And still it wasn't easy. It can be said that I am well endowed and that I move well.

Annabeth said, … but piper and jason? ", "Well in my memories, you loved my feet wrapping around your cock. It was especially horrible for Percy, but for the others, she was a very good teacher). “What did it say?”.

My boyfriend, Jason, as I've said, is right now on a quest with Frank and Hazel about something from New Rome that I no longer remember. He reminds her of their first kiss, which was really just a trick of the mist. Yet, this is what he had to do. “He could’ve cut the connection before he died!” I was not going to plant hope where there was none.

Right now life is almost perfect, I have no problems right now.

There is nothing strange about sex, although it is true that there are things that I am afraid to try with Annabeth for fear that it annoys her. Percy withdrew his tongue and sucked at her, and then sucked a little higher, and then there was an explosion behind Piper's eyes, her mind melting as her senses went into overdrive.

He tried to distract himself, eventually settling on Octavian's ugly, stupid face.

“Another great prophecy?” Grover asked in disbelief.

There is a plot. Yeah, I'm talking about sex. She sat straight up and then fell back onto him. The earlier movement was finally catching up to me. an earthborn wielding a long, sharpened spear turned around. And then there was me. Piper started to rub the panties into her vagina and she filled her mouth with Percy's meat stick.

It wasn't his fault. With a running start that looked more like an ungainly shuffle, he took off into the sky. "My turn huh." Annabeth said looking rather smug. "Ugh, that's so dumb." If he dies, I die. Percy POV (1st person and Percy as narrator). In which Percy labours to engage in intercourse with every female in the PJO universe (and then a whole bunch from outside), in alphabetical order of course. Straight to the point, he backed off.

Percy smirked at the challenge and got to work, sucking at her clit and licking all over her wet folds. she thought.

Thinking about camp was twice as horrible for me. My hair was brown with frozen blood and the rags I used to call clothes were so brightly red that it almost hurt to look at them. I probably looked more like the devil from Looney Tunes than I did Perseus Jackson.

Percy couldn't help but notice that the coldness on the Argo II was really making Annabeth's nipples hard. He pushes it down and holds back a sigh. I'm not saying that because we do not have sex something is going wrong, sex is the least, it's just that there is something ... different.

hers appeared to be that she felt useless and not a hero at all without her friends. “Then how come Percy’s signal is fuzzy, like Grover said?” Nico asked.

Who happens to be a son of Athena. First: What I mean is, think about like we are fighting their powers and skills.

I give up.

In wanting to discover new things, at one time or another you have to do it. “Oh, I can’t say no to you,” I smiled. "There it is, yes, don't stop!"

He rubs everyone the wrong way.He doesn't fit in at all at Goode High. She came on his dick once again and he pulled her onto her side, facing away from him, practically spooning as he lay on his side behind her. Consentual.

On October 1st, 1997, forty three women around the world gave birth. We’d definitely had some fun times here, if your definition of fun included freeing death, almost being eaten by earth, fighting a ghost army, and me nearly taking a permanent swimming vacation. I whipped around to see Grover, not Gaea, Grover, dancing. ", She can also see things that are happening far away through her knife, Katoptris, which used to belong to Helen of Troy. This was exploited by Khione as she attacked the ship. Piper also mentioned that Annabeth would make a cool friend in better times. He climbed off her and lay down next to her; in a fluid motion she rolled onto him. Percy resumed as if nothing had been said. Percy put his hands on her cheeks and began thrusting in and out of her mouth. She cupped his heavy balls, salivating as she remembered the taste of his semen from her legs.

Now I was falling, fast down a wide, dark hole. All three girls had been with Percy and have also been with one another. It was obviously designed to bring pain to the victim. He lifted her up a couple inches off the bed and rammed his cock into her pussy. I’m really looking forward to that.”. It bounced back at me until I was sure there was more than one person laughing. He felt instantly rejuvenated, and his cock leapt to attention. “Let’s go then!” exclaimed Hazel.

