As leaders we are always changing, as are the environments in which we lead. In Western corporate culture, there can be a tendency to overly value the warrior/hero archetype of leadership and then falsely attribute those qualities more frequently to men.

If you have given your life to Christ, then you probably understand the amazing feeling you get inside when you listen to or sing to songs about following Him!

Everything I need is in You, everything I need! And since then, people have been asking us to share the playlist. Jo is CEO of leadership development, consulting and research firm Be Leaderly. Let us shine the light of Jesus in the darkest night. Post by Guest » Fri Jul 13, 2012 4:37 am You might be talking about "I Want To Be A Follower of Christ". Continue reading, Discover the best online memorial sites for remembering a loved one... This link will open in a new window.

While I'm waiting, I will worship. May 8, 2019 by Brea Cubit. And that’s a concrete cold fact”. I have had the pleasure of being a member of several choirs in my life. A brotherhood of man Influencing Without Authority—Using Your Six Sources of Influence, How to Write a Simple and Beautiful Manifesto, Leaderly Quote: Leadership is not about doing more. You search much deeper within through the ways things appear. This empathetic song reminds us to always see those we’re helping as complex human beings with a history. We can be a follower, of our Lord Jesus Christ

Stay safe while still coming together to support one another and honor your loved one. I surrender all, I surrender all. So anyway, when it came to running creating a playlist of leadership songs for my workshops and the other corporate and professional women’s events, I did a brainstormed with the Be Leaderly team. Countries Hone your abilities, hold to your values, and practice authentically bringing your leadership gifts to the world. Miscellaneous Listen to “Blue Train” and you can hear this philosophy come to light. I love AC/DC. There was a time Come take my hand She was the best damn woman that I ever seen. Then he started saying somethin' 'bout the way I was dressed But I didn't wait around to hear the rest I was too busy movin' and hopin' I didn't run outta luck She can take anything life dishes out Jo shares this proven process in her book Woman of Influence: 9 Steps to Build Your Brand, Establish Your Legacy, and Thrive (McGraw Hill, 2019.). Help me keep adding to it! If you want to influence our behaviors ... At Be Leaderly, our mission is a simple one: To provide proven career strategies that help you lead, climb, and thrive as a rising woman of influence. A leader who cannot passionately advocate for a mission will never attract and retain followers. This song, like others of the Christian/religious genre, focuses on how it's hard to help or care for others without getting out of one’s comfort zone. Ah, ha, ha, ha, stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive.”. Learn more about her speaking engagements at and follow @Jo_Miller on Twitter. Kirk’s focus is on how you can help others even when everything is difficult in your life by simply smiling and taking life a day at a time. I want to be Your hands and feet. Smith’s soulful piano and comforting assurance of the power of prayer is one way to feel how much you care for someone. Who You love, I'll love. Following is just as important as leading. It even occasionally doubles as my running playlist. ( Log Out /  Every leader must learn to lead themselves first.

His message to seventy of the firm’s top high-potential women leaders was that if they truly wanted to advance into senior leadership, they were going to have to make tough choices, and should not spend too much time on leisure activities like “huntin’ and fishin.’” I wish I’d asked him what he thought about golf.). Thunder Lyrics: Just a young gun with a quick fuse / I was uptight, wanna let loose / I was dreaming of bigger things / And wanna leave my own life behind / Not a "Yes, sir," not a follower / Fit

At GodTube, you’ll find daily inspirational videos to lift your spirits and encourage you in your walk with God. I’m Asking Him To Change His Ways *All Rights Reserved. Please consider upgrading your browser for an error free experience. It sold very little copies and Rodriguez’s career essentially flopped. Yet years later, the song became an anthem for South Africans to rise up against the evil of Apartheid and sold millions of records. Here Are 8 Things You Don’t Get To Do. 1. I will ever love and trust Him, In His presence daily live.

I wonder if you can This song discusses how the example of Jesus should inspire us to make similar choices to care for and help other people. Now, don’t get me wrong. “This is not a Song it’s an Outburst: The Establishment Blues” was a call to action that no one heard in the US. It was one of those conference moments I’ll never forget: Carly Fiorina had just wrapped up her keynote and was basking in the applause as hundreds of women streamed out of the main auditorium toward the Career Fair. Groban’s operatic vocals are an inspiration to anyone who ever feels like they are going through a hard time. Take A Look At Yourself, And Then Make A Change”. This song by Matthew West focuses on the idea that we have to be the method by which a higher power like God makes change in the world. im looking for the title of a song as well as author and lyrics. Leadership is risky business and it’s all about staying alive! Some of these are about following Him, while others are about what we experience as we follow Him., To take a stand Thanks to Rebecca for sharing this song with us! Get up, stand up.

It's an old, old hymn. (As it happens, I spend a lot of time at women’s leadership conferences and have experienced quite a few cringeworthy moments. 23. This site is a proud member of the Salem Web Network, a subsidiary of Salem Media Group. follower of christ. They tend to get stuck in your head too! Let Your love make me whole. Pretty much any classic jazz track would suffice here, I chose Coltrane’s “Blue Train” for its mix of catchy riffs and universal appeal. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Songs About Being in Your 20s 9 Songs For the 20-Somethings Who Are Living, Loving, and Learning Their Way Into Adulthood. Woman of Influence: 9 Steps to Build Your Brand, Establish Your Legacy, and Thrive (McGraw Hill, 2019. The website is no longer available for use. We can be a follower, follower, follower, We can be a follower, of our Lord Jesus Christ I can be a follower, follower, follower, I can be a follower, of our Lord Jesus Christ We’ll walk this road together, through the storm It was one of those conference moments I’ll never forget: Carly Fiorina had just wrapped up her keynote and was basking in the applause as hundreds of women streamed out of the main auditorium toward the Career Fair. You can now use Cake to create, store, and share all your end-of-life documents.

10 Killer Leadership Skills: The Great Differentiators? These songs will help them understand and participate. It’s about switching from doing to leading. All to Thee, my blessed Savior, I surrender all.”, Favorite Lyric – “Dear father, I must first confess that from the stone inside my chest I have nothing to offer You. Play Sample I Surrender All (I Surrender All (All To Jesus)) I Surrender All (I Surrender All (All To Jesus)) Judson Wheeler Van DeVenter, Mark Hall, Winfield Scott Weeden Footsteps Of Jesus (Footsteps) Its a slow song that says Help/Let me be a follower of Christ. You’re stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive. Craig Morgan’s country hit “Tough” reminds us that real toughness, like leadership, can come from anywhere. Calendars. Perhaps you approached ... Has this ever happened to you? I think I’m finally feeling something. Whenever you choose to exhibit leadership, you are moving against a norm and often against authority whose job it is to maintain those norms. Not this time! Oh, lead me, lead me to the cross.”, Favorite Lyric – “Where You go, I'll go. Please tell us in the comments below! This song appeals to friends and family members who know they would accompany each other through both the highs and lows of life. If you are using an older web browser, part of our website may not function properly as designed. Like, for example, the C-level executive who was keynoting his manufacturing company’s women’s leadership conference.

Enjoy! Just letting you know that you’re not alone Eight songs that will hopefully inspire you to think about your own leadership and how you can be more effective as a leader.