Inspired by this AMA, I won a considerably larger amount in 2001.

TL;DR - Clerks pay out a ticket they THINK is a winner because they trust themselves and the lottery machine is always down. The next day she said bring the ticket. yourluckynumbers128 karma2012-03-12 02:22:40 UTC. Of day back be think them up my. Paid off the debt of lifelong friends (total cost was about $200K). I will never understand why they don't just scan the damn things. I went through a period of depression after I got it because I felt that it was becoming a burden. Basically he made a shit ton of money while he was over there, tax free and was unable to spend it. I won 100,000 dollars, but lost the ticket when I was hit by a car.

But relentless 24 hours a day. In my state, for example, we have several daily draw games that have relatively low set jackpot amounts but the chance of winning is exponentially higher than the rolling jackpot games. But then again, you can't win if you don't play. Alright, here's the basic rundown on a scratch (also referred to as instant) game at a typical lottery: The lottery usually has a designated liaison or a team of some kind that works with the jurisdiction's instant ticket vendor to come up with the art, prize structure, etc. Some people had the worst brought out in them, but not everyone. We cut our own payout checks from our accounts. Do you offer any sources for financial/legal planning to the winners to utilize after winning, such as CPAs, lawyers, or financial planners? It happens more often than you'd think. Thanks. Did you pick your numbers for the ticket or were they computer generated? yourluckynumbers15 karma2012-03-12 03:06:12 UTC. Needless to say Chris Hansen would walk in and say "Why don't you have a seat right there..." It was a great special to watch, did you catch it? yourluckynumbers75 karma2012-03-12 03:58:13 UTC. I will try to answer what questions I didn't get to then. Red_Eye_Jedi28 karma2012-03-12 03:44:49 UTC. They categorically failed to do so and as a result other lotteries across the country have had to deal with intense public relations fallout. I've noticed a new fade in lottery payouts that are "win x amount every week for life" but in small print it will always say "a guaranteed payout of at least x amount" If i win one of those, will the state pay me until i die, or do they have some legal loophole to get out of it after they hit that minimum. I'm not interested in travel, real estate, recording music, cars, home theater, clothes, food, comic books, coins, stamps, or any other potentially pricy hobbies. I'm talking about millionaires vs billionaires, or new money/old money.

treetrollololo13 karma2012-03-12 02:42:28 UTC. It's the same principle as card counters in Las Vegas. Reddit is really cool, but sometimes has a lot of negativity. If they owe, the debt is subtracted from the win and the winner receives the difference. What about distribution?

Do you get looked down upon by these people for having 'only' a couple tens of millions?

Wut? The biggest weakness in a safe or a lock is that it's meant to be opened. reddit has not approved or endorsed BestofAMA, reddit design elements are trademarks of reddit inc. If the winner is given the option of taking a discounted, lump-sum payment versus an annuity or monthly payments, what discount factor does the lottery use to determine the lump-sum payment? I matched up the numbers, and i still thought this COULD be a winner, but it probably isn't.

Comments: 1920 • Responses: 54  • Date: 2012-03-11 22:26:24 UTCsource. Nothing is as much fun now. How is the payout of large jackpots usually structured?

I'd also use the word "stressful" to describe it.

It's sad. We're subjected to rigorous external audits on everything we and our vendors do software-wise annually. They've caught a lot of people. How do they spread them out so that all of the best ones don't end up at the same liquor store on the corner? So, I made a list of everything bad I've ever done, and one by one I'm gonna make up for all my mistakes. You guys really need to find something better to do.

