Lambda Sigma Gamma Sorority, Inc. was first formed in March of 1986 by 27 Multicultural Women at California State University, Sacramento. Entities currently halfway through The Journey (have completed up to meeting 3, i.e. Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, Google Hangout, etc.). A major part of your role is to create strong morale within the chapter, and now more than ever your members need friendship and support. We are a multicultural sorority that strives to provide it's members a college experience that is unparalleled and forge bonds between young women that live long after graduation. Sigma … It doesn’t have to be a long meeting, but it will help you delegate tasks and ensure things are staying on track. o Associate Members are staying local to the institution and are comfortable to continue in-person meetings. The purposes of this association are to instill the desire for self improvement, scholastic excellence and the cultivation of civic responsibility; also to promote unity and higher education amongst women. Monitor your campus news alerts for any modified academic dates. Education sessions or meetings should continue weekly via Zoom or Google Hangouts (or as often as prescribed in your new member program). Need ideas or help engaging your new members virtually? filling out the induction form for any new AMs (hyperlink on web page), completing Journey with the help of the RD, filling out the initiation form for anyone going through initiation (hyperlink on web page), paying any induction and initiation fees that may be due (this can be checked on empowernet and paid through empowernet). Feel free to browse through our website and message us if you have any further questions.

During these meetings, clean up your recruitment tracker, think of creative and unique ways to generate names for potential new members, develop recruitment trainings for the chapter, discuss how you can be recruiting year-round (not just through formal recruitment), and prepare for the logistics of your campus’ next formal recruitment cycle. Working Remotely.What long-term goals do you have as a chapter that you can work on virtually and make progress on now?

The length of the membership education process will vary from campus to campus based on individual schedules, your school’s Fraternity and Student Life requirements, academic calendars, holiday calendars, etc., but will typically last an average of eight (8) weeks and will not exceed ten (10) weeks. Important topics to cover include: Chapter Morale.How is everyone feeling? Rely on Your Experience and Best Judgment.These are strange times and we’re all trying to make the best decisions we can.

Try to do something once a week, whether business or sisterhood oriented.

We encourage you to … We recommend developing two budget models for the next academic year: one that assumes all members will return, and another based on a decline in membership, as some students may not return to school.

The deadline for the semester paperwork was February 15. Try assigning each active three new members to personally reach out to in the next 10 days. It’s best to consider a few things as your leadership team looks forward to that day: Calendar Planning.Being away from campus shouldn’t mean your chapter operations stop altogether.

Our History Sisterhood for life What will you gain Network of over 8,000 sisters Leadership and Communication Skills Opportunities of travel Interview During the fall of 1989, the foundation of Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc. was commenced by collegiate women who We recommend that the recruitment team have weekly or biweekly planning calls, beginning now, to work through plans and assignments. Virtual meals, a Netflix Party or online video games are great ways to casually interact. The first Multicultural Sorority on the west coast expanding annually to 27 university chapters in California and Arizona.

Feel free to browse through our website and message us if you have any further questions.

Stay in Touch.Reach out to your most vulnerable sisters. If you have spring new members, start thinking about a timeline for initiation over the summer or upon return to campus.

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Little actions will go a long way to make sure they feel like they still belong to your chapter. -or- ● If need be, Journey meetings may be combined (max 2) in order to complete The Journey and Ritual prior to finals.

How is the chapter planning ahead to engage as many potential Gammas as possible? Can you revise them to be accomplished virtually?

Achieving Your Goals.How can you continue working on your chapter goals? Keep Meeting.Advisors need community, too, so consider a standing biweekly advisor check-in call. Plan to have a summer meetings to refocus the team and get ready for the fall term. Lambda Sigma Gamma Sorority, Inc. is a Multicultural Sorority that believes in Beauty Through Diversity. Is your new member program ready to be certified?

#BTDS #BeautyThroughDiversity #ΛΣΓ #AcademicExcellence, A post shared by Lambda Sigma Gamma (@lsgsororityinc) on Feb 26, 2019 at 12:52pm PST. Promoting Sisterhood.Chapter meetings, sisterhood events, meals and other fun activities can happen virtually. Unity within our sorority is enhanced by retreats, activities, community service and meetings within each individual chapter, as well as throughout the state. Budget planning. If the team is geographically scattered, host the retreat virtually over a few hours on a weekend. Reach out first to your Regional Director. Entities who have been approved to induct but have not yet inducted and their institutions have moved to online instruction or are closed. Feel free to browse through our website and message us if you have any further questions. If she is unable to help, contact SLG’s Administrative Office via email where you’ll be directed to the best staff member to answer your questions. Leadership meeting. ??

Copyright © 2019 Lambda Sigma Gamma Sorority Inc. All rights reserved. Recruitment may be more difficult moving forward as we are in unprecedented times.

If the operations advisor is unable to do that, or if the position is vacant, another advisor should assume the leadership role.

Virtual recruitment might sound weird, but we’re all in the same boat and there are actually some great and unique things you can do to protect the lifeblood of the Sorority. I will never forget that thanks to LSG I am where I am at right now.

Our expectation for new members is to meet with your chapter adviser, learn about the Greek culture on your campus through building relationships, and most importantly take this time to build relationships within your chapter and represent us well. You MUST submit an email request to your Regional Director and be approved to conduct a ritual outside of the institution. If your institution’s facilities are closed, we will allow rituals to be conducted at a private residence.

-or- ● Continue in person Journey meetings if ALL the following conditions are met: o Institution facilities are open. ● Entities will need to re-submit a Journey Approval Form with changes and await RD approval.

Preparation is Key.When you return to campus, what needs to be ready? This may obviously change, but it’s best to be prepared for a regular return to campus. Continue to abide by your Fraternity & Sorority Life policies.

There’s still plenty to consider adding to your calendar, including: Next Semester.At this time, we encourage all chapters to plan for the fall semester to begin on its regular schedule. Set up a virtual meeting in the evening to check in with your alumnae sisters. The deadline for the semester paperwork was February 15.

49:21. Reach out to your advisors for creative ideas. Encourage them to reach out to you with questions or concerns.