Zulaika seized the moment to announce that this was the man for whom she was blamed. O eminent ones, explain to me my vision, if you should interpret visions.” The cupbearer, who immediately remembered his companion in prison, informed the King of Yusuf and his impeccable dream interpretations. of a truth, we went racing with one another and left Hazrat Yousuf (AS) to loot after clothes and the wolf devoured him; but we art afraid you will not believe us though we speak the truth. Indeed, wrongdoers will not succeed.” He turned away and run towards the closed door to escape. He has his eye sight in the twinkling of an eye. The following chapters of this website will describe this trap that was set for Prophet Yusuf (as), what happened afterwards, and his exemplary behaviour in the face of … Brothers came home with a happy feeling. Now the good news for everyone is that Hazrat Yousuf (A.S)[peace be upon him] was alive to inform his father wished to go immediately. Hence, she invited these women to a banquet at her residence one day.

My Lord has made it reality. Yusuf raised his father upon the throne and said, “O my father, this is the explanation of my vision of before. He was one of the youngest and possessed Traditional info site is very important our tradition information and you get too easily.

He helped them to the core of your heart. Soon, he instructed his sons to return to the King’s land and inquire about their brother. The Ark of the Covenant is a valuable chest containing articles belonging to Prophets Moses and Aaron. Soon, a caravan bound for Egypt stopped at this well to fetch water.

When we jump into the depth of facts, we realize that when we fall in love with someone truly, it is  a natural process already settled by Allah Almighty.

The Turkish-Islamic Union will also bring freedom and happiness to the people of the book, The Turkish-Islamic Union will bring a total solution to the problem of terror, The Turkish-Islamic Union will bring democracy to everywhere, The Turkish-Islamic Union will bring with it happiness, well-being, peace and plenty. The women looked up at him. Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum Bi Rahmatika Astagheeth Meaning, Hasbunallahu Wa Ni’mal Wakeel Dua Meaning. He could have easily complained and ask “why do these things keep happening to me”. The Qur’an refers to the lives of many prophets.

Yusuf (Joseph) was the beloved son of Prophet Yaqub (Jacob), who also had 11 other sons. Temporary attraction and a true love relationship and therefore, you want to get anyone in your life, you make him/ her is to love in the true sense. During this period, Yusuf was confronted with his second trial. His unyielding courage under the most stringent circumstances is presented with the intention of being an example to people.

Hazrat Yousuf (A.S) his father’s brother, begged forgiveness and forgave them with an open heart. Every one of us is very well familiar with the tale of Hazrat Yousuf (AS) and Zulaikha that is also mentioned in Quran. This is revealed in a number of verses in the Qur'an: Many verses in the Qur'an speak of the Prophet Ibrahim (as), the Prophet Ya'qub (as) and the Prophet Yusuf (as). That destruction was a sign and great glad tidings of the coming into the world of the Prophet Muhammad (saas). Re: which color eyes did prophet yusuf (pbuh) have? Thus, Yusuf’s innocence was proven. Yusuf’s new master, who had no children, was completely taken with Yusuf. The brothers informed the storekeeper of their house back in Canaan and their father and brother back home. All these suras and verses offer detailed accounts of his difficulties with Pharaoh, beginning in his childhood, the evil conduct of his people and his struggle in communicating the message to them. She then warned Yusuf that if he denied her again he would be imprisoned, to which Yusuf replied, “My Lord, prison is more to my liking than that to which they invite me.” That night Zulaika convinced her husband that the only way to safeguard her honor and his prestige was to imprison Yusuf. Over time, Zulaikha passion grew and he was crazy about Joseph. The brothers eventually out powered Yusuf and threw him down the well and rushed back home. He approached his father, crying and crying. But Yusuf comforted them saying, “No reproach on you this day, may Allah forgive you.”  He then said, “Take this, my shirt, and cast it over the face of my father; his eyesight will return.”. He took pity on them. Never was the Qur’an a narration invented, but a confirmation of what was before it and a detailed explanation of all things and guidance and mercy for a people who believe.” – Surah Yusuf Ayah 111, >"Allah has ninety-nine Names, one-hundred less one; and he who memorized them all by heart will enter Paradise. In the Bible he is referred to as Joseph son of Jacob. Yusuf, fearing Allah, replied, “[I seek] refuge in Allah. But he knew better, he knew Allah had a plan for him and he had to just keep faith. All Right Reserved. He narrated to him, “You will plant for seven years consecutively; and what you harvest leave in its spikes, except a little from which you will eat. His brothers sold him to a caravan and leader of this caravan sold Hazrat Yousuf (A.S) in a slave market of Egypt. Prophet Yousuf (AS) was the brother of the location, when they were stopped and accused of stealing. When we examine the history of the prophets, we encounter one striking truth. Ignoring the pleas of his younger brother, they heartlessly left him to die of hunger.

His father reluctantly agreed to let them take them with him.

The water drawer hauled up his bucket and was shocked to see the handsome boy clinging onto the rope.

Zulaikha Potifer and liked it so much and treated him as a son. They relayed the Divine religion to humanity and demonstrated how to live the ideal life.

He did not believe his story and could do nothing but remain patient and to reunite him with his beloved son wait for Allah.

Hazrat Yousuf (AŞ), innocent, beautiful, and was obedient to his childhood. The next day, Yusuf set off with his brothers.