Have you experienced this to any degree? I don't know of a single state that allows lottery employees to buy tickets. I Am A, where the mundane becomes fascinating and the outrageous suddenly seems normal. As a Computer Engineering student, I never understood the idea of how an algorithm could be completely (100%) random. So, is it 100% random? Very little since most of it is invested. Etc. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

The moderators of r/science have shut down its popular AMA series, revealing a behind-the-scenes power struggle between Reddit admins and the moderators the social news site relies upon. If you know how the insides work, it makes it easier to open. Not sure if you caught Dateline NBC but Chris Hansen did a special where he had an undercover crew go into retailers, present 3 tickets (2 losers and 1 winner say $7500) and see what the retailer would do. But you're taking on an incredible liability (read: potential job loss or lawsuit) by sight validating. They disappear in anger. am I being a complete boob when I play these? (Those are mostly financial in nature.) Poor bastards had some of the most incompetent leadership in the history of the industry. I keep a link to an article about that from a few years ago: 10 digits is over a billion.

In my particular state, I'd be playing the $10 instant games. Care to explain more about why they're so incompetent?

Software-wise, we're a Microsoft shop pretty much top to bottom. yourluckynumbers13 karma2012-03-12 00:11:24 UTC. The official policy is, of course, to tell the customer with a winning ticket that you are sorry that you cannot cash the ticket at that point in time and to come back at some random point in the future when, hopefully, the machine is working. SlobberGoat11 karma2012-03-12 01:41:53 UTC, yourluckynumbers26 karma2012-03-12 02:06:18 UTC. How many people claim big jackpots anonymously, or via a lawyer with something like a blind trust? Paid off his house, car, and credit cards. I don't even like bicycling. Way before my time. ...and you'd have a draw game that's about to be replaced because it's defective. Most people take the lump sum. Do you know what happens to most lottery winners? Chances are, yes. Instead of saying I am really good at this and I will make sure you have a profit, they will say "I could be really good if I had some money to manage, and if you gave me yours I would not have to work that day job, and I could really start my career." There is no protocol for this - legal or otherwise. Some others did. Ontario. I can't play my own state's lottery games. Taxes are pulled up front. I love this question. I was in the right place at the right time. I asked my boss if we could turn it down, but he said their lotto ticket license could be revoked because it could aid ticket stealing. Thank you for asking it. I feel like I just got Bel-Aired. Here's some news on a family of Korean convenience store owner/operators up in Canada, the Chung family, who were caught & convicted of defrauding customers of winning tickets: Trying to keep from pissing myself.

You'll never win enough to make playing them worth it over the long term. r/IAmA is a subreddit for question-and-answer interactive interviews termed "AMA" (short for "Ask Me Anything"). This part of it, if it never happened to you , you will never understand.

Unless you are in the upper echelons of old money then rich people basically act like everyone else. guitarnoir45 karma2012-03-11 23:58:22 UTC. This hasnt really come up yet. yourluckynumbers33 karma2012-03-12 01:16:08 UTC.

I used to buy instant tickets on occasion. Yes. We provide players with general advice on what to do next. It's a matter of when. I will say it's a one-way ticket to federal prison, though. I think it's best to not ever let anybody know you won.

The lottery industry operates like Las Vegas. yourluckynumbers54 karma2012-03-11 23:19:02 UTC.

That way, the ten digit range is from 10 million to 99 million, and the money I am referring to is at the low end of that.

Every time I hang out with him, that number is in the back of my mind. Yes. A Reddit Casino Dealer Ama fast and fun lottery-like game that let you control how you want to play. yourluckynumbers112 karma2012-03-11 23:41:09 UTC. yourluckynumbers179 karma2012-03-12 05:19:16 UTC. I am not sure what would be most interesting, so I'll let you start. Retailer fraud is a broad, extremely interesting topic. The science behind it is crazy. So, my closest friends did not turn one me. This "game" ruins peoples' lives, and many with mental illness seem particularly vulnerable. I'd get a decent little house on a nice chunk of land, one really nice car, one really nice bike, and I'd live out the rest of my life comfortably and sensibly. hunkydorey_ca63 karma2012-03-11 23:27:10 UTC. It happens all the goddamn time. I should have said 8 digits. I don't like memorabilia, souvenirs, vintage/retro equipment of any kind, and I have zero entrepreneurial spirit.