And things soon get worse. The plot , flow of the story, ending ,everything sucked.

Only film I’ve switched off this year... barely made it 20 mins in. He gives her until sunset to repay the 'debt', otherwise Clara will die from the rattlesnake bite. Save your time, don’t watch Rattlesnake. ', '#Rattlesnake - this had potential to be great! ', However, all was not lost, as others appeared to enjoy the movie, adding their comments: 'I watched #Rattlesnake on #Netflix. ', 'Watched #Rattlesnake on Netflix. The Tulia 46 drug sting event was featured the film Tulia, Texas, directed by John Singleton and starring Billy Bob Thornton and Halle Berry, and was scheduled for release in 2014. Before Katrina can kill him, though, he fights back and runs away. ', 'Just wasted 1.5 hours watching #Rattlesnake on Netflix. A bit like Final Destination, we guess: someone is saved who should have died, so therefore someone has to die in their place to balance it up. The Queen was 'worried' when her two direct heirs contracted COVID-19 but Prince William 'coped pretty well... RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: If this was 1940, Boris Johnson would stand down The Few to 'protect the RAF', North Korean Covid patients 'are being left to starve to death in quarantine camps'. We know we all have one! Snared in a web of deceit: Earl Spencer says Martin Bashir claimed William wore a watch that recorded Diana,... ROYAL EXCLUSIVE: Princess Diana's brother Earl Spencer sensationally exposes Martin Bashir letter falsely... Could a Princess Diana documentary be set for Oscar glory? Tulia, Texas, is, by now, a familiar story to viewers who have followed the case and other similar cases involving rogue undercover agents, mass … And when the pair get back on the road in the final scene, Clara spots a hitchhiker by the road who Katrina sees is actually Billy. As she's watched over by mysterious figures on top of the canyon, Katrina leaves the canyon and on the way home, the doctor calls to say Clara is fine. The new movie centres around single mother Katrina (Carmen Ejogo) whose daughter is miraculously cured by a mysterious woman after she's bitten by a snake, only to be told she must repay the woman by killing a stranger before sunset to avoid her little girl returning to her original state. Just hit 'Like' on our Digital Spy Facebook page and 'Follow' on our @digitalspy Instagram and Twitter accounts.

But to explain them, we'll have to head into spoiler territory, so look away now if you haven't seen Rattlesnake yet.

Rattlesnake doesn't take long to set up its high concept.

The reason Tulia may have a claim to fame is that in 1999, a drug bust went down that the local people decided was not justified, so they planned to get justice by themselves. Yes, the second act wavers a bit, but the ending was actually pretty satisfying (always important, in horror films).'.

Rattlesnake is a crime drama mystery film written and directed by Zak Hilditch and starring Carmen Ejogo, Theo Rossi and Emma Greenwell.It was released on Netflix on October 25, 2019.

But she wasn't hallucinating it. The comments below have not been moderated. ', 'Okay so the movie started off good and I was getting into it then it got kinda blehh and it lost me #Rattlesnake #NeflixRattlesnake #RattlesnakeNetflix.

The 2018 crime rate in Tulia, TX is 315 ( crime index), which is comparable to the U.S. average. Single mother Katrina is seen in a desperate battle to find someone to kill in a bid to save her daughter from succumbing to a poisonous snake bite. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. Leaked document claims hospitals are 84% full (but last autumn the figure was 92%), Five million medical masks bought by government for £45m are MISSING as UK firm sues supplier for fraud after it failed to deliver vital PPE supplies, Covid cover-up: HMRC refuses to reveal names of companies who benefited from £41billion furlough cash during first lockdown due to confidentiality laws, The world is watching: Newspaper front pages from around the globe reveal fear and excitement on US election day, Bake Off star Luis Troyano dies aged 48 from oesophageal cancer after thanking  doctors for 'giving him more time than seemed possible', Four police officers involved in Stephen Lawrence case could face criminal prosecution for 'misconduct' over arrest of five suspects linked to 1993 racist murder, High-achieving company director, 56, plagued by anxiety since her Italian holiday home was swept away by landslide killed herself weeks after almost dying in car crash, Downing Street snubs Brussels as it REFUSES to reply to the EU's threat of legal action over Boris Johnson's plans to override the Brexit divorce deal, Boy, 11, dies two weeks after crash that killed his best friend, 10, as pair were hit by car while riding their bikes, Comedian and actor John Sessions who appeared on Whose Line Is It Anyway and QI dies aged 67 after suffering heart attack, Snared in a web of deceit: Earl Spencer says Martin Bashir claimed William wore a watch that recorded Diana, said the Queen and Edward were terminally ill and led Princess to shame Tiggy Legge-Bourke over lost baby, writes RICHARD KAY, 'BBC's vile slurs to entrap Diana': Princess's brother Earl Spencer sensationally exposes Martin Bashir letter falsely accusing Charles of affair with princes' nanny - and demands an inquiry into 'whitewash' over Panorama interview, Could a Princess Diana documentary be set for Oscar glory? Netflix's latest Halloween offering Rattlesnake has left horror fans disappointed. When Katrina reunites with her, she sees that Clara has drawn a picture of the mysterious figure and the sun, seemingly aware (subconsciously) of what her mother had to do.

