Idk to me it was more of a hands down I will listen to the ones who know more plus in my eyes if people want to complain about some severe head wobble they might as well also be standing up saying breeding of any kind should be stopped because from a snake point of view a person will run into things like kinks from time to time or even in humans because sometimes we can have issues as well. A regular Fire will often set you back around $100, but a Super Fire can go for as much as $400.

As one might suspect, the more striking the contrast in a Highway’s coloring, the higher the asking price. This is how the same species, with naturally the same genetics, can come to look so different between specific individuals. Pretty similar, right? Over 20 years of experience in care and handling. IMG Boa - This morph was accidentally discovered back in the mid-2000s, and it's been a hit ever since. In reality, there are likely to be well over a thousand different morphs, if not even two or three thousand! They are very hardy and make some Incredible CA Fire Diamond T's and hypos. There are currently dozens of different boa constrictor morphs with thousands of combinations between all of them. As you may have already guesses, they actually are lacking in scales and instead have skin. As with most morphs, price will vary somewhat depending on color intensity.

A boa's average litter is around 16 babies, with some producing litters over 50! A Black Ball Python possess a dominant gene that is typically inherited by half of their offspring. can show variance despite coming from the same gene. Naturally, when you’re trying to figure out how to identify ball python morphs, you’re going to typically want to look at a few common things with every snake. I know how much hate I would get if I say this but I honestly believe a good beginner morph for a ball python would be a spider or anything with the spider gene (bumblebee, killer bee, ect).

A very popular and in demand morph, you can purchase a Spider for between $100 and $150. Fire Ivory Ball Python. However, some Yellow Bellies can look more dramatic as well, with rich coloration and a checker pattern on the edge of their underside. There's usually very intense speckling throughout the body with black on the head and tail and a light brown underside. They are quite rare, but they do happen on occasion. As you might suspect with any designer morph, Candinos can fetch a higher asking price, typically between $300 and $400. However, these sections tend to be much smaller than those found on a Piebald.In fact, the area typically tends to be in the tail and is usually around just 5% of the snake. It was not the snake i was told it was. As such, it should come as no surprise that when you produce a new morph, you can pretty much charge as much as you want! (2020 Cost Breakdown). On top of this, their pattern is chaotic, with a little bit of banding, and more keyholes than that of a Pastel. To give you another example of polymorphism, consider reindeer and its North American counterpart, the Caribou.

Amazing snake, he chose it because of the beautiful pattern and colors. Personally I have listened to both arguments prior to making my choice on keeping spider ball pythons. Regular price $4,000.00 Sale. Although not one of the more important physical differences to note, blushing can prove helpful with some morphs. However, if you know what you're doing and what to avoid, you can mostly avoid these devastating defects and raise beautiful, healthy boas.

With spots on both sides of its nose, the Spotnose Ball Python morph is one of the more aptly named morphs on this list. You can expect to pay anywhere from $500 to $700 for your typical Highway. The result of sheer luck, the Stormtrooper Ball Python morph was an accident that was first created in 2015. It has even been reported that a Sunset Ball Python can sell for up to $10,000.

With pink eyes, this python is one of the more recognizable morphs and has become fairly affordable over the years.