For information on clearing a nail jam click on “Products” at the top of this page, select your nailer and then select the Owner’s Manual PDF Download for your nailer. Grid 

ST315i Cordless Gas Powered 10 Ga. Click below to view all of our framing system options. We are so confident of our reliability that if your nailer stops, for any reason, within 2 years of the Service Promise enrollment –we’ll fix it. Our product categories include framing, finish, and exterior systems. ... SCS200 16 Gauge Standard 1/2″ Crown Stapler. Manufactured from stainless steel wire providing extreme corrosion resistance.

3. Paslode air powered and cordless construction staplers available at Nail Gun Depot. Button. Paslode – 501000 Review; 7. Corrosion Resistance Classes The Australian Standard for fastener performance (AS3566) was introduced in 1988, amended in 1990 and ratified in 2002. Nails, Staples & Fastener Store Start Up Sample Business Plan! Slide title. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. 16 Ga Standard 1/2" Crown Stapler Operating Manual and Schematics, 1-Year Full Warranty; 5 Year Limited Warranty, Speed – Up to 10 staples per second keeps up with any application, Power – Drives staples flush in all materials, Durability – Heavy Duty All-Metal Magazine Design, Durable all-metal magazine for long-lasting life, U-Shaped driver blade to decrease slipping to ensure complete drive with every shot, Tool-Free adjustable depth of drive for consistency when driving in any material, Adjustable steel utility hook that easily hangs over 2×4 for convenient storage when needing both hands, Adjustable depth of drive for easy adjustments, Small rounded nose – Easy mobility to shoot quickly and accurately, Adjustable exhaust valve – Quickly swivel to ensure dust and debris blow away from you, 219305 / Cordless Framing Tune Up Kit for 900420 (IMCT), 219304 / Cordless Trim Tune Up Kit for 900600,902000,901000, 219224 / Trigger Valve Repair Kit for 3000, 4000, 5000 Series, F350S, 219245 / Feeder Claw Repair Kit for P275C, F325C, P350C, 219379 / Cordless Framing Tune Up Kit for 902200 / 902600 (CF325/CF325Li), Factory Refurbished Cordless and Pneumatic nailers, Tune Up Kits and Accessories for Framing and Trim/Finish nailers, If your tool does not have a lockout, check that you haven’t run out of fasteners. Button. It currently lists four classes of corrosion resistance.Class 1 - For general interior use where corrosion resistance is of minor importanceClass 2 - For general interior use where significant levels of condensation occurClass 3 - For general exterior applications including treated timbers (not suitable for external coastal regions)Class 4 - For external use in marine and moderately severe corrosive environments, generally within 1km from marine surf, although topography and/or strong prevailing winds may extend this distance.