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Meanwhile, a caravan of traders passing well to draw some water stopped. During Yusuf’s time in jail, he was bestowed with the ability to interpret dreams. He also placed the money they had paid with their supplies as an incentive to return. There is one more miracle to come; one which believers in the two great revealed religions are impatiently waiting to come about: His second coming to Earth. In fact, it is written that he was given half of all beauty.

people of any hair/skin/eye colour can be beautiful, it's about the harmony of the whole face together, not about any particular colour I read recently that green is the rarest of all the eye colours, maybe why people with green eyes are seen are more striking - but all eye colours are beautiful Sura 14 bears the name 'Ibrahim,' and Sura 12 "Yusuf.". He denied that any of them had been convicted of theft, the Prophet Joseph (AS) can be held as a slave. Zulaika chased after him in desperation and grabbed his shirt from the back which caused his shirt to rip. Al-Azeez apologised for his wife’s indecency and swore Yusuf to secrecy. Prophet Moses (pbuh) and the Ark of the Covenant. They smeared blood (AS) as a proof of the Prophet Joseph’s shirt produced. Indeed, my Lord is Subtle in what He wills. “There was certainly in their stories a lesson for those of understanding. Certainly, there is no substitute for true love and nothing can be accessed unless you really love it. They cried. Yusuf harvested and stored crops during the seven years of fertility. Meanwhile, Yusuf managed to cling onto a stone ledge, he prayed fervently to Allah to grant him salvation.

One of these holy individuals is Prophet Sulayman (peace be upon him). The women who had their hands cut, spoke of Yusuf’s innocence before the King, “Allah forbid! One day the king of Egypt had an odd dream. Other women began ridiculing her character. Hazrat Yousuf (A.S), son of Hazrat Yaqub A.S is the most good-looking and gorgeous Prophet of Allah. He described how he by the grace of God for great power status was raised from a lowly servant.

And they came back weeping to their father at night fall and said, O’ our father! As the Hadith reveals, the Ark will be rediscovered in the End Times, which will be a major sign of the coming of the Mahdi.

They hid him with their goods him to slave traders and sold for a few pieces of silver. One of these is Prophet Noah (peace be upon him). Hazrat Yousuf (A.S) said, I am Yusuf and this is my brother. He summoned his men and said, “Indeed, I have seen seven fat cows being eaten by seven [that were] lean, and seven green spikes [of grain] and others [that were] dry. The following day, Yusuf filled his brothers’ bags with grain. Later he gave them all accommodation at his own house, and asked Binyameen to sleep in his room. Zulaika, Al-Azeez’s wife, who watched Yusuf day after day, began to feel passionately about him. He (peace be upon him) on the face of the Prophet Ya’qub (peace be upon him) put the shirt of the Prophet Joseph.

This article explores the life of Prophet Yusuf (as), the purpose of such prophetic stories, their relevance and the lessons we can derive as individuals and as an ummah collectively. The Holy Qur\'an has mentioned his story in a beautiful chapter entitled \"Surah Yusuf\". Binyamin, who was youngest, was from the same mother as Yusuf, while the rest were older half-brothers. He was betrayed by his brothers, sold as slave, and unjustly imprisoned. Throughout history God has called people to the true path through the prophets He has sent them. Surely who fears Allah and endures, is rewarded for surely Allah does not waste the reward of those who do good.’ [12:90]. Yusuf could have chosen to be bitter and question Allah by saying, “I thought you had ordained for me greatness”. His father loved him dearly. One dreamt that he was serving the king wine and the other was carrying bread on his head which two birds were eating up. Unable to handle their emotions they devised a plan to get rid of Yusuf by throwing him into a well. Two of Yusuf’s cell mates, mesmerized by his piety, sought him to have their dreams explained. Her obsession heightened to a degree where she was desperate to fulfil her desire. The king thus summoned the women relating to Yusuf’s incident.

However, Yaqub was concerned about his older sons’ possible reaction to this narration, for even though he treated them the same, they harboured jealousy towards Yusuf. Allah has shown us favour.

They travelled far, in pursuit of a well deep enough to throw their brother in. Yet it has been lost since 587 BC. The prayers of the Prophet (saas) in the Qur’an, The prayers of the Prophet (saas) in the hadith, @font-face { }@font-face { }p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0cm 0cm 10pt; line-height: 115%; font-size: 11pt; }.MsoChpDefault { font-size: 10pt; }div.Section1 { page: Section1; }. She confessed to the King. No one in our lives with the effects of its existence and can refute. Yusuf knew by just focusing on being the best he could, treating people right and with respect, doing more than what was requested that Allah would take care of him. The bags of the brothers’ were searched and the missing cup was retrieved from the bag of the youngest brother, Binyamin. Nevertheless, the story of Zulaika’s pursuit spread. On departing, the brothers were stopped by the King’s soldiers who were looking for the King’s missing cup. Soon after he revealed his identity to his brothers. Yusuf (Joseph) was the beloved son of Prophet Yaqub (Jacob), who also had 11 other sons. The caravan people immediately shackled Yusuf and took him along to Egypt. Binyamin, who was youngest, was from the same mother as Yusuf, while the rest were older half-brothers. There is a precious secret “love” and very few understand and access the secret is hidden in.