Being a vampire makes him a predator which gives him instincts. During her absence, he befriended the newborn Diego, whom he grew very fond of. He was your mate and the last thing you wanted was to let him go but you refused to be anywhere near the Volturi. He was sent to Forks to steal some clothes from Bella Swan, who he perceived as the Cullens' pet, as a means to test Alice's power and to give the newborns a source to track her and get past the Cullens. He found Bree Tanner eating trash behind a restaurant and brought her into the army in March.

It felt like fireworks. Vampires exude an aura of appeal. He had an unexceptional life there, aside from being a good student, which led to him attending college in Seattle.

Even though you had these concerns, there was never a moment you didn’t feel safe with him. Take the humans that no one was going to miss, the ones who weren’t headed home to a waiting family, the ones who wouldn’t be reported missing. The moment I laid eyes on Riley my world shifted, something drew me to him, and I think my body moved towards him, but Rosalie held my back by my shoulders, “No (y/n)!”, I didn’t say anything, I was too invested in Riley, he was being restrained by Emmett at the moment, and he was struggling prefusely against him, but Jasper sent a wave of calm over him which made Riley stop struggling. Like touching a sparking downed power line, only to find out that it felt nice. Twilight in Forks: The Saga of the Real Town, Destination Forks: The Real World of Twilight, Twilight in Volterra: Fantasy and Reality in Italy, battle between the Cullens, the shape-shifters and the army, 'Twilight' third pic 'Eclipse' begins casting with Australian unknown Xavier Samuel, Twilight Lexicon | David Slade Tweets Xavier Samuel Photo | October 30, 2009,, Student of Oregon University (human life). Vampires have strong regenerative powers, sufficient to recover from even lethal wounds without great loss of ability. When he returned to the others and found a new pile of ashes of dead newborns, he went completely mad, attacking several members at the same time, but restrained himself enough to tell them about the Cullens and what they were meant to do. I swear.” - Riley Biers. "She knows that I will kill you, Riley. And you're pretty awesome! Extensive healing may take longer, such as if they need to reattach a limb.

When Victoria felt that she was being tracked, she left Riley to care for the newborns and disappeared before he could go with her. People can't help but love her, even Aro would not hurt her. Because you met in college and he’s your sweetheart. As a vampire, he retains the ability to be just as friendly, although now he often sees charm as a means to an end. She taught him the capabilities and limitations of being a vampire, including the Volturi's threat. To make the newborns easier to control, he told them stories about vampires being vulnerable to sunlight and wooden stakes, as was commonly believed by humans. Riley deserved better. “Why?” She frowns, biting her bottom lip because she knows exactly why. You closed the gap and pressed your lips on his. Vampires exude strong pheromones that are highly appealing to humans. What if one day he can’t control himself? Don’t you just feel bad for Riley because I honestly doubt that he wanted what Victoria did to him. Riley's strongest trait was his devotion and loyalty to Victoria, but also inability to see through her lies. “The others started forward, and I gave them a sharp look.

Pretty please?” She hadn't had a lover for close to eight months now, and it was starting to hurt on every level.

Riley Biers was the first vampire created by Victoria when she formed an army to attack the Cullen family and Bella. These fangs are one method by which vampires can transmit their venom, which counts as an Enhanced-level toxin. “Though right this second, I'd take plain old hot sex.”. He holds your hand tightly, afraid to let go because you are the best thing that’s ever happened to him despite meeting you while reading the most confusing book for class. You were holding hands and looking up at the sky.

“Cheater.”. Indeed, the spectrum of sensory information available to vampires actually makes it difficult for them to remember details from when they were human. This was because Victoria did not want Edward Cullen to read their minds or Alice Cullen to have a connection to them and realize she was behind everything. “riley: give me a romantic comedy any day. Riley knows more than the uninitiated and the neophyte, but there are some significant gaps in his information. He was horrified by her actions, but because he loved her he had to find a way to reconcile who she was with what he loved. After a while Riley cuddled up to you, laying his head on your chest so he can hear your strong heartbeat. He acted as the secondary antagonist in Eclipse and was always in the presence of his "mate", Victoria, the main antagonist of both New Moon and Eclipse.