Louise sighed and straightened herself up on the swing. She was fearful it would lead to ackwardness and tension, but she felt compelled to ask anyway. “Your speech, you can rehearse while you drive” Louise replied. u/and_peggy1776. “No dice, I promised our client I’d keep him male” said Tina. In "It Snakes a Village", it is shown that he suffers from ophidiophobia. “Oh, it’s me is’nt it? The trek home was proving to be a daunting task for Tina and Gene as they tried to keep their youngest sibling in check. Everyone’s talking about what Tina and your driver did to Jimmy Junior. “I keep telling you, the presentation is all there, you just have to show them what’s on there while singing, it’ll prove a hit don’t worry. That first picture would make the perfect tattoo for OP, with the caption "I hate you but I love air, so I guess we're stuck together" underneath. Every world she paid attention to, the ones centred on the game, the playground, and the stress all caved in as she saw a solemn figure on one of the swings nearby, nimbly swaying back and forth and humming a faint little melody to himself. Louise read the message aloud. “Oh hey there Rudy. “Louise, hey, I’m sorry if I was disturbing you” said Rudy as he took his earphones off and switched off his walkman. “No, it’s fine I’m good…more than good, I’m above the norm” said Rudy. i love them all! He is a consummate buddy. “Or maybe the ‘Tangled’ thing” Bob asked. He seems to have recently become the love interest for Louise in season 7; or at least her feelings for him have become much more noticeable in that season, since she did get jealous of the other girl that he had a crush on. In the last episode of the season it mainly focuses on Gene trying live his dream about becoming a baseball player, while his family scrambles to pay for it. For him, she was Alpha and Omega. Louise could feel her tension dissapating, which caused her slight concern as well as relief. All this accompanied by strange music. His primary business rival is Jimmy Pesto who owns an Italian restaurant (Jimmy Pesto's Pizzeria) across the street from Bob's Burgers. Bob's Burgers Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Louise resumed work on her poem. So in order to sleep peacefully, she would spend her entire evening’s worth of dreams attempting that. Rudy really has the right balance of enabling and shutting Louise down when need be. Rudy took a deep breath. “You going to shake my hand with that one, or shatter my face with it this time?” Rudy asked, pointing to her hand that he had clasped in his own. She is obsessed with horses, boys (particularly Jimmy Jr.), and buttocks; in various episodes, she writes in her journal about touching people's butts, which, to her, is the height of sexual contact. Thumbnail sized? He claims he his backpack caught on fire at Olive Garden. “I suppose she’s not really scarring anyone except herself with this” Bob replied. What are your thoughts? Louise had other plans, she knew Rudy would take her one step beyond her usual spots, he would let her pursue him across all other layers of the school he was accustomed to visiting, and she hoped that when he ran out of breath, they would be in a place so secure she would have the opportunity to once more breathe life into him as their lips came together once more.

Bob: I'm pretty sure their slogan is 'their finger's on the pulse', Gene. You’ve been in our home upstairs before”, “Mrs. He is very short and only certain parts of his body have been seen including his arm and the top of his head. Her passions include singing, dinner theater, porcelain baby figurines, Tom Selleck, nautically themed romance novels, and prenatal yoga. Bob’s Burgers-Not The Corpse [fanfiction], Bob’s Burgers-The Power Behind Me [fanfiction], BOB’S BURGERS-A LITTLE MORE TIME (FANFIC), Scooby-Doo: find your reply in the thunder [fanfiction], Just How Well Off Are These Empty-Headed Hands? “Is that what you need right now?

He was her son. “Maybe it’s best you go play, don’t worry about me”, “I like worrying about you buddy…besides, you’re it”. “Oh you know how your father is with relatives of a friend, he’ll want to be the designated driver”, “Don’t be silly dear, his pals will all be encouraged to give their dearly departed a spiked salute, once that’s done they’ll be in no state to drive, so your father will be taking them all home”, “Ah he ought to give them all a hellfire ride downtown, put them all in a death-defying mood”, “Oh honey, breaking the law afterwards isn’t going to take anything off the mind of your father before he arrives there”, “He thinks he’s obligated to give some sort of a speech…it’s funny because he really didn’t know too well, either that or too much time has passed and his memories of spending time with him have lapsed”, “Yeah, it’s a shame, there’s so many things that you think you’ll treasure forever, but the passage of time really leaves you out of touch sometimes”. “Oh yeah, the butts thing…there’s a lot of that in there. The walk back to her father’s business, and their home, was paved with excruciating detours as she cut in and out of alleyways and behind dumpsters to avoid the other kids coming home from school, especially the ones with the sort of mouths that would let loose all kinds of gossip if they caught sight of her. Robert "Bob" Belcher, Jr. – Bob Belcher is the main character of the series.

“Oh you make that list alright, just in a different way” Louise joked. Bob is a tall, paunchy and swarthy chef, he has male pattern baldness and a bushy mustache. Rudy is quick to be a cohort in any scheming plans that Louise has, rarely questioning her judgment and chomping at the bit to do something mischievious.

