‘The Sephardic Migration in Mexico’ was one of his famous paintings, preserved at the Monte Sinai Social Center in Mexico City. Olga Costa (Leipzig 1913 - Guanajuato 1993) Consta de: a) Sin título. She was also involved in the founding and development of various galleries, cultural societies and three museums in the state of Guanajuato. Get started. Overall good condition.

[9] Her work was also exhibited at the Museo de Arte Moderno in 1990. (Spanish only). ), Estimate: [6], Costa and Chávez Morado married on May 18, 1935 in Mexico City. [8], Her later work is marked by abstraction and the painting of landscapes of the Bajío region, with red and deep green tones. Works for sale (1) Auction results. 2 p. Lot 209: OLGA COSTA, Mundo marino, Firmado O.C. [4] That same year she also was named a “Distinguished Daughter of Guanajuato” and was honored by the Festival Internacional Cervantino . Free art print of Marina of Benalmadena, Costa del Sol, Andalusia Spain. Presenta detalles de conservación. $12,000 - $18,000, Description: 25.5 x 37.5 cm USD$4,000-$5,200, Description: Olga Costa (Alemania, 1913-1993).

Small area of loss of paint center right 1 X3 cm. Olga costa, Catálogo de la Exposición Homenaje a Olga Costa, en el XVII Festival Internacional Cervantino, México 1989. p 36 y 118-120 43 x 30 cm. Olga Costa Artwork Details .

[2][5] Her first exposure to painting was attending concerts at the Anfiteatro Simón Bolivar where Diego Rivera had painted a mural, the colors of which fascinated Olga. Final price of the painting sold in 1995 at Sotheby's New York was $2,800,000, and the estimated prices ranged from $3,000,000 to 4,000,000. Lot 112: Olga Costa (Alemania, 1913-1993). Olga Costa 1913-1994 Hortensias signed; also titled and dated Coyoacan 1985 on the reverse oil on canvas 39.25 by 31.625in. €48,000 - €65,000, Description: Permaneció ajena a las escuelas y grupos artísticos, tampoco se aprecia influencia alguna entre su obra y la de su esposo Chávez Morado, o la de sus contemporáneos, aunque sí compartió el gusto en boga por pintar escenas costumbristas, retratos, paisajes citadinos y provincianos. Although she was only able to attend Academy of San Carlos for three months, she continued to successfully teach herself to paint. [4][8] Her early work is considered to be fragile and insecure due to her lack of formal training and much of the costumbrista element was purposely integrated with an eye to selling the work in the United States. Related Art CELOSIAS signed and dated " 82 " lower right - - signed again and dated " Coyoacan 82 " on the stretcher and inscribed with title on the reverse - - oil on canvas 25 5/8 x 33 1/2 in. Con etiqueta de Galería Lourdes Chumacero. [3], Olga Costa was one of a number of prominent female artists in 20th century Mexico, along with María Izquierdo, Lola Cueto and Helen Escobedo although the field was dominated by men. Edición Privada de Cartón de Colombia, 1979, pág. Busca en el paisaje volúmenes y color y la transformación que en ellos produce la luz. Agradecemos a María Chumacero por corroborar la procedencia de esta obra, octubre de 2015. OLGA COSTA Sin título Firmada y fechada 74.

She had already been aware of the developments in Mexican modernism but became more closely involved in artistic circles in Mexico City and Guanajuato through her relationship with Chávez Morado. tempera on rice paper, signed 'Olga Costa' and dated lower left, stamped with artist's mark lower right Knick-knacks are also distributed throughout the small home. OLGA COSTA (Leipzig, Alemania, 1913 - Guanajuato, Guanajuato, 1993) Alacena mexicana Firmado Lápices de color sobre papel 40 x 28 cm, Estimate: All albert einstein paintings ship within 48 hours and include a 30-day money-back guarantee. (130.1 x 111 cm. Mucho queda fuera del cuadro. OLGA COSTA (Leipzig, Alemania, 1913 - Guanajuato, Guanajuato, 1993) Casa azul Firmado y fechado 76 Óleo sobre tela Referenciado "Gto [Guanajuato] 76" al reverso. Please enter a valid email address (name@host.com). Carboncillo sobre papel. Chávez Morado encouraged her to experiment although she was hesitant about it. Her development came on her own as a hobby starting in 1936, with José Chávez Morado's encouragement. 55.2 x 45.2 cm USD $5,900-$8,800, Estimate: El matrimonio se mudó a Guanajuato, ciudad a la que dejaron un importante legado: el Museo de Arte Olga Costa - José Chávez Morado. $1,000 - $2,000, Description: Lot 76: OLGA COSTA, (German/Mexican, 1913-1993), Cabeza Maya, 1964, Oil on board, H 28½ x W 22¼ inches.

