You’ll also get exclusive discount offers, articles about new attractions, special in-park savings coupons and much more. Employees have to think twice before doing anything stupid. 20 Intense Rules All Six Flags Employees Have To Follow While some of them are fair enough, others seem a little over-the-top as the park is known for pushing employees to their limits.

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Philip Galeno is a copywriter, transcriber, blogger, aspiring poet and artist from New Zealand. You might think that these ride operators have lots of freebies but no. endobj Once you’re part of the team you’ll help make the thrills happen in an exciting work environment as fast-paced as our coasters.

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His hairstyle was deemed too ‘unconventional’ for the park which is a little too offensive. Reporters will have a hard time getting an inside scoop if something happens.

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Unfortunately, you can't get some TV time while working at Six Flags. 2 0 obj Like that roller coaster fire in one of the parks, let’s leave it to the lawyers to discuss what happened. Have you ever noticed that there are no tip jars around the park? %PDF-1.7 Six Flags is so unforgiving when it comes to employee’s attendance, it's like you're in high school again.

Managers are required to think “green” when it comes to designing projects around the park as stated in the handbook. Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment. We promise not to spam you. If the administration ever finds a trace, a thorough investigation will be conducted while you're in suspension. The Real BTS Facts About The Show, The First 'Old West' Saloons Were Nothing Like What We Imagine Them To Be Today, How Being Aboard The Titanic Compares To A Vacation On Today’s Largest Cruise Ship, The Coolest Streets In New Orleans, Rome, L.A. And Other Major Cities (According To Stars), These Are Some Of The Rarest Artifacts In The World (And Their Origins Are Still A Mystery), How To Get From Machu Picchu To Lima, And All The Incredible Stops You Can Make Along The Way, Does Beer Go With Cheese? Instantly Win Two Free Tickets to Six Flags! Amenities The housing arrangement for you will either be in a community apartment complex in Springfield, MA or at t… Not sure what park you want to work at? Like that, What's It Like To See Cappadocia Turkey From A Hot Air Balloon? Best Cities for Jobs 2020 NEW! This time though, they won't listen to any valid reason.

The company operates 16 parks in the United States, one in Mexico City and one in Montreal, Canada. Reported anonymously by Six Flags employees. z"G@��Qq�J�2��4h Employees also can't exchange gifts with fellow employees. <> And maybe a trip to your local prison. Cost Upon arrival, you will need to pay a $200 USD deposit, which may be returned to you at the end of your stay.

Bad blood leads to burned bridges. Processing fees apply to online orders.© 2019 Six Flags.

x��Y�n�8}7�����] Prices, operating schedule and park policies are subject to change without notice.

Arguing with a customer is like fighting a losing battle.

Pick your park below to get started! Browse all of our available positions. You can't bring a stuffed animal to your child for free. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask your trainer, department supervisor, an HR Representative or call the Six Flags Employee Center at 770-739-3410 or email The handbook states that the management will “monitor” social media accounts of its employees to ensure that everything looks completely organized. This photo shows how clumsiness can affect everything. In fact, this rule should be adopted everywhere. An absence is treated as a crime. Two straight days of absences will immediately grant you termination papers. The rule is to just go with the flow. The only place to satisfy all of your guilty pleasures. We still haven't taken into account the time it takes to travel back to the HQ. From the strictest dress codes to backbreaking schedules, it's up to you to decide as we count down 20 Intense Rules All Six Flags Employees have to follow. Not even the performers have tip jars. They ensure all employees are in tiptop shape by mandating medical analyses and tests, even randomly to employees they think have suspicious habits. )���q�@�h����x���nBE2cZ��&2⊥�e�SL�]R��@��2���+�D� ��osp����[�Sj�1�G�8ӝO�hΜ��I\\�E�&�&I���q�pU]'&�������%��^6���[f�� ��mdlƲ�7^�3[Q�]���e

