Our story takes the spin back to what Claire & Jamie were talking about before they reached Paris. Like a roller coaster, some are going to love it…some are gonna wanna puke when it’s over. Of course we all love Tobias…we love how good he is at making us despise that sunnuvawhosawhatRandall. You know the sexy time pearls Jamie put around Claire’s neck on their wedding night & made love…. Freaking LOVED the moment Bouton showed his talents & at the same time helped Claire get in good with the big nun on campus. OH! I am indeed disgusting because Marley of my mind…makes me want to jump off a bridge. We have zero clue as to what in fact goes on in their LIVES. I want to add. Ok…she wasn’t drinking out of the bedpans…but she was taste testing them. Here is what “Through the glass, darkly” means…To see “through a glass” — a mirror — “darkly” is to have an obscure or imperfect vision of reality. That is a no. That face…says it all. Tobias Menzies is loyal to those he loves. Let’s be off to the dungeon.

It occurs to me that the lines on his cheeks could also be the result of grimacing. Tobias was such a pleasure. In one of the cells Jesus speaks.

She has lost something…a ring…*there it is*…with no stone. *Sorry, there was a problem signing you up. Should be easy since we a bunch of happy & wonderful people right? There was a couple of things about Claire walking in on her ladies maid, Suzette (zee lov-a-lee Adrienne-Marie Zitt)  and her husbands Dudley do right-hand man. Time to get lil creepy into check. He has great potential for success, but only after putting out effort and overcoming the limitations he so often encounters. Its like broccoli, some people devour it and love everything about it and some get indigestion and end up super gassy. For him, it was all a balancing act to authentically be the person without resorting to mimicry.

After the completion of graduation from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, Tobias gradually started his film career.

Tobias has replaced Matt Smith as Prince Philip in the hit drama series. You have the right & the freedom to stop reading this blogburst at any time. Lift each other up. We don’t have to reach to far to guess what this is all about so lets get right to it. We can also do that without trying to make others adhere to our beliefs. Taran McQuarrie made his final appearance.

The amount of emotion Menzies can convey in the inherently undramatic act of sitting and watching TV, I later realize, is more than a little mimelike. Then…BOMBSHELL. Yes… accommodations at this place are atrocious. It’s pretty amazing how large he still looks against the redcoats but yeah, they put him to his knees. That can be construed a few way to be duplicitous. More... Tobias Menzies is a practical and down to earth person that can think through any situation or problem.

The London-born actor with an intense look, Tobias has made incredible proximity to various stage shows and television programs and is highly praised by his fans. This is our time to stick together my friends. As long as it is with your wife…those brothelbabes…not so much. Ummmmm….F’s….so many F’s totally not being used like I generally do. He is well suited for marriage and often becomes a responsible loving parent. OMG…that was unsettling…let’s do it again.

They found the keys but lot of good they will do if they can’t find their way around. Only our view is “right” and our need to express it in ways that are pointless to the grand scheme of things. Which happens to be a shed of some sort. Yep, I would probably feel the need to exert ownership. In the history of Outlander there has always been discussions about Frank.

Plus, it’s more aesthetically pleasing. “For lack of a better word, we were really ignorant to what was going on.”. We will be #WithOutlander.

Could be it’s been that long.

I think I am in love with that quote now…because it feeds into my everything for a reason theory of life and not really every finding out why…till the end of time for most of those reasons. Its not about the dog they got so much as it is about that they got a Bouton!

This time it was her hands, the way she grasped the box, Held it. His good health and physical stamina allow him to work long and hard for anything that he believe in, and quite often for material rewards. Taran, he really likes to hear himself talk though. Seems kinda like my high school years allllll over again.

He gives us Murtagh. The Blogburst for To Ransom A Man’s Soul AKA TRAMS- (oh…dear) will take a bit of time, as it will be a delicate matter to find the balance betwixt my ummmm nature and the nature of the show. Don’t let it get you down. They get some really great recon information. If you don’t already know, Mr. Menzies has a huge inventory of roles on stage, film, and television. Letting not one…but 2 jailers from Wentworth win all their monies at dice so they can get them to flap their gums about what happens at the prison. I think it could have been any or all of those reasons. I always think of our @ABOotlander crew when I watch too, how they are going to cope. I call lucky hitting the 6/49 jackpot.