“I can barely believe that you actually followed my orders; surely you weren’t actually thick enough to fall for my bluff? Maybe its the stare he gives that makes your spine crawl.Maybe its the way his presence makes you want to back away slowly.Whatever it is, it makes him very, very strange. First mission? I hear she lives in New York.

Then, someone came out from behind Gaea, wielding Riptide and a killer smile. Sorry buddy.”. Piper got her name from her crazy Grandpa Tom, who noted her strong voice, and hoped that she would one day learn all of the great Cherokee songs, including the song of the snakes. It soon became too much pleasure for Piper, as her cunt clamped down on his cock, practically flooding his cock with juices in one of her most powerful orgasms of the night. Or The gang starts their senior year of high school and decide to make a group chat. I feel… normal. "I'm gonna cum!"

This was a threat to the entire world. Annabeth said as she moved to the middle and she jerked Percy's sword, getting it slick with Hazel's saliva. She pulled his dick from between her tits and began jerking him off furiously, her saliva allowing her to reach fast speeds.

I think it just hit my womb!'. She turned around just in time to see her friends gathered in a circle around her an a figure whose sword pointed at her neck.

She rubbed her clit roughly as her long legs wrapped around his back.

If you do not meet my requirements exactly then someone shall die.”.

They were everywhere and I always managed to get a mouthful of them. Since we did it for the first time nearly three years ago, we haven't stopped, not literally.

His fingers pumped rhythmically inside her, and she trembled underneath him. This story is from and was written by Wisegirl6. Long thick white ropes shot out, striking each girl in the face. "Hahaha, it's lice." Well, going back to the course of history, it's been four years since the war and now Annabeth and I are "College students." What disappears if you say its name?" The part of Piper will be played by Victoria Justice.

I held onto that thought as she kicked him in the chest. "What we caught we threw away; What we didn't catch, we kept. “It goes like this,” I started. Piper is the Greek demigod daughter of Aphrodite and Tristan McLean and is currently the head counselor of the Aphrodite cabin.

Percy turned off the water and grabbed Piper a towel, willing himself to be dry. I didn’t want their pity.

So I started getting dressed and getting ready to go to sleep. Next year I'll probably be drafted to the NFL. "It's so deep!

The earthborn tightened their grip on my arms, their mace-like hold on me becoming almost unbearable. Ice stretched for a few miles. Drew and Piper primarily dislike each other, because they both like Jason, Piper's current boyfriend. She let go of his prick. You’re out of university, you’ve got a steady job, a nice apartment, you’re married with a kid on the way. The air is cleared, and Reyna asks Piper about what Aphrodite had said in Charleston. Before receiving the blessing of Aphrodite, Piper had a pimple on the base of her nose that had been there for so long, she began to call it Bob. Face still blank, his head dropped into his hands in shame, disappointment, and sadness. But at least all of the fiery pain kept my thoughts from wandering towards other things. I am not a native speaker of English, so I hope that everything said above does not affect too much and you can read the story correctly. He then felt something foreign grip his bulge and he looked to his side and he saw Piper looking at Annabeth and laughing along with him and Hazel, slightly closer to Percy. Well, most of the time.

I soared across the waves, using them like a surfboard.

She felt like she could go over the edge at any moment.

No doubt Zeus would just strike him down where he stood for treason against the gods if anybody found out. My eyes snapped open. Percy suddenly remembered, as if it had happened to a different person, covering Juno's feet and legs with his cum. He used his thumb to brush against the nub at the top of her pussy, and her whole body loosened up as if my magic, going completely limp.

"OK, who's ready to play?" Despite Piper being very beautiful, Leo never hits on her or asks her out, acting more like a brother who looks out for her.

I destroyed you!”, “Oh, I won’t be doing the killing, no, but I have a fresh army of monsters that will be more than happy to do it for me,” she laughed. Right there, fuck yes, yesss!"

", Piper smiled. “My mistress will be revived and I willed be hailed a hero for spying on the side of the gods. I left my cabin silently. He switched out his tongue for three fingers, and traced his tongue between her legs to her ass.

“We all gave up on trying to get you back. He winced and slowed down his pace a little, easing her down from her high while also not busting his nut prematurely. I prefer this to anything else.