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Photo: Husna Namirembe, Most of the Seabreachers to date have been fitted with the 255 and 260 horsepower supercharged Rotax powerplant fitted to top-of-the range Sea-Doo models, 300 bhp Kawasaki engine from the Ultra 300X jet ski, Zapata Racing Flyboard. PWCs are hence constructed so they can withstand considerable abuse – which makes them perfect for the Seabreacher. You do have suspension, albeit in the form of your thighs, to counter the constant battering of the hull, and your center of gravity and balance is 18 inches above the water.

Photo: Husna Namirembe, Seabreacher represents 300 horsepower pushing 600 kilograms and to equates to a power-to-weight ratio of 500 horsepower per metric tonne.

For proof of that, you need look no further than the following five boats…. That's me trying to work out how to fly the Seabreacher. Mr Innes said: "Because it's so light it pops out of the water like a cork. Having that $80K+ still in the bank. We have an extensive list of options available, and because each Seabreacher is custom built to order, we can accommodate almost any special requests, from intricate airbrushed paint schemes to personalized interior treatments. With a price tag that begins at US$80,000, they are the exclusive domain of the very wealthy. Yes, they can be registered as a conventional inboard boat and we can help you with finding insurance coverage for your Seabreacher. Cars which exceed 300 horsepower per metric tonne include Nissan's GT-R, the hand-made aluminum-bodied Aston Martin V12 Zagato, Lamborghini's Reventon and Gallardo, the Ferrari 599, Mercedes SLR McLaren, Caterham Superlight, Mercedes SLS AMG Black Series, Porsche Carrera GT, McLaren MP4-12C, Lamborghini Aventador, Ferrari F12berlinetta, Aston Martin One-77, Ferrari Enzo, Ariel Atom and Pagani Zonda F. If you jump into a car like this without prior experience, you suddenly feel distinctly inadequate. Initial cornering attempts, you later realize, were feeble compared with the capabilities of the vehicle. I hope Geminai have him insured for post-traumatic stress disorder. Allen., Two seat (Pilot: 6′ 4″, Passenger: 6′ 2″), Fully vectored jet nozzle for increased maneuverability, High performance, low profile wings and elevators, Front and rear LCD screens display live video from snorkel mounted camera, Marine audio system with iPod/iPhone docking station, Strong back lifting cradle(for launching from yacht/dock). Just as an Ariel Atom might loosen the fillings in your teeth in the name of fun, the Seabreacher is a no compromise machine of exactly the same ilk. With a price tag that begins at US$80,000, they are the exclusive domain of the very wealthy. Please note, the price may vary in other countries due to shipping costs (including duties and tax). Highlights. The Seabreacher X is one of the most advanced submersible watercraft that we have built to date. The only real issue is the fact that you need a support boat to help keep other craft at a safe distance while the Seabreacher is underway. Seabreacher organized my opportunity to pilot the Seabreacher via its Asian Distributor, Geminai Watercraft in Thailand, and Geminai is about to embark on an endeavor which will make the Seabreacher accessible to a lot more people who don't have a disposable six figure sum to throw at recreational vehicles.Geminai Watercraft distributes the Seabreacher throughout Asia and has plans for a Geminai Club, where overseas visitors can fly into Thailand (and eventually other Asian destinations), stay at a Geminai Club affiliated waterside hotel and have a range of toys on hand to give them an adventure holiday to remember. The Scubacraft might look like a superhero’s plaything but it’s about much more than just aesthetic appeal. In rough figures, the fastest Seabreacher represents 300 horsepower pushing 600 kilograms and to equates to a power-to-weight ratio of 500 horsepower per metric tonne.

Sometimes it will pop up backwards if you try and dive too deep and too steep. The Seabreacher is capable of 50+mph on the surface and up to 20-25mph under water! In fairness, it was probably more a platform for technical innovations than a realistic option for the buying public and its extravagant price reflected that. A vision of superyacht design to come. The capacity of the watercraft is a good measure to notice. Facebook is. Though Seabreacher's creator Rob Innes has been inviting me to Northern California for nine years to try out the Seabreacher, circumstances have so far conspired to prevent me from getting there and I was beginning to think I'd actually reach a full decade of anticipating the experience.The recent appointment of Geminai Watercraft as the Asian distributor for Seabreacher though, meant that Rob was able to arrange for me to finally take the Seabreacher for a spin a few weeks ago in Thailand. Achieving better than 300 horsepower per metric tonne is very difficult, as the design, powertrain and materials science costs become enormous and cars beyond this stratospheric point become more and more expensive and exclusive.

