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Just as he reacted with disgust to his son's sports trophies, so he couldn't bring himself to celebrate Oliver's achievements as an actor and never once complimented him on a film or a performance. (Granted, I sometimes kidded myself about being sober.) Marcia, his wife, was so appalled that she ended the marriage. The truth is, far from being a genial rogue whose drunken antics only caused harm to himself, a major new biography reveals him to be a monstrously cruel and selfish bully who, throughout his life, played on other people's weaknesses, even children. Welcome to Chicago—Now Give Me that iPhone, "White... Racist Black Media Outlets Support "Trayvon" Riots. Februar 1938 zu Wimbledon a gestuerwen den 2. You sum him up well, and I couldn't agree more. I just sat there covered in pasta sauce.'. Ditto for his child co-star Mark Lester in Oliver!As for the son, 12 years old is much too young an age for a boy to be getting drunk, thanks to his father.Never mind Reed’s sadistic bullying of people half his size, females, and children.I didn’t start drinking until I was 13, and after a few months of hard work could drink half of the between-cons in my neighborhood under the table. 'What are you trying to prove, boy?' 'It wasn't "work really hard today, darling",' Sarah recalls, 'but "be naughty and if you get expelled that's fine".'. This unorthodox situation lasted until a new boarding school was found for them. 'Good evening,' he said, and then, pointing to a decidedly awkward Sarah: 'This is, er . Simon Reed, Actor: Ninja, the Violent Sorceror. Reed as Bill Sikes in the film 'Oliver' - he spiked his eight-year-old co star's cokes with vodka at the end-of-filming party . Februar 1938 zu Wimbledon a gestuerwen den 2. Oliver Read was simply a Man. The New Alamo? People named Sarah Reed Oliver. And then his son had a hangover. The whole point behind his excessive behaviour was to prove some kind of warped notion of masculinity. . There was cruelty in that, but he just thought it was funny. A mother's love might have helped him through these and other difficulties, but her absence was thunderous. But when war broke out in 1939, this upright and utterly middle-class citizen living in sedate, suburban Wimbledon took an unusual decision. They hated it. Whether unconsciously or not, his words were an echo of his own father's disappointment in him when he was a child — an academic failure whose physical prowess and sporting achievement his father greeted with contempt.

Oliver Reed was one of the greatest actors Britain has ever had – he had a sensitivity in his gaze that can only be found together with sensitivity in the soul. With no chance of passing the exams for the sort of top public school his father wanted for him, Oliver next found himself in a 'a school for dunces', as he called it, in Surrey. Hien ass wärend den Dréiaarbechte vum historeschen Abenteuerfilm Gladiator (2000) den 2. He is an actor, known for Ninja, the Violent Sorceror (1982), Headbangers (2015) and Wimbledon (1937). He let his son drink six beers!?! actually no, she's a lady of the night.'. Be as naughty as you can, he told her. Anonymous,I think you’re overreacting to the writer’s pc propaganda, to the point of ignoring Reed’s viciousness. He sponsored people as well.This guy just enjoyed life and he found that he was a happier person when drunk. When they eventually arrived home, Ollie was expecting some kind of praise, but instead his father berated him that he'd only won the prizes because of his size and strength. Mee 1999 zu Valletta op der Insel Malta, war en englesche Schauspiller. Mark — Reed's son with his first wife, Katie Byrne, a feisty Irish redhead — grew up amid marital mayhem. House Traitors Seek to Destroy Immigration Reform ... Derbyshire Dodges Problem of Bovine Encephalopathy! As if that wasn't bad enough, within a few weeks Oliver and his brother David were shipped off to boarding school. What most distressed him was the humiliating way his father treated him. Reed never held back, even inflicting this sort of behaviour on his own children. When, aged 18, he began his National Service, he revelled in the barked orders, the personal insults, the physical toil. Sarah Reed, Mark Reed: Den Oliver Reed, gebuer den 13. He was frightening and deeply unpredictable.'. Peter had a job in London, where he and Kay lived during the week. All she could think about was herself. She went back to Wimbledon, not to Peter, though, but to her own parents and it was here that Oliver came under the influence of his maternal grandfather, Lancelot Andrews. I was violently ill.', Extrovert: Reed publicising his autobiography with children Mark and Sarah, who grew used to his wild mood swings.

Ollie the prankster, the funster, the bruiser who was kindness itself deep down inside.

In Obama’s America, 4 in 5 Face Near-Poverty, No Work. my niece.' He had to be top at everything, and if he wasn't he'd face his father's wrath. But what most people didn't know was that the seeds of his behaviour were sown in his childhood, by a father he despised for being a coward, and a drama queen of a mother who virtually abandoned him for a series of lovers. He's obviously a thought criminal.

What a man WHAT A MAN WISH I COULD OF MET HIM JUST ONE TIME FOREVER. He died while making the film. He was increasingly obsessed by it. 'To Ollie, it was cowardice,' says David, and he was never able to forgive him for it. The awkwardness went and we could actually have a real giggle.' If he was really so vicious, why has nothing ever led to any conviction? And there was many. he demanded to know — a question that would occur to many people over the coming decades as they observed the adult Oliver's obnoxious behaviour. This apparently liberating attitude was prompted by his belief that education didn't matter much for a girl.

But don't bring your cups back here to impress me.'. Sandra LeeI was touched when I read "he had a sensitivity in his gaze that can only be found together with sensitivity in the soul". Sara Reed. ', Reed as Bill Sikes in the film 'Oliver' - he spiked his eight-year-old co star's cokes with vodka at the end-of-filming party. Travel back in time to check out the early roles of some of Hollywood's heavy hitters. 'You didn't cross him,' a classmate recalled.

Not that his mother was any better a role model for young Ollie. He saw nothing wrong in climbing onto the table in a restaurant, dropping his trousers and tying a napkin round his manhood — his 'mighty mallet', as he liked to call it. Sign Up. I realize that Daily Mail operative Tony Rennell (remember that name!) But Sarah Reed was used to such behaviour. 'A very self-centred, selfish woman,' is one family member's summing-up of Marcia. For the rest of his life he felt academically inferior. But it wasn't his parents' fighting that most troubled Mark. A flamboyant character (especially after a few drinks), he would parade around the garden waving a Union flag and singing Rule Britannia — as a drunken Reed himself would do years later. Marcia moved on, tiring of her RAF lover and rejecting his offer of marriage.

David Reed (Oliver's older brother) remembers the time Oliver bought Mark a horse, put him on it and told him to tackle some fences. Worked at Sherwood Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center. A few days later, she put her daughter in the car and drove off, never to return. Plus, see what some of your favorite '90s stars look like now. But not her sons. Peter, left behind with David, had no idea where she had gone. His men came to despise him utterly, to which he responded: 'F*** 'em!'.