Android users can connect their devices over Bluetooth for the same functionality. Can stream from mobile phone onto the Qbox and Youtube remains constant.Have done all the technical support staff talk us through, several times over the past seven months . We also receive the same issue. There, you’ll find Sky Q’s picks of similar movies that are available, be it a sequel to the movie in question or other movies from the same genre. Simply choose your show from the programme guide and press the red “R” button on your remote. Updated: Now your Sky Q box can even help you to get fit. To get them back, jump into the Settings menu, find the Setup option and choose Remote Control. I used to have superpowers… Sky’s On Demand catalogue is phenomenal, but some TV shows are only available on the service for a limited time. To avoid missing out, you can record shows to your Sky Q hard drive, where they’ll be stored until you delete them, with no expiry date worries.

If you want to prevent 49 episodes of Storage Wars building up over a weekend, press the record button twice and Sky Q will just record a single episode. what is going on????

It worked fine at first but now when I'm playing a video it randomly cuts off, goes silent and goes to a black screen. It’s all too easy during a mass deleting session to accidentally send your favourite yet-to-be-watched show along with them. Luckily the Sky Q touch remote (that’s the one that comes with the main box only) comes with ‘find me’ functionality to help you unearth it from the depths of your sofa.

What software version is your mini box on? Now, your Sky Q remote will control your TV’s volume, and long-pressing the power button will turn the TV on and off. Very frustrating as when you talk to them about it they seem not to be aware of the problem. Voice search is set to get even smarter later this year too, with more personalised results based on what you've watched previously. If you’re anything like us, you’ll be constantly inundated with recommendations for shows you absolutely have to watch. That should be particularly handy if you’re one of those Gen Z types who never watches a TV show when it’s actually on. You don’t have to sign up to Sky’s Ultimate On Demand package to use Netflix on your box. The power light stays green. In here you’ll find all your recently deleted shows, which you can then choose to undelete, or – if your struggling for space – deleting them forever will free up some much needed megabytes. Then download the Sky Kids app to your mobile or tablet, and keep them occupied while you’re catching up on Game of Thrones. Toggle Touch Controls on and you can now swipe and hold horizontally to quickly fast-forward and rewind, or swipe and hold vertically to quickly scroll through menus. Want to make the most of it? Every time you press it, Sky knocks a quid off your bill. Hi @bwcw  Reboot your router by removing the power cable for 30 sec then reconnect to reboot, wait for it to fully reboot then do the same with your SKYQ box. Want to show off all of your #nofilter snaps from a recent holiday? Sky Q’s recording smarts means the box always needs to use a bit of power, just so it can Series Link your favourite shows. However, if you’ve got a relatively recent telly, chances are it’ll support HDMI CEC.

There’s no need to huddle around your mobile to watch the latest ‘cats do the funniest things’ compilation anymore. Thankfully Sky Q has a handy feature that means you can rescue it from the depths of your hard drive in just a few clicks. ; Entertainment and video apps: Watch the latest shows, movies and videos on apps like Netflix, Disney+, YouTube and more. While Sky has loads of content that’s perfect for kids, there’s still plenty on the service that isn't aimed at the younger viewer. Only joking. @bwcw have you refreshed the apps by going into the Engineers menu - settings,0,01,select? Sky Q Mini box: Connect your Sky Q Mini box to your main Sky Q box to seamlessly watch Sky in more than one room. Last year's update for the Sky Q Touch Remote has brought much-improved voice search to Sky Q. It’s got nothing on Alexa in terms of intelligence, but if you say “Tom Hanks movies with five star ratings”, the box will automatically present the likes of Forrest Gump, Apollo 13 and Philadelphia.

Then, in Settings > Setup you’ll find the Audio Visual menu. You’ll never miss a goal or a question about cytogenetics again. This will only work with recorded shows and not live TV, but here’s the hack – if you know you might bail to bed half way through the show, start recording it and you can pick it up once you’re tucked up. Getting to bed at a reasonable hour is, sadly, down to you. Of course, Premium users can log in to their account and browse at their leisure, with access to all your created playlists as well as Spotify’s own recommendations. !! #firstworldproblems, right? Signing up to Sky’s broadband and multiroom packages can be expensive, but if you do, you can also benefit from improved wireless coverage throughout your home. However, if these troubleshooting methods do not work, you can book for an engineer's visit on their website. Go to Settings > Setup > Preferences and enable both the “Auto download next episode” and “Auto play” options. You can also choose to get video highlights of a previous match or sporting event while you watch the live stream of another. Just set your boxes up as normal and Sky Q takes care of the rest. Sky Booster: Struggling to connect? Hi @msdux Try updating the firmware on your mini box, it should be on Q101, as suggested there was an update a few weeks ago for youtube problems. So, if you have sensitive eyes in the house, go to Settings > Parental and control what can be accessed using a PIN code. Picture the scene: you’re watching the first half of Monday Night Football but plan to switch over when University Challenge starts. Bring back the Touch features. If you’re torn between watching two can’t-miss matches in the Premier League, Sky Sports now lets Sky Q users get the best of both worlds, and watch a split screen of two live streams at once. Netflix shows won’t appear in your recommendations alongside Sky ones, for example, but use the search button on the remote and it will bring back results from both catalogues, you just need to switch between the two lists. If you’ve already got an account the app’s there for you to log in to as normal and use as if you’re on any other streaming box or smart TV. Sky Q might be your TV saviour, but it also makes throwing a house party a whole lot easier: thanks its built-in AirPlay function, you can easily unleash the music trapped in your iPhone and get the whole house in on the action. However, you can save energy by making the box go into standby at night, or whenever you’re not using it. Top tip: If you're seeing an on screen error message on the Netflix, Disney+ or BBC iPlayer apps, head to the Netflix, Disney+ or BBC help centres. But at least you’ll never miss a recommendation again. There was a YouTube fix for the mini boxes rolled out a few weeks ago, in case your mini hasn't updated? Sky Q has a variety of ways to put your pics on the big(ger) screen. If you’re home with the Sky Q, you can also use Sky's Fluid Viewing feature, which allows you to start watching something on your main TV and finish it off on your device. You’ll find it in the Apps menu and it offers over 600 on-demand classes from 35 different trainers. Sky has long been at the heart of this telly revolution, but its latest iteration, Sky Q, takes things to the next level. Hi @NaesD  First try a box reboot by removing the power cable for 30 sec then reconect to reboot, then try the app? However, Sky are aware that there are still pockets of issues with YouTube on mini boxes, as reported in this forum, so I imagine a further update will be needed if yours is not helped by the software update. I keep rebooting but still does it! That’s not helped by Sky’s automatic series record - it's handy but can quickly get out of control on shows that have a whole load of reruns. This allows your Sky Q box to talk to your TV and control its power and volume. You can either log in with your YouTube account, or if your mobile/tablet is on the same network, your Sky Q box should appear as a casting option within the YouTube app.