During Obama's presidential campaign from 2007–2008, he was Iowa Press Secretary. Dans une interview avec Recode de Kara Swisher , Vietor a expliqué que « Si Hillary [Clinton] avait gagné, nous aurions probablement avons continué à faire cela comme un passe - temps ... Mais quand elle a perdu, je pense que nous avons tous eu cette crise existentielle, où il ne se sentait pas bien de se réveiller tous les jours et d'être obsédé par la politique et ce qui se passe dans le pays, puis d'aller travailler pour faire autre chose. Privacy | Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre, Commentateur politique américain et animateur de podcast, licence Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License, Cette page a été modifiée pour la dernière fois le 20 octobre 2020 à 00:37, This page is based on the copyrighted Wikipedia article.

But the company remains best-known for its flagship podcast “Pod Save America,” the politically progressive show co-hosted by Vietor that consistently ranks as one of the most popular podcasts available for streaming. A version of this story first appeared in the Oct. 10 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine. All that success has culminated in Vietor’s purchase of a charming home in L.A.’s prestigious Hancock Park neighborhood, in a deal consummated last year. Those friends — many of whom attended Vietor’s wedding to marketing executive Hanna Koch in the summer of 2018 — were foundational for Vietor. Il est un ancien porte-parole du président Obama et du Conseil de sécurité nationale des États-Unis de 2011 à 2013.

Word broke today that Barack Obama's funniest speechwriter Jon Lovett -- performing above at the Washington Improv (giving an impeccable impersonation of Arianna Huffington) and who along with lead Obama wordsmith, Jon Favreau, was the genius this year behind President Obama's Trump-stirring White House Correspondent's Dinner speech -- will be leaving DC to write funny stuff for Hollywood. In early 2017, Vietor founded Crooked Media with fellow erstwhile White House staffers Jon Favreau and Jon Lovett. In early 2017, Vietor founded Crooked Media with fellow erstwhile White House staffers Jon Favreau and Jon Lovett. The low-slung, modestly-scaled abode offers four bedrooms and three full baths with luxurious French Oak flooring throughout, and the recently-remodeled structure has been outfitted with all of the modern bells and whistles that home buyers at this price point have come to expect. He is a former spokesperson for President Obama and the United States National Security Council from 2011 to 2013. They founded their own company, Crooked Media, and launched a new podcast, Pod Save America. Located on one of the historic area’s many tree-lined streets, the 1924 Spanish Revival-style house sits on a grassy, impeccably manicured lot.

[14], In March 2016, Vietor became a regular co-host of The Ringer's political podcast Keepin' it 1600, along with Favreau and their fellow Obama administration alumni Dan Pfeiffer and Jon Lovett. That was the original sin of their bullshit. [15], Shortly after the November 2016 election, Vietor, Lovett and Favreau decided to pursue podcasting and activism on a full-time basis. Vietor a quitté la Maison Blanche en mars 2013, avec le directeur de la rédaction de discours d'Obama, Jon Favreau , pour poursuivre une carrière dans le conseil et la scénarisation du secteur privé.