Ordina la tua Light Bee X (NON DISPONIBILE) Modello Performance al prezzo di 4195,00 € **** AFFRETTATI QUANTITA’ LIMITATA **** Spedizione tramite corriere espresso a 79€ in tutta Italia. We chose to outfit the bike “as shipped” with Super-Moto tires because they are best suited for a high powered bike for race track use or pit bike use, while also still being second to none for gravel riding, trail riding, whatever…We at Luna like our powerful bikes lean and mean and prefer the silence and confidence of the Super-Moto tires over the stock knobby tires. The exact numbers of horsepower and torque do vary based on how you calculate them, but it performs similar to a 125cc gas bike. The Sur Ron features a cable throttle, which does the trick but we did notice it starting to stick, and we did upgrade ours to a ¼ turn electronic throttle from Magura. We at Luna take our flagship products serious and we have many upgrades for this bike including a super moto road upgrade, sprocket upgrades, etc. 8 inch travel DNM/FASTACE rear suspension.

Therefore we are assured of the bike’s durability and quality. Incredibly well-engineered and executed, this piece of kit from China approaches Honda quality. Luna Restock Announcements and Questions 2020 May 1st 2020. The structure of the bike resembles a mountain bike-dirt bike mix with the handlebars and front fork belonging to that of a mountain bike and the rest is that of a dirt bike. However, the tail light stays illuminated and does not light up when you brake. The Sur-ron has minimal maintenance beyond that of an MTB. According to stock odometer I went 33 miles. Only reason to change anything would be to simply suit one’s tastes as the bike comes well equipped right out of the box. The sudden acceleration resulting from the motor’s strong torque may be prone to popping unintended wheelies, therefore increasing the chances of accidents (or unintended bursts of laughter depending on your riding ability). The Sur Ron has great suspension for its type although it pales in comparison to suspension found on gas-powered dirt bikes. What makes the Sur Ron X stand out from the crowd is it’s dual front shock and single slanted rear shock which is a very rare feature in most other electric bikes. A 10A cast aluminum encased battery charger is also paired with this battery. Fit of Sur-ron is great. It is the ultimate little dirt bike perfect for young or inexperienced riders, but also good for just about everyone (great xmas present which you can use yourself).

And with a tempered aluminum alloy frame that’s several times as strong as regular aluminum, axial flux electric motor with the highest usable power and torque of any electric drive motor on the market, and a quiet Sine wave X controller.