Story could do with some improvements and completing the story lines. -Alot of text will not make sense when you get futher into the game. And I would definitelly like to see more animals included. 2. A few comments (NOTE: these are for 0.79, so some may be fixed, and there are spoilers here): I like this game pretty much, yet I was a little disappointed, that you can't actually do more with the animals - I mean... if being a girl changes your body, I would like to see changing to an animal eventually have transformative effects to you as well - maybe partial, if you would not stop, then full bad end. The story is fun and doesn't get too tiresome (I often get bored with the super in depth stories often found here), the first person experiences from other people's point of view is hot and fun. You still need to put some effort in the puzzles but you won't be frustrated and just look for a walkthrough (most of the time). (See changelog for details). Keeping in the animal transormation stuff would be nice as well, maybe riding the mind of an insect or something so you can spy on people? Sorry. Choose an adventure below and discover your next favorite movie or TV show. There's no time limit so you can play the game at your own pace. (HTML only)Mostly fixing continuity errors in narrative (text reflecting gender etc). Under "Stats" I never got to find anything that would increase the following items: Flash, Public, Whore, Whore job, Beach, Club, Pimp, Booth, Location - and they stayed blank through the whole game. I would love to recommend the game, and it IS very interesting and I loved playing the first part of the game, that didn't have a lot of bugs in it, so play it and try it out, but.... *** NOTICE *** it is possible to reach at least two positive ends of the game where you wont have to go much into especially the mansion area that are riddled with bugs, so just for that then you should take a look at it and play it. Text arent deleted when wardrobe are updated (mall area), -General repetition with areas that already have been completed once. I really like how the hints and clues are marked in different colors.

Overall, I wish the transformation was a touch slower. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Joe - An associate (informant) who has gone missing, The Ferret - An associate (informant) who has gone missing, William - An associate (informant) who has gone missing, Charlotte - A personal trainerEmma - A personal trainerNatalia - A mystical women. are used through the game, even though the character have been fully transformed into female. Note: A few people are saying that they experienced bugs that made the game unplayable. The private eye is contracted to hunt for an elusive woman. (See changelog for details)  Update 0.99 bug fixes and story smoothing only. Even then, you basically just have to guess what the answer is, and you only get a few guesses before being locked out of the puzzle. Some kinds of foods and drinks can help offset these, but you can only eat/drink so much. I have updated this review as it was unfair to the game since there is a bug with the 0.73 that makes you unable to progress. My only cons are that there are a fair few spelling and grammar mistakes, but it doesn't really detract from the experience.