The Umayyad governor, Saʿid ibn al-ʿĀṣ, did not interfere, but Marwan swore that he would not permit Al-Hasan to be buried near Muhammad with Abu Bakr and Umar, while Uthman was buried in the Cemetery of Al-Baqi. for that phrase were also applicable because, he said, the people of Shuaib

[6]:146 At an unknown point in ancient times, the site was abandoned and possibly functionally replaced by al-`Ula.

He was 38 years old when he abdicated the reign to Mu‘awiyah, who was 58 years old at the time.

Some people thus believed in Saleh’s prophethood, while others continued to reject him. [10] The site has been referred to as Mada'in Salih since the era of Muhammad, named after the Salih. We grant respite of three nights. "[11], As soon as the news of Hasan's selection reached Muawiyah, who had been fighting ‘Ali for the caliphate, he condemned the selection, and declared his decision not to recognise him. Qays then stipulated the condition that the Bay'ah (Arabic: بَـيْـعَـة‎, Pledge of Allegiance) should be based on the Qur’an, the Sunnah (Arabic: سُـنَّـة‎, Deeds, Sayings, etc.)

The caliph had, however, instructed Abdullah ibn Aamir, now again governor of Al-Basrah, to incite the Basrans to protest that this money belonged to them by right of their conquest, and they chased Hasan's tax collectors out of the two provinces. The she-camel had a young calf. Prophet Saleh and his people lived in an area known as Al-Hajr, which was located along the trade route from southern Arabia to Syria.

Worship Allah; there is no other god but Him. Should he abdicate in favor of Mu‘awiyah, however, such claims would have no weight and Mu‘awiya's position would be guaranteed.

[13][14] al-Hasan was known for donating to the poor, his kindness to the poor and bond men, and for his knowledge, tolerance and bravery.

The exact time period when Prophet Saleh (also spelled “Salih”) preached is unknown.

[53] Nevertheless, Marwan, who was a cousin of Uthman, was unconvinced, and Aisha, while sitting on a mule surrounded by her supporters, seeing the parties and their weapons, decided not to permit Hasan to be buried near his grandfather, fearing evil would occur. In one passage, his life and message are described as follows (from the Quran chapter 7, verses 73-78): To the Thamud people was sent Saleh, one of their own brethren. The exact time period when Prophet Saleh (also spelled “Salih”) preached is unknown. to Accept. were close to the people of Lot in time, place and behaviour. (Ibn Majah: 925). Furthermore, he told them about their ancestors, the ʿĀd tribe, and how they too were destroyed for their sins. Then, Muawiya sent the envoy to visit Ubayd Allah in private, and to swear to him that Hasan had requested a truce from Muawiyah, and offered Ubayd Allah 1,000,000 dirhams, half to be paid at once, the other half in Kufa, provided he switched sides. [Quran 3:61] Muhammad also said: "who worries him, has worried me,"[45] or "Hasan is from me, and I am from him. [10], Muawiyah, who had already started negotiations with Al-Hasan, now sent high-level envoys, while committing himself in a witnessed letter to appoint Hasan his successor and give him whatever he wished. bestowed on them by God, but they were heedless.  Those who had not completely According to Madelung, however, these reports and descriptions are "for the most part vague, lacking in names, concrete specifics and verifiable detail; they appear to be spun out of the reputation of al-Hasan as a mitlaq, now interpreted as a habitual and prodigious divorcer, some clearly with a defamatory intent." through their territory.  They insisted on a life of robbery and injustice even "[46], It is related that Hasan spent most of his youth in "making and unmaking marriages", so that "these easy morals gained him the title mitlaq, the divorcer, which involved ‘Ali in serious enmities. Can Copyright © 2006 - 2020 Us.  And an awful cry seized the wrong-doers, and they lay (dead), prostrate in

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