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The 170-metre (555-feet) cylindrical spar was then moored securely to the sea floor. I'm looking to get coordinates to a spot in South Pass. The twenty-two oil wells that the Perdido extracts oil from are connected to a 44 kilometre (27 mile) network of pipelines on the ocean floor that link it to five flexible pipes called risers. Posted by Preys on Gumps on 7/2/12 at 1:05 pm. See info on thousands of old Texas Offshore Oil Rig locations and Spots! The spar was rotated by the Balder from a horizontal to a vertical floating position by pumping water through hoses attached to the spar. Perdido in the Gulf of Mexico was one of our most challenging deep-water projects. Moored in around 2,450 metres (8,000 feet) of water in the US Gulf of Mexico, Perdido started production in 2010, opening up a new frontier in deep-water oil and gas recovery. We develop innovative technologies to find and safely unlock more, and affordable, energy from ever harder-to-reach places. During that month the Perdido team and meteorologists will continually monitor the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico for tropical storms and hurricanes and work steadily to secure the spar before another hurricane passes through the southern Gulf. the Perdido oil and gas development covers a portion of the geological formation known as the Perdido fold belt. Oil rig gps coordinates gulf mexico. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to get the latest updates on LSU Football and Recruiting. Can give you whatever you want and the top secret stuff like where pipelines are anchored to the sea floor... For a small fee. Thank you! The task was to up-end it, rotating it from a horizontal to a vertical floating position. Perdido is the world’s deepest offshore oil drilling and production platform. The locations below are primarily artificial reefs and shipwrecks. The map includes: General regions and specific fields Wells for oil, gas, and coalbed methane Offshore structures, leases, and pipelines Users can zoom in on the map for to see the locations and detailed specifications for thousands of historical and The top sides will turn the anchored spar into a small manufacturing town in the remote southern reaches of the Gulf. It will take a month to fasten all nine mooring lines. All rights reserved. The coordinates are 28°12′32″N, 88°44′15″W. Back to top. Interests: Host platform: Shell 35% (operator), Chevron 37.5%, BP 27.5% Great White: Shell 33.34% (operator), BP 33.33%, Chevron 33.33% Sivertip: Chevron 60% and Shell 40% (operator) Tobago: Shell 32.5% (operator), Nexen 10%, Chevron 30%, Unocal 27.5%, Peak production: 100,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day (boe/d), Key contractors: Technip, Kiewit, FMC Technologies, Heerema Marine Contractors, Perdido spar moves into place 200 miles off the Texas coast.

Is there a site that I can plug in the name of the rig and get the coordinates? Join the 62,005 smart Maritime Professionals who receive our daily newsletter. Sea water rushed in and after two hours had flooded the tanks enough to submerge, tipping the giant structure about fifteen degrees. The old Texas Offshore Oil Rig List is now available and it’s priceless to offshore fishermen who seek out the best bottom fishing locations! Perdido is the deepest floating oil platform in the world at a water depth of about 2450 meters (8040 feet) operated by the Shell Oil Company in the Gulf of Mexico USA.[1]. most destructive hurricane in US history, Katrina, Preliminary Report Sheds Light on Container Loss from APL England, Maersk Launceston Captain Arrested in Greece, Photos: Towering VB10000 Arrives at Golden Ray Wreck Site, Containership Maersk Launceston and Greek Minesweeper Collide Off Piraeus, Dayang Topaz: Crew Jump Overboard After Vessel Hits Platform in Malaysia, Watch: Viral Video Shows Scary Moment a Lifeboat Suddenly Falls During a Drill, U.S. Coast Guard Conducts Simulated Rescue on Offshore Wind Turbine, Windoc Incident – Story Behind YouTube’s Most Chilling Video. Shell has been a part of Louisiana and the Gulf Coast for more than 100 years. After floating the spar, it was towed to its final home above the Alaminos canyon 320 kilometres (120 miles) from the shore. The oil and gas fields beneath the platform lie in a geological formation holding resources estimated at 3-15 billion barrels of oil equivalent according to a report by the BSEE, formerly known as the MMS.

Replies (6) Options Top. Posted by Preys on Gumps on 7/2/12 at 1:05 pm. Perdido will be a fully functional oil and gas platform with a drilling rig and direct vertical access wells, full oil and gas processing and remote subsea wells.

0 0. It began its 13,200-kilometre (8,202-mile) journey to Texas, USA, in May 2008, reaching the Gulf of Mexico in August 2008. I don't like how guides tend to think they are a gift sent from God. To get storm safe once we depart here to getting our first three mooring lines connected offshore is roughly 10 days to two weeks”. At 267 meters, the Perdido is almost as tall as the Eiffel Tower. Note:–These old Oil Rig locations and GPS coordinates will be in no certain name order or current condition because it’s nearly impossible to know which are now cut off rigs, removed oil rigs, abandoned oik rigs or the like as this changes almost daily. Oil rig gps coordinates gulf mexico ... TX 78373. The Perdido spar was constructed by Technip in Pori, Finland. The Perdido's hull or spar was constructed by Technip in Pori, Finland. Perdido is the world’s deepest offshore oil drilling and production platform. Copyright @2020 Went out in my 15' SD470 Saturn Inflatable Boat to map some GPS coordinates of oil rigs for my fishing buddies. The spar and the topsides of the Perdido were constructed separately and then assembled in its final position in the Gulf of Mexico.

Computer-guided lasers marked out the measurements to ensure precision. Perdido is the world’s deepest spar, and the second-deepest oil and gas production hub after Shell’s Stones development. We are committed to helping shape a positive future for the region through our business activities, social investment programs and employee volunteer work. We partner with many non-profit organisations to support conservation, education in science, engineering, technology and maths (STEM) and economic development projects across the Gulf Coast. the producing reservoirs lie within the Paleogene or lower tertiary zone, a portion of the gulf of mexico that has not been produced before.

Perdido features a spar design and is moored in around 2,450 metres (8,000 feet) of water. I'll give whatever you need for free. They work in 12-hour shifts for 2 weeks followed by 2 weeks off, back on land.