hey thank you for the information. What number does it max at??? Like do they take more of us than others? is a star service. I’m still finishing off my last three classes! Struggling at the moment since I don't know what to do. I have gotten full time, permanent, job offers just by walking into the school. A Prof I had spent some time with and did really well in their class during my undergrad, the teacher whose high school class I volunteered in, and a close friend who has a couple kids. I think ubc has fall and spring intakes, so you could always try them in a few months and build experience in the meantime. Hope you got in! Now i am confused and not able to decide which program would be beneficial for me. If your courier requires a phone number, use: 778-782-4129. But honestly they don’t care too much about your gpa as long as it’s over 2.5, I honestly don’t know what to do if I don’t get in, I have been working at a office which I hate which is why I decided to come back to school and finish the requirements so I can do the PDP but o dunno anymore. To get in to pdp they just want a 2.5 gpa, I went to the info session and they said they don’t care how high it is as long as it’s over 2.5. What if you don't meet the gpa requirement and you have graduated? How high does you cgpa need to be and how much exp do you need? I’m little worried about that, I’ve heard there’s pretty good movement on the waitlist and you have until the 2nd week of classes to have a spot open up. I am in the program now but was waitlisted from May right up until 3 days after the program had started whereas I know people with much less experience than me but were in a less competitive teachable. I was not expecting to hear back so early as last year no one I knew heard back before the end of April. It’ll go by quicker than you think :), Slowly going crazy...not knowing my position on the waitlist. This was for Social Studies Secondary Level, which saw its most competitive year last year.

I got into the French immersion elementary program! I'm quite nervous about the whole process but it comes from a place of excitement. I got into Secondary Biology :) I was on the waitlist and was offered a spot in mid August, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the simonfraser community, The subreddit for Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, BC. Your GPA looks similar to mine so I wouldn't be worried about that. Every module for the secondary level is different, while elementary is fairly large like about 50 to 100 spots (I think). ----------------------------------------------------------- Yeah, they send out an email if youre on the waitlist, Ah I see!! I liked most of mine, but I don't think it was that common from what I heard. : (, Was on the waitlist until last week! Is applying as a social studies teacher more difficult to find work/get in? Out of curiosity, how many people usually get into PDP? Successful applicants will be required to undergo a criminal record check. SFU no longer offers a January start. What options do I have to try to get accepted or how can I get my gpa up now? I have a couple of questions: How did you decide which references to use on your applications and why? While UBC had its first waitlist last year, so they didn't say what number anyone was at.

(All of your midterms and finals are essays written about your strength and growth through the goals.). For SFU, I was at the bottom. Theyre the ones who have the guidelines. Feel free to pm me if you have more specific questions! There are kids programs with cities (which can give you the opportunity to get High 5 certification) and local colleges/ universities have summer and spring break camps. I went to talk to them about my application and they said they see a drop of students due to UBC, UFV and now Trinity’s letters of acceptance being sent out. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. (Pfp) anyone else?? I also sent my application in on the last day. Me too! They mark those applications based on a point system.

As far as I know, English and Social Studies for secondary are the most competitive. Keep working at a job I hate or take a chance and start school again. Secondary - PE and biology. All three applications are fake (the names and all information contained in these samples are made up, using a good dose of imagination).These samples … Try accomplish requirements for both PDP and UBC TEO, so you can apply to both. Hey guys and gals, I recently graduated from the international studies program and I'm about to apply for the PDP program. But it really depends on how many people applied and how many choose to go to ubc. However, they are looking for volunteer experience in a classroom specifically with the age group and type of classes you want to teach in. I'd like to teach at the high school level. Edit 1: I do not mention proctoring software because SFU failed to secure a Proctorio contract.

But if you do get rejected or waitlisted you you can meet with someone or get a phone call and they go over why and how you can improve. Overall my experience was very positive. I just really hope I make it, I have no back up plan...will an email sent if you made it on the wiatlist (if you know that is)? My cgpa is 2.98 but for the program they only count your last 60 credits which would make my gpa much higher somewhere like 3.2-3.5 maybe? ----------------------------------------------------------- To help you craft your application to PDP, we provide three example applications with commentary. I’m worried, I just have about 280 hours of coaching...so I’m worried.

If the check indicates the applicant has a criminal record, that may preclude continuation in PDP. Try to increase your chances to teach other subjects, so you can be on more than one waitlist. I would like your knowledge on this in order to guide me to make the best choice. Your application is competitive against others who are pursuing the same teachable subject. If not I’m Gonna email and ask what rules me out so I can improve and do the year after...if I’m motivated enough.

I wonder if SFU alumni get any favoritism?! They said it’s fairly competitive so long term volunteer experience is better.

The practicum is the best part and will get intense. I used references I hoped would paint a complete picture of me as a teacher and person. Last year, I didn't get in either and I didn't know what do. Wow, thank you so much for the detailed response.

I finished with a 3.2 GPA although I'm at 3.5 in my last 60 credits. It's insane. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The Professional Development Program (PDP) is SFU's highly-regarded teacher education program. It sucked because I accelerated all my courses and graduated early, so I really didn't what to do with my time. So... who got in? Super stressed and worried and time is ticking...sigh. Once again congrats! Take a look at the 10 PDP goals and try and pick examples that would connect with a few of the goals. When did you hear back? I only applied to the elementary one since I didn’t qualify for any of the secondary one.

Cookies help us deliver our Services. I'm ttocing now and feel very prepared being in a classroom. They are now only once a year starting in September. Please direct all incoming posts about admissions, transfers, and basic course questions to the stickied megathread. Our subreddit icon was designed by @Pyralsprite#8389 on Discord! Yeah my current job is making me depressed that’s why I decided to change what I’m doing and do something more interactive, then sitting at a desk all day. Traditionally social studies and English teachers have had trouble because they are simply more people with that background than science or math (unless you speak French, French immersion is always in demand). Idk. What program did you get in to? I graduated from PDP in the social studies stream in 2013, best of luck! His approach boosts Sfu Pdp Essay your confidence and makes difficult stuff look easy. I won’t lie it is super competitive. So I don’t think I will know until end of April or May...I just hope I get in. p.s. For context my cgpa was around 2.9 with my upper division gpa being 3.1, I had around 400 hours volunteering in a classroom as well as coaching experience and my degree included a double major BUT my teachable subject is social studies which has the most competition and highest overall average every year. I can’t remember specifically what factors gives you a better chance of being accepted but I think they have all the factors listed on the pdp website if you look around. My writer’s enthusiasm is contagious. (All of your midterms and finals are essays written about your strength and growth through the goals.)

If your teachable is a language, math or science then I say go for it but if it is English or Social Studies then I think you need to get a considerable amount of classroom experience under your belt and do everything you can to raise your cgpa if you want to stand a chance. I hope I luck out.

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- Chadi, General BA, Class of 2016 The best thing to do is stay in school raise that gpa and find work experience working with kids. At the heart of it, they're looking at whole applications. It can feel like some days are just fluff and you're just jumping through hoops for SFU, but you have a lot of support around you and I did not find those moments too irritating. It really depends on your subject area.