It was a poltergeist outburst that led to Betty calling for a doctor, which brought Faraday to the Ayres door.

Though the girl has been pestering the pet relentlessly, its off-screen attack occurs the moment after Faraday realizes the event is a matchmaking setup meant to pair Caroline with an arrogant, new-money ad-man. I feel strongly that had something to do with it! Sorry Lea the truth hurts. Lisa Matteo left Pix and was let go but allowed to say her time has come and shes moving on. It’s a pleasure watching her everyday. More importantly, we all have a little “DIVA” in us. You Must Remember This – A Tribute to the Most Enjoyable Movie Ever Made on Its 75th Anniversary: ‘Casablanca’, ‘Sex and the City’ Actress Eyes Run for Governor of New York, Fired Talk Show Host Sues Broadcaster, Says Allegations of Sexual Misconduct Were Just ‘Pretext’ to End Distribution of His Show, Game On: Comcast Tops Fox’s Bid for European Pay-TV Giant Sky By 16 Percent, Report: Tensions Are Running High at NBC as Lester Holt’s News Ratings Slip, Golden Globe-Nominated Actor Battling Cancer, Chevy Chase Gets Into Roadside Altercation. I never understood why the networks thought she was so worthy of the jobs she’s had. She was always about herself, rarely if ever acknowledged co workers contributions and never thanked them on her lead in by name as if people doing traffic and or the weather were below her! Lea, you must enjoy bon bons and buffet tables as much as nobody Krishnan.

If Sea Cow wasn’t friends with the news producer all those years at Pix11 she wouldn’t even been there sharpening pencils. I wanna start my day with a smile and some great energy! She quickly white laughing corrected or condoned it by saying “its ok, its one dot to another.” It was a quick exchange but exactly the same time she left. I like Sukiyaki she’s a real New Yorker ! Suki’s Death. She;s taking the Lisa Matteo route out the door Marissa Torres for some reason is well liked doing weather as well as traffic in the first part of the morning and other reports as well. All the best to you and your Love ones☺️, Glad she’s gone. I live in Staten Island and it’s not huge and anyone I’ve ever known that grew up and/or lived for a long time in Staten Island knows every town as there are not many but yet Bozo Krishnan had no clue. Nation’s Largest TV Station Owner Plans to Stop Using The Gold Standard – TV Show Ratings—As Basis to Sell Advertising. Don’t be surprised if you see her on the real house wife..

Shame on you ! Implied is that Faraday is the better the house deserves.

She was fired same as she was on Channel 11. After a morning anchor on Fox 5 in New York suddenly quit the show last week, The New York Post’s Page Six reports that she was involved in a “blowup” with the show’s producers. Finally!, someone that sees what i know to be true, Sukanya got her way at Pix and the original Anchor Lynn White was fired, so she can steal that spot from her, Sukanya was a part time field reporter, she lasted 18 years at Pix cause she was best friends with the newscast producer, she was very sneaky and had better anchors than her fired, Marisol Castro, Tiffany Mcelroy, Frances Rivera just to name a few. Mrs. Ayres notes that was the very day her beloved first-born became mysteriously ill, before withering away to death.

I have so much more to say but this is it for now.

She was let go at Pix11 and actually fired a week before her last day because she was asked to promote her replacement on her personal Facebook page and refuse so she was fired on the spot.

Her ridiculous co anchor at the time, Scott Stanford was told if he mentions as much as her name on the air he will be fired too.

Not a fan of FOX5, but I watched to see that Smile before walking out the door. . Everyone knows she used the producers private bathroom and clogged it.

Good Luck.

We Love You Suki!! Sexual Harassment Has Been Alleged. YOUR RACIST ATTITUDE IS ON DISPLAY AS HARD AS YOU TRY TO HIDE IT!! It scares off the would-be suitor, gives the doctor a chance to impress by swooping in to mend the wounded child, and offers an excuse to euthanize Caroline's beloved pet, eliminating one more rival for her affections.

Please remember Karma. Every paranormal event after that can be seen as violent retaliations whenever Faraday feels rejected. 11 and up to today. Why are you such a hater – this is what’s wrong with the world today. If you want straight hardcore news reporting then watch CNN!!

One picture she showed and she stated ” This was taken by a viewer in Prince Bay ” She immediately said ” I have no idea where that is ! LMAO. Channel 11 was letting her go and letting her take the high road and not label her as ” let go ” UNTIL she refused to promote her replacement in a positive way on her Facebook account, FACT. She was fired on the spot during a show. Always smiling, always positive. I don’t like anyone losing their jobs, but in this case, she deserved it, and please dont try to cover up and say that you quit Sukanya, you were FIRED!.

I will miss that smiling face early in the morning.great spirit. Dont tell her husband about the variety of hot dogs she eats. In flashback, a foreboding rumbling precedes the horrid crack of plaster. If it werent for the banter between Mike, Rosie n Lori…they would be lose a lot more viewers. I wish them both the best of luck, whatever their future holds. Kala Rama is useless and so is her husband who appears to have his eyebrows waxed and threaded like a woman. Or just a coincidence. Haven’t seen her and wondered what happened. Cable Channel Scores Highest-Rated Month in Its History in Key Demos, Comics Icon Stan Lee Recovering After Health Scare, Justin Timberlake Gives Away One Detail About Upcoming Super Bowl Halftime Show, Courtroom Drama Unfolds as Father of Victims Attempts to Assault Convicted Abuser Larry Nassar, Then Faces Judge Over His Outburst, E! Sukanya, who said you were a news reporter, your a horrible person, you have no respect for anyone, i honestly she wasn’t going to last long on Fox 5, she was a horrible person for the Pix Morning News, her all about me attitude was just too much for me to bare. Read some of the mean & cruel comments and can’t believe how insensitive we can be to a hard working family woman who shares her good vibes with us so early in the day. I changed my early morning news channel. Several years back she came in on a weekend on PIX11 to cover a Nor’easter. That the object of Faraday's desires is a house and not actually Caroline emphasizes the dehumanizing nature of male entitlement, as entitled men do not regard the women they crave as people who have autonomy and the right to reject them, but as a thing they can grab. Windy City Times News - Author and historian Sukie de la Croix is moving to California, after two decades in Chicago. She wears glasses for show at random and is not talented. I was overcome."

Comcast Considering Topping Disney Bid for Fox TV and Movie Assets.

1 New Series Gets Expanded Order, Shocker on ‘America’s Got Talent’ Finale: A Fan Favorite Not Only Doesn’t Win, But Doesn’t Even Make the Top 5, Rock Band Set to Headline Super Bowl Halftime Show, ‘Twilight Zone’ Revival Names TV Personality as Host — Check Out the Clip, U.S.