Roddy Ricch got an early bid on claiming one of 2020’s most popular songs when “The Box” snared the Hot 100’s top rung in January, and stayed there 11 weeks. And the line about “today” being the greatest day means that things can’t possibly get any worse. I laughed until I was high on my own endorphins. Key lyrics: “You just don’t get it when I get so down about it”.

When I’m in the car and I don’t want to breathe another breath. His mum puts it best: “To me, it is not about getting over things and moving forward, it is about going through the sadness, taking some of it with you and being made whole because of it. For that, I salute you.

The song How to Save a Life is about an adult trying to help out a teenager in need. “It’s a very raw reminder that even though the world is full of darkness and it sometimes feels like no one cares, I need to hold on and keep fighting because there are people in my life that need me in theirs and things will get better.” — Britt B. Anyone else find it ironic that he is wearing a "Choose life" shirt in wake me up. “The mood is generally resignation in the face of inevitable change,” said The Cure’s Robert Smith of this tragic letter in song form.

— Jacinta M. “It’s a song my brother played for me when I was going through one of my deepest, longest lasting bouts of depression and anxiety. But that doesn't really make sense, does it?

And there’s also Chester Bennington, the frontman of Linkin Park, who committed suicide not long after Chris Cornell did. It's totally normal to need a good cry sometimes, and there's nothing that does the trick quite like the best sad songs can. You really hope for a rap/rock eulogy performed by Shifty. I dare you. It’s the clip-clopping, muted percussion that makes this contemplative number, on which The King addresses the moon as the only one who understands him.

Hearing your favorite artists of all time singing the saddest lyrics and capture the depth of your emotion has a way of breaking through even the most stoic exterior so you can finally let all of those emotions come pouring out with your tears. Key lyrics: “Every time I try to pick it up like falling sand / as fast as I pick it up it runs away through my clutching hands.”. My favorite part is where he sings, ‘I believe you can do much better, trust me.’ Even though I know he is just signing a song, when I’m feeling down I feel like he’s speaking to me and motivates me to keep going!” — Jaymi A. Unlike just about every other one of Blink-182’s songs, this one is serious and sad as hell. The melody for this was, according to Thom Yorke “a competition by me and Jonny to get as many chords as possible into a song”, but underneath it are lyrics about being relentlessly pursued by dark thoughts. I'm telling Rob to pray for you. Everybody Hurts is a song that’s so good at reminding us of these things that it’s the song used by a British emotional support listening service called The Samaritans.