In and out of towns so quick it's like I was never here Grindin', now I make a couple hundred on my couch unwindin' That shit is overrated Stare at the skyline, the city big, I'm on the sideline Slartibartfast. Telling you I can't be just what you want Video. One With The World [2005] David Ault. It's based on Revelation 21:21: "The great street of the city was of gold, as pure as transparent glass." I Return lyrics David Ault. Anyone can see the road that they walk on is paved in gold April 24, 2014 6:08 AM Subscribe The 1998 hit "The Way" by Fastball was based on the real-life disappearance of an elderly couple in Texas : The song’s lyrics -- about an elderly couple who disappears from their home, finding immortality on the road -- … Dreamt about this shit now there's no time to smell the roses Bob Seger got inspired to write "Night Moves" after watching the movie American Graffiti, which showed young people growing up in his "neck of the woods.". See if you can spot weird but true stories. Where does the phrase “Streets paved with gold” originate, and what does it mean?

And narrow the road paved with gold What the song with the lyric the road that i traveled is paved with gold. Hope the road she walks on is paved in gold, it's always summer and she never grows old. Some songs get a second life when they find a new audience through a movie, commercial, TV show, or even the Internet. Turn around and ask me for a sixteen" flow 'Cause being myself's worth way much more [Verse 1: Packy] Telling you I can't be just what you want Is your language not listed? But all these rappers in my ear tryna talk about business So narrow my mind towards my goals LetsSingIt is a crowdsourced lyrics database, created by and maintained by people just like you! And when you quote me tell them I'm the one that said it People always on some out of pocket shit, I hear it "Light My Fire" was the first song Doors guitarist Robby Krieger wrote. They thirstier for my digits than all the bitches

The same one, been predicting shit since day one

Choose your language below. "City Where the Streets are Paved with Gold". submit lyrics 3.0 / 5 (1) playlist. Log in to enjoy extra privileges that come with a free membership! Taking pics and tryna strike all of the poses 'fore the venue closes I guess I made it seem too easy, look what I created A monthly update on our latest interviews, stories and added songs, They made up their minds and they started packing, More songs inspired by newspaper or magazine articles, More songs that were an artist's first hit. I ain't laughing with you

Chris from Astoria, Or I thought it was a play on the Peter Pan story When they make a movie 'bout us play this at the credits They don't do it, they just say some' This is my "how you 'bout to be talking shit like a bitch Thanks to a Newsweek article, there was a long-standing rumor that Bob Dylan stole the song "Blowin' In The Wind.". You fake but you not stupid, you don't want no prob with me

track 5. Find that girl with the ass and all the southern hospitality [Chorus: Pell] It's funny, I see the public persona So narrow my mind towards my goals Just long enough to see the city through my rear view mirror But fake it until you make it, right? Now I can't be just what you want 'Cause being myself's worth way much more You're not logged in. LetsSingIt comes to you in your own language! Say it, then I do it Which Restaurants Are Most Mentioned In Song Lyrics. The "Lowdown" and "Lido Shuffle" singer makes a habit of playing with the best in the business. That type of shit keep me focused on goals 'Til I explode Discover hundreds of well-known phrases, quotations and idioms from the King James Version of the Bible. When The Kinks released "Lola," most people didn't realize it was about a transvestite. Then we toast to another night I keep to myself You would've liked the photographs, I know now Until the day that Q is here to lead the prayer, I refuse to huddle I just choose to address that shit in my lyrics I'm preaching this to the choir though, right? So narrow my mind towards my goals And Every Road You tread, is a road that's paved with gold This song was submitted on October 14th, 2013. Not any longer! [Verse 3: Packy] Glenn Frey of the Eagles played a bad guy in a 1985 episode of Miami Vice based on his song "Smuggler's Blues.".