4 0 obj Employees are strongly advised against making comments regarding the park on Social Media sites. These Are The Best Menu Options, North Carolina, New York, Tennesse And Other Major Cities With The Best BBQ (According To Stars), Love It Or List It: More Like Hate It Or Fake It? The Answer Is Yes, And This Is How To Make Life-Changing Pairings, These Appetizers Are Popular In India And Should Be In Your Kitchen, Too, The Hidden Gem Village Of Tulameen In B.C., Where To Find It And What To Do There, These Photos Of Abandoned Ghost Towns Show A Different Side Of Tasmania, All The Kitchen Gadgets You Need To Impress The In-Laws For The Holidays, Le Chateau Frontenac Has A Pool, And Here's How Else You Can Keep The Kids Entertained, This Castle Is Said To Have Been The Inspiration For 'Sleeping Beauty', Dark Secrets About Jamestown, America's First Colonial Settlement. Theme park employees are known for their fake smiles, so even if you're having the worst day of your entire life, you can't do anything about it while on shift. See copyright and trademarks. The handbook clearly states that Nepotism is not tolerated and can get you fired. Failure to adhere gets you termination papers.

Six Flags benefits and perks, including insurance benefits, retirement benefits, and vacation policy. Employees are discouraged to discuss anything other than Six Flags’ products. Just because you have strong connections within the park doesn't mean you can land a higher rank, or skip the long lines. The 260-acre theme park features world-class roller coasters and over 100 rides, games, and attractions for the entire family. Six Flags (Official Home Page) Official home page of Six Flags, the world’s largest regional theme park company with 18 parks across North America.

There's no chance you will ever win. Serving up the hottest food trends and the inside scoop on restaurants worldwide. A weekly non-refundable rent deduction of $90 USD will automatically be deducted from your paycheck. Sign up for our park newsletter and we’ll let you know immediately if you’ve won two tickets to Six Flags! Is it a dream job or corporate anarchy? Six Flags requires every uniform to be kept flawless. Professionalism is very important while working at the theme park. This specifically applies to corporate employees.

No employee shall be caught with anything harmful within the park. stream Six Flags is a must see attraction for everyone around the world. Six Flags has a wide variety of jobs available. The employee handbook states that for every 8 hours you put in, you are entitled to one 45 minute break. Six Flags Management cares more about its own social media image than their employees’ privacy. &Â-�bF��[x�(Y���5�l��m Among the park’s thrill rides are: CraZanity: a record-breaking 17-stories … � )��ސ}X�b+�P[re���ߙ�䦑�tؒ�!�p8�C��t��?��(��Z'���N>�U����t��-�����t�A(�x�RΔ��R,S������h���=e�ӻ�����n��E��e����:����M'���@if�S ���=������}Hf��P�N3>l�.

��rC�+Z֡�)@+/>MO������Q�. You are a product of the park and there are laws. Corporations are evolving and so should its employees. As an administrator, you will be able to manage your workforce by creating schedules, validating timesheets and managing requests from your employees. This can also impress some of the higher-ups and can guarantee a promotion. What's worse is that if you try to file a court case against them, the park’s management will immediately cut its ties from you and the entity with more money wins. All rights reserved.

With his expertise in the literary field and passion for the arts, he aims to give back to the community of like-minded individuals and introduce more people to the arts. They make you sign an agreement just for this. If the higher-ups treat you badly, you can't do anything about it. It's sad to know you can't get interviewed in your own workplace. I can assure you all Six Flags employees are clean. Here's What To Expect, 20 Intense Rules All Six Flags Employees Have To Follow, Vintage Photos That Show How Much Disney Theme Parks Have Changed, The Ultimate Guide To Your Local Asian Market (And What To Shop For), Is Panera Bread As Healthy As Everyone Thinks? The handbook clearly states "Deny all gifts". A clean uniform signifies everything is neat and in order. I wish the management considers placing them to increase the performer’s low wages. Put simply, he is one cool son of a gun. A clean record will always have the upper hand when applying at Six Flags. The park checks its employees more than often as shown here.

We Are Currently Actively Accepting Applications and Conducting Virtual Interviews. 3 0 obj Promoting other brands is treason and can get your boss super mad.


limited to the Six Flags Employee Policies and Procedures Handbook (“Manual”) and other applicable employee, safety and risk management handbooks, manuals, policies and procedures.