She asks maybe a letter of reconciliation for his family. Tobias has range…he truly shines when he is digging deeper to the place of no return. Tragic. Get Marley to hold his hand & we will just smash it all to shit.

Neither of these view points are wrong. Reflecting on Tobias’ roles in Outlander as well as the other roles he discussed with us in our Zoom session, it occurs to me how choosing a career as an actor is a lifelong “leaning in” to vulnerability. Be grateful. Donkeys?! Where Jamie is still struggling to free his chains – there is not much in this young man that says “Give Up.”  He can be heading to the gallows & he will get a shot in…as long as there is a chain to pull on…he will yank it.

You are back with Jamie and Claire but you know…it’s all going to end with what we transitioned from. Every fan should read it AND take it for what it is. She would also have more sympathisers I would think- a man…it would go against every ounce of every fiber of every thing in their being. It sounds good to him but nothing is cut & dried with Captain Creepy. Not because I think she is deranged…I don’t. After the second time I watched it…I felt it again…the third time…I felt it again. I often talk about Caitriona’s face. This means A LOT but no one knows what.Save those who know it all . *giggle*. This is just one discussion that is 6 yrs old. Nothing like jerking our emotional chains. Watching him do it with Mama Hildegard was a good move.

Menzies should not be surprised if he will be praised for his humanitarian display today. If we can lend you some moose – they can disguise themselves.

Thank Ms.Fitz for bumrolls cuz that may have busted a sisters tailbone.

Oh how I wish things were this simple for our Jamie *sigh*. With the blob blurbs I like to ummm…blurt. Yes, you hope that lightning will come down and invigorate the monster, as it were. These are just a few to keep you busy. It’s funny, not “haha” funny but “Hmmmmm, how about that?” funny – that if you love him, you defend him like no one’s business – or you despise him and everything he stands for…oh wait…everything we believe he stands for. Really…Jamie just wants Creepy to shut the hell up – actually – there is something else going on behind those baby blues. So Tobias’ acting left such an imprint on my heart – I hadn’t read Diana’s books yet, hadn’t really seen him act other than as the unfortunate Edmure Tully on Game of Thrones – and so I was kind of an Outlander virgin in so many ways… haha! In a previous conversation, he explained that he is environmentally conscious of flying and thinks twice before hopping on a plane. The actor is not really sure how it all began – he thinks it may have been an accident. Since handsome Tobias has not been seen dating anyone for long, his fans might be wondering if he is gay. Even if Frank didn’t stop her, I don’t think she would have taken it off…much like the missing stone ring. Somebody make that boy a sandwich! Our Claire was making her way through the hallways…hot damn how I love that woman. You don’t need all of that. Yeppers, Frankie baby might be one of those things. Either way, Mr. Menzies’ characters are fictitious people for whom we don’t have an affinity. It was brilliant. *Blink Blink*  I am really trying to get the sound of cracking walnuts outta my head but it’s not going anywhere. We have 2 wks. Cuz, yeah, the next train leaves in 5 minutes & he might wanna hop on that. *snort* I LOVED it. Whatever be the case, it is for sure; he is not gay in any context.

I learned so much about him, and I would say that he’s one of my Outlandish Vancouver event favorites. Stopping the Jacobite rebellion, not winning it but stopping it.

I did it for #WentworthPrison. No more time now for niceties or maps.

Tsk Tsk Tsk. Aaaaaw #1 -This came when Claire shoved Jamie’s wigman away so she could do up his vest instead. After her poop ungroups, she tells him that BJR is alive & the deception duo is born. "Philip imagined - I think they both imagined - that they would have quite a long life with her father on the throne and Philip would have a long naval career.

It was entertaining to be in a room of 13 women who knew the original for the series…get to the point where the french started…and it trailed off into “Wtf’s?” “Is that.. french?” “That’s cool!”…being Canadian, recognizing french but not really knowing it is one of those things…in Alberta anyway. The humour I have is…mmmm….occasionally dry. There is another segment having more than debates about cast members being shown or not shown love and appreciation from the powers that be, ( A little dose of reality here…what we see online or hear in blurbs in one hour podcasts or in small panels, yes, compared to 24 hour days, 7 day weeks and 30 day months and 12 month years…a few hours of panels that are made available to us-  are heartbeats in these individuals lives- are NOT reality.