It won't win any awards, but I actually enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

The doctor suggests it was just "exhaustion, mild dehydration", adding that Katrina might have hallucinated it all: "If a 5-year-old was bitten by a rattlesnake, you'd know it.". ', '#Rattlesnake on #netflix thought it would be a horror rather found it funny with no logic, that woman could have tried to know the reason why people were killed, how were they connected. Ministers suggest Nicola Sturgeon WON'T get powers to spend BILLIONS paying 80% furlough to Scots after... Last flight out of Britain: Expats flock to airports in desperate bid to escape UK before winter lockdown... Italy imposes nationwide curfew and bans travel to hard-hit regions as infection levels soar.

You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, Ryan Reynolds releases new look at Netflix movie, Bly Manor star reveals key scene was cut short, Why Vampire Diaries has disappeared on Netflix, The Witcher unveils first look at new monster, David Fincher's Netflix movie called a masterpiece, Sandra Oh and Awkwafina team up for Netflix comedy, WWE announces Netflix Vince McMahon documentary, New on Netflix this week: TV shows to watch NOW, DIGITAL SPY, PART OF THE HEARST UK ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK. "The soul you take can be any one of your choosing, but it must be human, and it must be paid in full and on time.". The overall reaction from the movie wasn't too impressive, with people taking to social media with the following comments: '#RattlesnakeNetflix was beyond poor!!! Katrina discovers that the city of Tulia, Texas where she's ended up has been linked to a series of brutal murders and mysterious disappearances.

Who is she and is she the only one who can create such a deal? Don’t play with my time like this.

This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. She breaks into their home and forces Billy to drive to a remote canyon in the desert.

Single mother Katrina is seen in a desperate battle to find someone to kill in a bid to save her daughter from succumbing to a poisonous snake bite.

While the premise of the movie from the streaming site's new 'Netflix and Chills' section initially had fans amused, they were quickly left frustrated at the movie, with many admitting it was 'dragged out' while others saw it as more of a comedy.

@Theorossi always amazing. The end was just dragged out random unworthy scenes.

Anna Duggar’s daughters are so cute and cool hair. It seems that anyone who is killed as part of the sinister deal is cursed to roam the city, ready to spook the next person who happens to need the mysterious woman's help to cure a rattlesnake bite. Rattlesnake is a 2019 crime drama mystery film set in Tulia.

Hisssssteria! A woman named Katrina (True Detective ‘s Carmen Ejogo) and her daughter (Apollonia Pratt) are heading through Texas, on their way to start a new life.

Rattlesnake is currently streaming on Netflix. Moment Trump gets emotional with 'his sweetheart' Ivanka by his side as he closes out marathon campaign in... Twitter and Facebook censor Trump by slapping warnings on his posts about 'dangerous' SCOTUS decision to... 'Let's make liberals cry again': Don Jr's message to supporters as he joins the rest of the President's... Will the Teflon Donald come up Trumps again?

Decide for yourself: Rattlesnake is currently streaming on Netflix. Kesha transforms into an octopus with an oversized blue... Iman Bowie, 64, turns heads in a VERY exaggerated gold... '#RattlesnakeNetflix was beyond poor!!! Revealed: Plans for mega-basement extension being built beneath £8.5million Chelsea mansion before it... Trump closes on Biden: Joe clings to slim leads in six swing states Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North... Is the NHS actually QUIETER than usual?

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Who is your crush on 90 Day Fiance? It started off good & kept you wanting more but in the end just gave nothing & half arsed the entire ending. We don't know for sure, but it strikes us as some kind of deal with the devil.

Digital Spy participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Published: 12:05, 30 October 2019 | Updated: 12:29, 30 October 2019. I still think it's worth watching and the last few scenes in the desert are particularly creepy.

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Katrina doesn't initially believe it, but when she goes back to the desert road, the trailer has disappeared and she sees a trucker with an eye missing warning that Clara is "gonna die". Do you think Nicole and Azan will ever get married? Netflix's latest Halloween offering Rattlesnake has left horror fans disappointed.

Extraction ending explained: Was Tyler Rake alive? After kidnapping Billy (Theo Rossi) and making him drive her out to the Arizona desert, the two get in a scuffle and Billy manages to run away.