam cannot be relied upon to serve the functions for which it was constructed. Maybe you missed the fact that the lake is in flood stage. Next-day release schedules are usually available by 6 p.m. of the current day. Those that will be frequenting the lake over the next couple of weeks should take note of the drawdown schedule. If you would like your property to be assessed for vegetation management—or if you want to opt out of vegetation management on your property—please contact us.

With Halloween falling on a…. The lake drawdown operations of TVA are a part of their regular seasonal routine. In addition, TVA has engaged local and state emergency management officials regarding conditions at the dam site, including developing specific plans to address potential emergencies and conducting mock exercises to execute those plans. 1983 Watauga Lake Drawdown x (Editors Note: The majority of the photos for this article were submitted by Carter County Rescue Squad lifetime member Jerry Arnold) In 1983 a decision was made by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) to lower the water level of the Watauga Lake down to little more than a river. At the same time, some bass anglers turn their back to the banks once hot weather arrives and pretty much target the main lake ledges or humps. and eventual breaching of the dam. The wide range of options considered included: TVA and the group of experts also considered such variables as: As a result of the decision-making process and internal-challenge sessions, TVA has identified a composite seepage barrier as the preferred option to remediate the problems at Boone Dam, pending additional environmental review. Use the 'Report' link on

TVA explains that the lake drawdown protocol is a crucial and necessary process for the surrounding area. The land east of the dam is higher in elevation and contains numerous depressions and sinkholes. Normal winter drawdown begins in early July each year, and TVA traditionally begins an increase in discharge rates once the Fourth of July holiday period passes. While the foundation treatment was state of the art in the 1950s, dam safety engineers now recognize the potential for deterioration with this type of construction.

At various times throughout the day, bass will corral shad and push them from deep venues up toward the shallow sides of sandbars when a feeding frenzy takes place. has installed buoy markers and barricade floats in the dam forebay area an average about 300 feet upstream of the dam, and also in the tailwater area about 1,200 feet downstream.

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Best thing to do is rise and shine early. Contractor Named to Build Boone Cutoff Wal, Lowering the pool elevation to 1350’-1355’ (roughly 10 feet below winter pool levels), Assigning onsite inspectors to the dam for continuous surveillance, Installing an automated network of sensors to monitor the dam for pressure and temperature changes every 15 minutes and for movement every 30 minutes, Constructing a tailrace filter to minimize further deterioration of the dam, Boat ramp extension at Pickens Bridge Access area (the only area with current boat access), Boat ramp extension and new temporary public swim beach at Boone Dam tract 22R located along the right bank of the Holston River, Boat ramp extension just north of Devault Bridge, also along the right riverbank, These boat ramp extension will include roads, parking areas and roadway improvements. Can't access lake information?

Next-day release schedules are usually available by 6 p.m. of the current day. Or do you think they will be deep?

Surface temperatures this week held on to the 87- to 88-degree range. > After careful consideration, McCullough says the Board has > decided not to delay this year's drawdown schedule, since it is not clear My experience here is that such a quick drawdown not only moves the fish deeper but scatters them for a day or two...but who knows with the TVA forecast....the forecast has changed so often lately that the present forecast could change again. All of the combined drawdown from each river is brought together and contributed to the Tennessee River. be favorable to a process termed “internal erosion,” in which voids develop within a dam and/or its foundation because of the action of flowing groundwater.

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Current brings life to a stagnant lake when the movement of water stimulates the lower food chain, pushing zooplankton and algae around.

Because internal erosion is one of the leading causes of dam failures worldwide, TVA staff and external experts implemented a number of interim risk reduction measures, including: Watch a video from Bristol Tennessee Essential Service (BTES) about the project and the progress made to date. Near

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In addition, TVA has engaged other owners of large dams, such as the United States Army Corps of Engineers and other large private utilities that have had similar seepage issues. The safety of our workers, the community and businesses downstream of the dam and of the general public continues to be our overriding priority. Shoreline habitat that has had ample water around weed beds and buck bushes for the last several weeks will now see receding water levels, leaving shallow pockets and shorelines too shallow to fish.