I have my permit and have had training in driving a straight truck.

Thanks for response. I just need a truck. Pay rate is negotiable $18 -$25/hr depending …, Looking to Rent Class B Truck With Airbrakes Newark Not rated yetNJ Newark. My email address is Need truck driver training and truck rental Kentucky Not rated yetNicholasville,ky. I need to rent out some time to use a tracker-trailer 10 gear shift manual transmission to take my class a cdl test at dmv …, Need a truck to take Class b with airbrakes test  Not rated yetCharlotte nc. learners permit, I need to use a truck to take the drivers test. I could also use …, Need truck and trailer rental for test in Georgetown cdl, class a, airbrakes and standard. Cameron thanks, In Manassas Va needing to rent a truck for class B  Not rated yet Manassas Virginia taking pre-Trip inspection test out of Manassas Virginia looking for a class B qualification flatbed tow truck box truck to rent not …, Dwane Lee Not rated yethave my permit .... just need a class a truck to rent. Some people in the trucking community are willing to let others use their trucks for testing. I need one day of practice on manual transmission …, Have a Ga CDL permit and willing to pay for truck to test - Atlanta Not rated yetIn Atlanta, need to rent a truck for road test, have a CDL permit and willing to pay for help Bradley Williams Not rated yetI'm from El Dorado Arkansas but they give CDL practical test in hHpe, Little Rock, Springdale, Russellville, Newport and Pine Bluff. I need to rent a truck to pass my drive test for my class A CDL!! Scott wuollet Not rated yetArizona phoenix, Martin trujillo Not rated yetTexas El Paso, Sherman Tx truck Not rated yetNeed to rent a truck in Sherman tx, Need to rent a truck in Massachusetts Not rated yetHi my name is Patrick and I'm looking to rent a truck to take my cdl road test I currently have my class A cdl permit and current DOT medical card my phone …, CLP a Not rated yetI need to know I have me CLP A and need to know if I can ride with a trainer until my schedule test date in july, Need truck/ training for CDL A road test near Philly Not rated yetPhiladelphia, PA

However, most training schools don’t rent trucks out to non-students. Currently a mechanic at a trucking company. To one …, In need of tractor & trailer for road test (ATLANTA,GA)I'm looking for someone with a Truck and Trailer to help me pass the on the road portion of my CDL exam. I would like to get some road training so I can ….

I have my class A permit with all the endorsements. Please send emails to rdrgzwendy@aol.com with rate and availability, Need someone with a truck to practice class a Not rated yetCleveland ohio I currently hold a CLASS A permit and need some driving time in a automatic semi. Looking for a manual truck with at least ten wheels and weight of 26,001 pounds to take CDL test for class …, 19 years exp from 12 yrs ago Orrville, Ohio. Need a automatic freightliner with a box trailer Not rated yetI need an Automatic Freightliner with a Box Trailer to take my CDL Test in. I need to borrow a truck to pass my cdl. I need truck and time in truck driving and pre test. Need CDL B Training  Not rated yetMASS , LEOMINSSTER. Also need to rent truck for test. Will have my permit but I need a truck to take the DMV test. ….

Jerry  Not rated yetI am looking to rent a class B truck to take my test in in San Diego Calif. Anthony Sanders Not rated yetSparta Illonois, I need to take my test 2 years exp.

I need to rent a truck so that I can take only the driver's portion of the test to obtain my CDL class A. Manual 10 or 8 speed (10 preferred). I have failed three times the pre-trip inspection, I keep forgetting the air brakes button. Not rated yetPhiladelphia pa.. …, need training for cdl drivers test, i have my permit and willing to pay Not rated yetTulsa ok, Need some driver training, have my Class Permit Not rated yetHello ,My Name Is Damon, 37 Years Old . Have permit, need truck to take test. 8015542076, Would like to team up - no tickets and clean background Not rated yetCharles Jette , jette0382@gmail.com/ 513 591 9220 MICHAEL ARCHANGE Not rated yetLIBERAL, KS 67901 Uriah Monterde.

…, Need training for CDL class B. Columbus, OH Not rated yetWould like someone with experience to train me for the CDL class B exam. This list was compiled with information from each company’s website and/or calls to the company’s customer service department. County) I need a manual transmission truck to take my (Class B) road test. Willing …, Need to rent a truck and trailer ASAP Not rated yetTexas, Houston, Have learners permit for class B Not rated yetSnellville, Ga.