He follows the lead of Louise to the offset Amazon Room in museum, however their trip takes a turn for the worst when they are on top of the exhibit without a latter. What are your thoughts? She rocked his body back and forth, urging him to snap his eyes open and make an appointment with the television. “Louise calls that a different kind of happy, and I’m inclined to believe her” retorted Gene, looking to Louise for validation. Linda walked over to him and nursed his black eye. It is also mentioned in the episode that Bob's mother had died sometime prior to the series' beginning. She had let the story get away from her, but she relished it. Louise lifted all but three fingers off her hair before anxiously pinning them back down to her head again. “OK, OK, I’ll sneak you back in Louise, but you’re still paying a small price. “Which also happens to be what’s currently in front of me” he said. “Sweetie, that was heartwrenching, learn the difference” Linda insisted. “I want a crack at that whip” Louise remarked as Tina continued to thrust her right arm in a forward motion towards one of the restraint tables, with her brother Gene continuously making whiplash noises. “Well it fits the theme don’t it?” said Louise, swiftly turning her attention to Rudy’s poem, Where we realize there’s still much more to tell, The stories, the legends, the place souls lost to us hold. “Your tag is gonna come hard and heavy lardo” Louise retorted. I just found out that my mom named her inhaler “Louwheeze.” Isn’t that a ship name for Louise and Regular Sized Rudy? Regular Size Rudy walked over to the basketball court and lay down on the tarmac, staring gently up at the sky, watching them form images that only his mind could perceive. Louise wanted to slap herself for noticing how sad he was, but she knew the time had come to talk. “Sure, you’re a cupcake, I’ve said as much before” said Louise. “That’s a basketball net isn’t it?” said Louise looking at the right set of clouds, before turning and staring to the left of her. [original Work], The Last Son of Krypton By Souperboyx (review). Bob is allergic to shellfish, particularly lobster, as it causes his face to swell any time he eats it. Part of her thought it might have something to do with how she thought less of Millie, often her regular nemesis, in this scenario. “I did’nt mean the presentation” argued Rudy. “You saying I’m scared now?” joked Louise. “Which is even better” said Rudy, which made Louise laugh.

“Getting a little ahead of yourself buddy” Louise replied. “I guess this campaign led to a most expected hit” said Tina. Besides, that was before you got me to channel my own compeititive spirt and play that game” she said. Bob's Burgers features regular ups and downs in customer volume, but two loyal customers help keep the restaurant open. “Yeah, thanks short stuff, it was my honour” Louise said, rubbing her hand across Rudy’s hair and scruffiying it up a tad. “Hey, I value my hair just the same as the hat on my head” said Louise. Bob also has a tendency to take mind-altering substances such as crack in "Sheesh!

Notions of love and compassion that overwhelmed her to such a degree she had to mask it in her day to day routine. Regular Size Rudy walked over to the basketball court and lay down on the tarmac, staring gently up at the sky, watching them form images that only his mind could perceive. “Oh I will…someone has to. “Don’t say that, you’re closer than you think” Louise replied. While we have a plan to improve the situation, we … The two twirled around the spot where they stood before Rudy realized he was two minutes late. He's not puffing it but he is holding it in this shot: http://67.media.tumblr.com/a67019cb092b80128efe29d2c1d0e26f/tumblr_nd1rsvY18F1trbf5ro2_500.png, Or this one which isn't the best quality shot: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BoA4RnjCUAAt915.jpg. Bob raised a placard he held in his hand, with the word HIT scribbled on it, with a triangle in the middle. “Thanks” he said, “You always bring me back from the brink of death”. Now I wonder how small pocket sized Rudy would be.

“Look, I told my Mom a big fat lie about our school play, how it was a western, and that you were the Sheriff and me your partner, and I built you up as a real brave character, someone I’d take a bullet for”, “You’ve been thinking about me in commendable ways? “Yeah, maybe you’re right…still, it was nice of you to at least make up a charitable event in my name Louise, It’s just everyone is buzzing about the wedding and I’d much prefer the kind of attention it’s getting from everyone in the neighborhood” Rudy revealed.

A humiliating moment that had brought a disquiet to her feisty soul. “You’re the man Rudy, while some people are annoyed they’re not the bride or groom, you’re annoyed that you’re not the corpse” Louise concluded, smiling affectionately, though Rudy could not see it. “Hey, it’s me, the girl who breathed life into you on valentine’s day, you can always trust me to keep you going” Louise replied. “And it gave Gene the willes, good thing he convinced us all it was taking away the independence of the playground” Louise said. She remains a loyal and devoted wife despite their frequent financial problems, and never having had a honeymoon or a day off in 10 years ("Weekend at Mort's"). Close. Linda excitedly wandered into her children’s rooms, each stirring them awake. “Ok, we’re taking the bus the rest of the way, you sit here and we’ll check for the times they’re usually due” said Tina, resting Louise on a seat. “Oh hey Louise, I was just thinking about life…and life, life again, ’till I’m kind of full of it”. “Yeah, well my recent experience today took the wind out of my sails. “Here, chuck one of these at it, this used to work for me all the time when I wanted to hang out with my friends” Bob replied. Could you maybe convince her?”, “She’s a little too busy at the moment son..besides, even if you wanted to see her, Louise’s window is closed”, “I know, I want to get her attention somehow so she’ll open the window”. “I really think you need to think this through Rudy, this sort of thing rarely works outside of the movies”, “You think I’ll be too big for the rope to sustain?”.