The ID of the slot to put the essential item in.

You can see the dungeon ID in /debug mode. Use the command /disablespawning to disable. Level is 1 is when SAIL has not yet been rebooted, level 2 is when the FTL drive is not yet repaired, and level 3 is the initial state after the FTL drive has been repaired. Toggle locking the camera's position; camera will not scroll.

On planets and in sections of space encounters with gravity, the mech's movement is similar to that of the player. Usage /setuniverseflag flagName. Despawns any stagehands with broadcast areas containing or positions close to the current cursor position. This command will run the specified lua code. Makes the specified tech visible and available for purchase. Usage /fixedcamera.

An example of a celestial coordinate is '4_12_-218667161_2'. Enable automatic monster spawning on the current world. Other actions: F toots your mech’s horn and the Interact command makes you exit and enter the mech. Level defaults to 1.

If kind is specified then the shield is limited to that kind (for instance, riotshield). If you specify a command as an argument, help for the specified command will be printed to chat instead. Parameters should be specified as a JSON object enclosed by single quotes.

For full details see: Usage /spawnshield level [kind]. Archived.

A mech body that uses a cutting-edge energy field to protect the cockpit. Mechs are vehicles that provide the player with protection and adjusted movement, as well as enhanced offensive and defensive abilities..

Admin mode allows access to admin-only commands. Usage /spawngun level [kind].

In admin mode, commands can be used by typing a / followed by the keyword for the command. Mechs are composed of 6 customizable parts, each of which can change different characteristics of the mech: Different parts can be obtained by learning their corresponding blueprints, usually found in non-planet locations in space.

The ID of the technology you wish to unlock for use.

The level of the NPC to spawn.

Usage /setspawnpoint.

They are as follows: Sprinting - Double tapping with mechs increases running speed while held. Once the energy bar hits 0, the player is ejected and one of two things happens depending on the cause of energy depletion: The tooltips for each mech piece display their stat levels. Optional. This will cause things like cut scenes and other effects that usually only play once to play again (when they are triggered).

For full details see: Usage /showhunger. If not specified, this will default to 1. Optional. An energized chainsaw originally developed for cutting through ice. A prototype open-top mech body, designed for Hylotl pilots. /settileprotection [dungeon id] [true / false] Admin Only. OwnShip - this will teleport you to your own ship, OrbitedWorld - this will teleport you to your orbited world, CelestialWorld:COORDS - this will teleport you to the specified celestial coordinates - e.g. Displays the total death count of the current character. Usage /suicide. They were present as techs in the beta, and then were re-implemented as vehicles useable in both space and on ground, in update 1.3[1]. To spawn a codex type itemName-codex, e.g., esthersjournal (itemName) becomes /spawnitem esthersjournal-codex. Usage /clearscannedobjects. Sets the current universe flag, triggering any associated world changes. Online. You can use /spawnvehicle humanmech, glitchmech or apexmech to get them. A set of mid-range boosters that use a series of long thrusters.

Optional. Specify a negative number to set back time. Displays item information in chat and the log. Mechs have new features in FU distinct from the vanilla game (but very close to the XS Mechs Modular Edition mod, which the code is based on). This command prints the celestial coordinate location of the specified player. Typing a valid command afterwards displays how that command works. Finely crafted mech legs that provide the fastest possible ground movement. For full details see: Usage /reload. Shrill and loud, this horn is perfect for obnoxiously announcing your presence.

Note that temporary bans will expire as soon as the server is restarted. The ID of the quest to preview the failure screen.

Is there a command to enable mechs? Displays the Quest Complete interface for the given quest without altering the player's quest state.

This command disables the automatic spawning of monsters in the world you're currently in. A mech body fit for a Floran, made from vines and recycled mech parts. Be warned, the old mechs aren't exactly feature complete, and without some additional command parameters they … 205. Usage /startquest questArcDescriptor. Usage /placedungeon dungeonname [position]. Spawn a vehicle of the specified type at the mouse cursor. Displays the value of the specified achievement statistic. This command prints a list of all commands to the chat. A finely engineered mech body, for use by members of the Terrene Protectorate. This command will reset all of the achievements you have previously attained.

Usage /disablespawning.

Undoes /setgravity. Usage /whoami. Usage /clearradiomessages.

See argument information for layer numbers.

If not specified, the dungeon will be placed at the current location of your cursor. Resets all of the player's achievement statistics. This command will send you a message with your current celestial coordinate location. In sections of space encounters without gravity, the mech uses a different movement scheme. /warp InstanceWorld:outpost, Items can be spawned in different colors using the color index like so: /spawnitem florantier6mhead 1 '{"colorIndex":4}'. A JSON object for stage hand customization, needs to be surrounded in single quotes ('). Usage /eval .

Default is 1 if not specified.

Admin mode can be toggled on and off using the command /admin. This command clears your history of objects you have previously scanned. A classic Mech body historically used by Terrene Peacekeeper agents. La cucaracha, la cucaracha, ya no puede caminar!

Usage /spawnitem itemName [count] [parameters].

If no reason is specified then the player's server nickname is used as the reason.".

This command can be used to upgrade your ship. If not specified, a list of commands will be printed.

When in admin mode, all crafting recipes are enabled (no resources required) and damage/energy loss is disabled.

A powerful mech body operated by a web of synthetic brain tissue. See item IDs on our item ID list. Kick the specified player and send the reason to the player. Ignores anchoring rules.

Display your server username and admin status. Quantity defaults to 1. Triggers the player to receive the radio message with the specified id. Resets all history of played unique cinematics, allowing the player to see these cinematics again. IsProtected is a boolean property and thus can be either true or false.

Toggle your Player VS Player mode if possible. Kills the current character, incurring all normal death penalties (including permadeath!). Spawn a randomized shield with the given level.