Perfect Dark Gaia by Tomoya Ohtani, Kenichi Tokoi, Takahito Eguchi arranged by DaKook for Flute, … Its central face looks like that of a reptile, with four small horns on the top of it, white eyes, and one large green eye on the middle of its forehead. [2][3] While their origins are unclear, Prof. Pickle has speculated that both Dark and Light Gaia are manifestations of the planet's desire for a balance between light and darkness. ( Perform the correct button press to continue along the less dangerous route. "*" Exclusive to Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version"**" Exclusive to Wii/PlayStation 2 version. Species Perfect Dark Gaia To strike back, simply land a punch before Dark Gaia raises its guard. Dark Gaia As revealed by Eggman, its energies can also power machinery, such as the Egg Dragoon. Additionally, Dark Gaia gains the ability to manipulate its powers in a much more refined way, enabling force-field projection, telekinesis, and better control over its energy blasts. Biographical overview Though the world was saved, Professor Pickles explains that light cannot exist without darkness and thus it is possible Dark Gaia is still alive as part of the planet's cycle. Solaris: Phase 2. It would then awaken during the time of awakening as Perfect Dark Gaia and break the planet apart before trying to destroy it. However, Dark Gaia revitalized itself upon regaining its lost powers and began casting the world into darkness. (Ugh, I can’t believe I just said that.) The player will need to react quickly to successfully avoid the barrage of punches. Phase 3: Time Eater Final Form: It's based off Nibroc-Rock's render. Origin Brown, neon blue Eggman Nega | Metal Sonic 3.0, Deadly Six

Take advantage of any pause between its attacks to respond with a punch from the Gaia Colossus. Hit the ramp at the end of the final straightaway and concentrate on executing the correct trio of button presses. Eyes

Dark Gaia appears to be able to change the composition of its skin.

Considering Dark Gaia needs a certain amount of power to become Perfect Dark Gaia, it could be possible that he might have never transformed if he never absorbed the Werehog energy from Sonic. Appearances The counterpart of Light Gaia, Dark Gaia originates from the beginning of time, having been spawned in the core of the earth after the planet first came into being. Black Doom | Devil Doom | Eclipse the Darkling, Classic Its head itself is very wide, much wider than its main body and is mostly composed of its jagged mouth (which remains closed until it transforms) and has a single green eye on each end of it. Once Sonic lands, be prepared to leap through a second Rainbow Ring located at the end of the high walkway. Due to its immense size, Dark Gaia has incredible physical strength; in its immature form, it can lift masses weighting potentially hundreds of tons with one hand and throw them effortlessly. Though Dark Gaia emerged from the planet's core as the earth broke apart, it had yet to reach enough maturity to keep its mass together, As such, it could not support its own weight and broke into countless energy fragments that scattered across the world.[1].