Below is a simple summary of the above regarding how to respond to patterns. Metroid 2002: Super Metroid Welcome to Metroid 2002's Super Metroid section. Phantoon's physical appearance is heavily similar to the, Sound effects still play regularly during the open-space portion of the Phantoon fight in, Phantoon's "body" shown in the concept art is referenced in its Trophy description in, Although it might seem like Samus performs an, Phantoon is, in a number of ways, similar to the boss Bellum from.

After Phantoon takes damage during this opening, he will fly around the room in a similar manner, attempting to ram Samus. "The Wrecked Ship has been shut down by the floating ghost, Phantoon." When angered it attacks using phantom eyes and its, "PHANTOON/The ship, even though it's wrecked, is still producing power. You'll know once he's dead as he'll stop moving and flash for a few seconds before exploding and performing a flashy warp-out self-destruct. Once it blows the door will unlock so you can safely leave. Nate, Added or updated the following pages: Techniques: Quick Charge, Murder Beam, Speed Tricks: Brinstar Energy Tank, Maridia Main Street Missile Pack, Boss Tricks: Murder Beam on Mother Brain. The statue will march and jump around the room, it'll also fire the sonic beams and smaller energy balls. Stay low and quickly jump up as it fires at you. Diggernaut | The statue holding the Bomb power-up will promptly come to life and attack. Yiga Foot Soldiers. In order to re-activate vital terminals, such as the map and save units, you need to kill him! By doing that, you can shoot the eyedrops until Phantoon's eye opens and pick up the drops as you are performing the doppler. Bullet Bills | B.O.X. The best way to finish Ridley is to just pummel him with Missiles and Super Missiles. Medeus | There is also essentially no reason to not have Wave Beam at this point anyway, so this is simply a note for knowledge purposes. She is fought on the Frigate Orpheon stage, with Lockdown Battle Theme as the background music. High-ranking member of the Space Pirates It can also put you in an awkward position where, if you end up between 30 and 40 energy, you will be low enough to die to a single flame, but not low enough to force the 'health bomb' effect to occur. King Hippo | He'll warp in before floating around the screen. Interesting to note is Super Metroid's manual describing the Wrecked Ship as having crashed on Zebes. Blast away at it whenever you can, but don't fire at it when it turns around, as your shots will go straight past without striking the target. As you attack the head it'll fire a range of deadly projectiles, including a bomb, fireballs and a continuous beam from its arms. This signifies that the body that Samus sees as Phantoon in both games is but a portion of its overall structure, in which its full size, mass and appearance remain unknown. Once Kraid rises up out from the spikes fully he'll begin firing thorn projectiles around. If a bomb deploys quickly jump up as upon exploding it'll send out a shock wave along the floor. Tabuu | Shadow Bugs | Pinkus - Further research into Phantoon's pattern RNG. One way to adapt is to shoot an extra charge shot shot before the X-Factor in the second round, which entails another set of setups. [4] On top of that, its presence appears to bring out the souls of those who died in the crash, converging together and becoming evil spirits known as Coverns. Spinies | Rathalos | Here is an example of a 2 round using super frames. Captain Syrup | Leviathan | Near the heart of Tourian you'll enter a hallway filled with gun turrets and lava.

Liquid Snake | Great Reaper | Chain Chomps | This is sometimes slightly slower than a second X-Factor, but conserves a Power Bomb as well as allows the player to collect the flame drops from the open on the second round if they opt to mirror the PRKD strategy. Metal Sonic |

Trace | If you're quick you can hit him while the eye's open before he disappears, try to score a hit with a Super Missile to add an extra punch. It'll be tougher to hit the head now, but keep pounding away at it, once it blows the wall on the right will crumble and allow you to proceed. Gold Bone | The same concept art further describes Phantoon as a multidimensional creature whose entire body cannot exist in a single dimension, thus giving it its ghost-like characteristics. This allows the runner to save on pauses compared with the Beginner technique listed above. Dracula | Ranging in size from four meters tall to ten times as large as Samus' ship, Phantoon resembles a giant cephalopod with a single eye inside a large mouthlike eyelid. These different setups will be explained via crude drawings and text summaries. Phantoon, a sinister alien being, had made the wreck his lair and is draining its power for his own survival. For questions, suggestions or submissions, please post in the Forum .

When Phantoon opens from a pattern, he will produce eight flames that will spiral outward across the screen. Dark Pit |