Seriously? The moment you dive too deep, the engine’s air supply is cut off and the engine immediately loses power; therefore, it pops back to the surface. It's a lot harder in the back, because the X can be flipped from one guiding fin to the other side in the blink of an eye and unlike being in the passenger seat of a sportscar, where you can see which way the track is going and prepare for the g-forces you're about to experience, open flat water offers a blank canvas for the driver's creativity and insanity and directional changes in the Seabreacher are so immediate, being in the rear tandem seat can be a bit like riding a roller coaster with a blindfold. On average, a typical Seabreacher will range from US$80,000-US$100,000. Sunny Beach is located in Bulgaria - a small country in Eastern Europe. Tony. That's about as dangerous as it gets though. So if you need to impress anyone by taking them for a ride, my suggestion is to inquire about their propensity for projectile vomiting first – as mentioned, it gets claustrophobic and uncomfortable very quickly in the rear. The Z model is the first Seabreacher with a fully retractable snorkel, allowing pilot and passenger to experience the thrill of high speed 360 degree barrel rolls. Some examples of the former include the Mini Cooper S, Golf GTi, Alfa 147 GTA, Subaru Impreza Sti and Ford Focus RS500, which almost all began life as lightweight compact commuter cars but had forced-induction and high performance engines added to give them quite astonishing performance. Very uncomfortable seat and engine kept stalling . No production units are available for immediate purchase. No, the hull is constructed with enough flotation that it will always remain buoyant and level, even if the cockpit and engine bay are fully flooded. Capable of speeds of around 100mph on land and 25 knots on the water, the Gibbs Aquada is probably the most iconic high-speed amphibious vehicle in the world. Photo: Husna Namirembe, The Seabreacher X. We continue to use a support boat every time we go out, even after ten years of operation. Most people find the cockpit to be surprisingly open feeling due to the large panoramic canopy and view ports. Its semi-pressurized hull enables it to tickle your adrenalin glands both above and below the waves, and it rates as the most outrageous boy's toy I have ever sampled. Price Range $ Page Transparency See More. Seabreacher manufactures models with inboard propulsion systems, available in gas fuel systems. Hotels are currently being signed up in exotic locations such as Phuket, Hua Hin, Ko Samui and Pattaya and with the Chinese market within the company's domain, the Seabreacher might soon move from being a toy exclusively for the mega-wealthy, to something within the reach of anyone with a holiday budget. You can use it to dive down below the surface (even though the vehicle isn’t designed to go more than six feet down) and surface like a majestic whale as you continue across the water.. You can even perform a 360-degree barrel roll with the newest Seabreacher dolphin boat model if you want to impress family or friends.. True sporting performance for a motor vehicle begins around 150 bhp per metric tonne (1,000 kg) with the area between 150 and 300 bhp per tonne populated by an interesting mix of lightweight vehicles with very powerful engines and big cars with massive, ridiculously powerful V8, V10 and V12 engines. Each buyer wants his or her own highly personalized toy as some of the paint schemes in the image gallery reflect. Photo: Husna Namirembe, Pop the canopy and it will putter around with the gentleness of a carnival boat. A minimalist interior with carbon composite furniture helps keep the weight down to just 86 tonnes – and in combination with three DDC TF50 gas turbines and two auxiliary Cummins diesel engines, an output of almost 17,000hp enables this extraordinary boat to hit 60 knots. Awesome toy! Looks like fun. Of course they don't do any of those things, because this novelty craft totally blows compared to any of them.

Of course, for the moment, this design doesn’t exist as a flesh and blood creation but the fact that this particular study is based on a real hull means that the 92 SYD Discovery might yet become much more than just a concept. It is surprisingly quick to pick up the basic operation of the Seabreacher and learn to navigate on the surface. Em Ain't about the (yeah) Ba-Bling Ba-Bling Am Wanna make the world dance, F Forget about the Price Tag. Photo: Husna Namirembe, Let go of the trigger for a moment, hit the depressurize button, undo the locks on either side of the canopy. Photo: Husna Namirembe, The Seabreacher looks for all the world like a bionic shark when it stretches its speed to 50 mph Photo: Husna Namirembe, Turning is achieved with fins and the G-forces are awesome – dig in one of those fins and you can turn on a dime.