Perhaps you have maintained an exceptional GPA or maybe you excelled in school while also working a part time job. Stick with a couple of fun facts to show the interviewers at Sullivan University that you are a real person, too. Explore expert tips and resources to be more confident in your next interview. Who in your life mentors, or inspires you? The way CASPA sets up PA shadowing as separate from working with a PA is super dumb. The University’s closing deadline for applications is July 15, 2020. It is very important that you come to your interview prepared with questions for the interviewers at Sullivan University. What achievement are you most proud of, so far, on your path to becoming a pharmacist? "I feel that the most concerning issue in the pharmaceutical industry is the continual rise of drug prices. Last year the initial interview invites were sent out in mid September I believe. Having prepared questions shows the panel that you are keenly interested in what they do, specifically, at Sullivan University. 31 Sullivan University Interview Questions. KENTUCKY: Sullivan University. So you don’t fill it out until you receive an invite.

"I understand that my day to day responsibilities as a pharmacist will include speaking with customers, helping them to understand their dosages, and answering many of the same questions. Display as a link instead, × We have thousands of questions and answers created by interview experts. Keep your answer brief, and to the point. It is very important … Fees start at $175. Learn More. Keep your head in the game, stay focused. Received an email stating that my application has been verified and that interview invites won't go out until after the application deadline of August 1st. I have the applicant's manual of PA programs for 2019 & the manual says it does & that there's a $100 fee for it. Tell us something that we would not know about you from reading your CV. The interviewers are looking for unique qualities and statements that make you stand out from the other students wishing to attend Sullivan University. To underline the competitive nature of our admissions process, we have provided below the average GPAs and healthcare experience hours of everyone who was invited to interview for the 2018 cycle: Please note that while not required, Sullivan University has identified the following value-added items which will be noticed and considered on an application: Locations in Louisville, Lexington, Fort Knox, Louisa, and Mayfield, KY, Disclosures | Privacy Policy | Refund Policy. I got an email from them that said the application must be verified by August first (mine already says verified so I think I’m good...) and that they would start to do interview invites after this deadline. All interview questions are created by and are not official interview questions for any organization listed on MedMaster: Made Ridiculously Simple. Think about how many applicants are on their second or third year trying. The CASPA application cycle opens April 30, 2020. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee an interview. How do you respond to feedback and criticism? In your opinion, what is the most concerning issue facing pharmacists, today? Average Cumulative Undergraduate GPA: 3.59, Average Prerequisite Science & Math: 3.57, Average Patient Contact Time: 1,167 hours, Organic Chemistry I & II, Molecular & Cellular Biology, Students from Medically Underserved Areas, Variety in Breadth and Depth of Letters of Recommendation (not all from the same clinic, not all recent acquaintances). In my interview I was asked why I didn't have more shadowing hours and I explained that I worked with PAs as a scribe and they counted that, so I think you should be good there! If you could meet anyone in the history of medicine, who would you choose and why? I am a competitive individual and enjoy keeping fit.". You can post now and register later. "I believe that the most important quality for a pharmacist to possess is integrity. Your core passion is what will keep you going on the toughest of days at Sullivan University.

HCE: 1,120 (180 of these were volunteer hours in a hospital, the rest was from being a medical scribe in an ER), Volunteer: 180 hours, but I ended up listing under HCE because I was indirectly helping patients, Shadowing: 28 hours (I feel like I should have done a lot more here), Leadership: 152 hours as chief medical scribe.

You have great stats, I think you do have a shot of getting in! It is important that Sullivan University exercises great discernment when choosing applicants. Upload or insert images from URL. Rather than dwell on my mistakes, I choose to learn from them.". What are your favorite places for news on current trends?". What is your plan if you are not accepted into pharmacy this year? Tell us about an area of weakness that you would like to improve on while attending Sullivan University. You are certainly not obligated to discuss personal matters such as your relationship status, for instance.

IMPORTANT: All requirements, including prerequisites and bachelor degree, must be complete by April 1 prior to matriculation. You don't need to be an expert on their entire history, but you do need to be knowledgeable on their programs, culture, and recent accolades. All Rights Reserved. While maintaining very strong grades, I was also President of our school's Diversity Club, and I spent time volunteering at the local animal shelter.". Which aspects do you agree and disagree with? "Should I not be accepted into your pharmaceutical program the first time, I plan to reapply the following year. "I believe I am the strongest student for your pharmacy program because I am incredibly dedicated to my professional and personal development.

These questions and answers do not represent any organization, school, or company on our site. This question is a stress test! Tuition at Sullivan University is expensive. Think of any accolades that you may have received along the way.

No email confirmation from Sullivan as of yet. Upon completion of this review, the Admissions Committee will invite selected candidates to complete a supplemental application. Surround yourself with people who support your dreams and are positive influences. At least 500 direct patient contact hours from, but not limited to the following: All foreign transcripts must be evaluated by WES. "I am an avid marathon runner and have traveled to 10 countries in the last 3 years to compete in a variety of races.

Sullivan University 2019-2020 Application Cycle Sign in to follow this . The interviewers want to see that your interest is deep and that you spend time learning, and understanding, the challenges you will face in your future career as a pharmacist.

Where have you excelled, and where could you improve? Initial application is made through CASPA, the Central Application Service for Physician Assistants. Discuss what interested you the most, and where you had the biggest challenges. You must create your own answers, and be prepared for any interview question in any interview. Nova Southeastern University Physician Assistant Program - Ft. Myers. The interviewers want to be assured that you will be able to afford the tuition associated with Sullivan University. The institution offers career-focused curricula with increasing rigor from the certificate through diploma, associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree levels.   Your previous content has been restored. What other medical schools have you applied to and where does Sullivan University rank? Sullivan University does not offer health insurance to students. Coach. Hang in there! I feel that I excelled in these because they are related to pharmacology, which I have an incredibly strong interest in. By Gain the confidence you need by asking our professionals any interview scenario, question, or answer you are unsure about. The interviewers would like to get to know you apart from what is written on your CV and school transcripts.