Robe of Desire Is never a good choice TBH when it comes to shield cool down is key, better of with placid mage defence boost and AP accessories without going full defence priest with yellow runes ... Lol ..I'm still laughing. A picture of the spawns is shown here.

Once touched, the altars have a 10 minute cooldown before they can be groped again, however this does not reset progress on triggering the invasion so feel free to touch it as often as you please. How it's mathematically improbable to get beyond 20 essence a crusade. So the system is broken already and I would theorize this was not the intended level of grinding. When an altar is activated or within its cooldown while you are outside its render distance, it can sometimes become invisible when you arrive at its location. Now only need 1k Warrior Talents for BE, which means if you do all your prestige every week, and one dungeon a day, you should be able to get it in about 5 weeks (3-4 weeks with valor and two dungeons a day).

To collect essences, you also need to do invasions around the world. This likewise means there is no specific timing as to when to touch it - so don't think that someone touching it will be of any detriment to triggering the invasion. Storm Chaser So I’ve been grinding for storm chaser on my priest and want to know where I get these essence I am going to eventually need to purchase each fragment. EDIT: New update makes BE significantly easier to get, and SC a bit easier. A Very Particular Set of Skills achievement in Bless Unleashed: Fully upgrade 5 Blessings with the same character (excluding Gift of Valor) - worth 150 Gamerscore Moreover, completing all interaction objectives does not guarantee Grade 2. Ordo University, Count Rosso, City of Navarra, Ardell Traders and Herbati. Ok that's a lot, but let's grind the crusades! These mini-bosses provide around a quarter of the XP a normal boss would in an invasion, however there are many more spawns beside each other (see here). The second part has two easy bosses - these can be grinded as it's still better than doing nothing in terms of XP, but it'll be slower than other invasions (red icons for their spawns). By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Rinse and repeat with all invasions and you've effectively cut down the days required half or more.

This one is unique in that it has 9 mini-boss spawns. This picture has their spawn locations alongside the number which represents the order in which the rotation goes. Ice essence is overabundant from the North Sperios invasion and has little value. If you fail an invasion you will not receive a chest, unlike some Crusades. That's because in reality, none of those objectives matter.

There are better ways to get essence without being selfish - further below I'll explain how best to get essence. Hence I need Storm Chaser to do my job as it takes healing out of the hands of the party, and puts the control in my hands and is hands down the best support blessing... That said holy damn grind batman lets break down the Essence requirements... -1900 Growth -1900 Fire -300 Ice -300 Dark -300 Light.

Touch the altar and kill 3 Volcanic Wyverns.

Site created and owned by. For some advice, Chaos essence sells for more than Fire/Growth at times, and you can get a lot by being the one that completes Discord and Disease.

Anyway I hope this guide has helped and if there's anything you still want more info on, or spot something that is incorrect, please leave a comment letting me know. When bosses die in under 5 seconds this is crucial or else you may miss the XP. Players try to get grade 2 contribution by chopping down trees (doesn't work unless they tap a lot of kills too) so there's little time for the bosses. Use PvE Combat XP boosters whenever possible. Grind some... buy some... yes it will take time to unlock but that’s how it works.

This means that even if someone touches it on channel 1, someone else can touch it again on channel 2 without waiting for channel 1's cooldown. Bless Unleashed Invasions Map. ©2020 by Pyreborn.

Touch the altar and slaughter Wild Horn Buffalo. How do you log with 3 characters simultaneously? Invasions are now every 8 hours, so it is now nearly three times easier to gather essences.

The point of invasions from the game's perspective is the reward - essence - which is required to unlock the Storm Chaser blessing. Reminder that there is a soft cap on defense (I think it’s at like 80%). edited 3 months ago. Alts are very useful in general as you can get multiple Star Seed exchanges, multiple estates, and multiple invasion rewards. I think you only need revered reputation with the factions. Well collectively it adds up to 5k in total essence. What good is getting all these amazing things if there is no one to play the mmo with?

The game forces you to buy essence from AH. This is easy to start, however as there are no interaction objectives with which to delay its completion, this invasion ends pretty quickly. 1.

This invasion offers growth and, like the fire invasions, ends quickly purely due to the demand for its essence. Chaos 300. This can easily last the full 40 minutes of the invasion, so try not to break the ice. Contribution lvl 1 = 100 Essences (?)

Fire 1900.

More posts from the blessunleashed community. Ok that's a lot, but let's grind the crusades! I've never ragequit a game as hard as I ragequit this game after the Crusader Storm Chaser nerf. A level 28 treant entitled "Messenger of Destruction" will spawn after touching the altar. The invasion lasts 40 minutes and your theoretical task is to complete all these objectives within that time. Storm Chaser Priest build. Prices are dropping now for sure compared to 3 months ago. When the invasion is completed, you earn 20, 50, 100(?) Storm Chaser Priest build.

This tends to be the most difficult invasion and also one of the most rewarding. Archived. Prices have been going down. With the update, players can now join Unions upon reaching a certain part of the story. TLDR: Essence farming is soul crushing and needs another method or a crusade grade fix. American - Physera - Needs a volunteer to make a list. Touching an altar on one channel activates the 'trigger phase' across all channels, so if you activate it on channel 1 but kill a cyclops on channel 2, it will still count towards activating the rift invasion.

Here's some gameplay for reference. Invasions - The fastest way to level up in Bless Unleashed. Close.

Press J to jump to the feed.

Lol. However, not everyone is clear on what invasions are or how to make the most of them so I've made this 'little' guide to help you all.

This means the higher your level is, the more difficult the enemies are going to be. This starts at Grade 3 and goes up to Grade 1, giving you better rewards at higher grades. Close. Using alts is preferable to getting Grade 2 on your main as you only get 30 more essence, which is even more negligible if you would have focused on the bosses and gathered the essence they drop. Another quick point; collecting the chest at the end has a risk in Disputed Zones as some people like to get mass PK's on the chest so you're better off collecting the reward from your mail.

Which they should keep doing now that the timers have been added and more people are able to run em regularly. It is vital that you do invasions solo! Complete INVASION Crusades to acquire five essences. I'm liking what I see with blind executioner as far as berserker goes.

Bless I want to like you... You have fun combat and you do scratch that mmo itch. The boss can inflict long stuns and bleed plus there are endless little mobs which can kill you while you're stunned. For us Berserkers its Centurions Command and Storm Chaser is one of the easier requirements for that blessing. So for 47 days you need to watch for an event that moves foward in time two'ish hours each day (good luck with that 1-5am time and you better be unemployed). Once you collect a specific amount of a set essence, you can take it to a Reputation Merchant with whom you have Revered reputation to exchange for a Memory Fragment: Storm Chaser I - V. The below table from Bai's Reddit post shows how much you need and from which region's faction: Each invasion has a specific essence that it provides.