OLGA COSTA (German/Mexican, 1913-1993) Cabeza Maya, 1964 Oil on board Signed lower right H 28 1/2 x W 22 1/4 inches. had been an aid to Olga while she was alive so he could share personal stories. A beautiful garden, a lot of artwork both by Olga and Jose as well as others. [9] In 1989, he received the Premio Nacional de Ciencias y Artes . Eleven years later the couple moved back to stay, where Costa continued to paint and do cultural promotion. Dimensiones: 60 x 42 cm. 30.5 x 23.5 cm. Costa herself voiced that she would continue to paint in a traditional way, like Diego Rivera and Jose Chavez Morado, and keep on making Nationalist content even if it angered the people dominating the art scene at the time. Her marriage to him involved her in Mexico's cultural and intellectual scene and she began to develop her ability to paint on her own, with encouragement from her husband. Surface of painting in good condition. Fuente consultada: PITOL, Sergio. [1], Her major canvas works include Cabeza arcaica, La novia, Figuras en el trópico algo tiesas, Casa azul 3, Casa roja, Follajes azules, Pueblo minero de noche, Ladera and Niebla although her best known work is probably La vendedora de frutas from 1951. © 1986-2020 Invaluable, LLC. Description: MXN4,000 - MXN7,000. Happy Birthday Olga Costa! COFUNDADORA DE LA GALERÍA ESPIRAL 1941, DE LA SOCIEDAD DE ARTE MODERNO 1945 Y DEL SALÓN DE LA PLÁSTICA MEXICANA 1959 Y DEL FRENTE NACIONAL DE LAS ARTES PLÁSTICAS 44 x 31 cm, Estimate:

German, 1913–1993. Giovanni The painting shows a bride in the center-left accompanied by flowers and a colorful dress with a sorrowful face on her wedding day. In 1952 she created a mosaic mural called Motivos sobre el agua for the Agua Hedionda Spa in Cuautla . [1] Her first works were formal and rigid focusing on Mexican folklore with bright colors and marked by influence from Diego Rivera, along with geometric forms from Carlos Mérida and the use of fruit from Rufino Tamayo, classified as costumbrista, but also contain Expressionist type elements in the style of María Izquierdo. $7,000 - $9,000.

OLGA COSTA Mujer desvistiéndose Firmado Dibujo a tinta sobre papel Este lote es de la Casa de Empeños Galerías Louis C. Morton. Along with Pino Agustí Ferrer, our clients also searched for the following authors: Extracted between 9 works in the catalog of Arcadja, Net Price, without the auction house royalties, Pino Agustí Ferrer - Muchacho Y Niña Con Cesto. However, she met her husband, artist José Chávez Morado during this time. (Framed Art) Private Collection. Plumón y lápiz de color sobre papel. Collection of the artist. It would become the name used in her art career. Lápiz sobre papel. Con certificado de autenticidad. Sus paisajes, sus jardines, son estructuras geométricas donde color y luz se encargan de conformar resultados casi siempre prodigiosos. View all.

patriot Paul Revere was also a silversmith and accomplished engraver. Estimate: Meet Guanajuato in ATV. MXN5,500 - MXN8,000, Description: […] Sus paisajes y jardines no concluyen dentro de los marcos, para ella siempre estrechos del lienzo. Career Highlights. By continuing to use our sites and applications, you agree to our use of cookies. The 1951 oil painting by Olga Costa is titled appropriately, “The Fruit Seller” (La vendedora de frutas). El matrimonio se mudó a Guanajuato, ciudad a la que dejaron un importante legado: el Museo de Arte Olga Costa - José Chávez Morado. Las ramas de un árbol, las líneas de una cordillera, quedan de repente truncas. 99.7 by 80.3cm Provenance Acquired from the artist.

1965 1585-1639) Luis Lagarto (ca. Véase: "Olga Costa trabajó con fervor en la conformación del imaginario de la mexicanidad". Olga Costa's family initially emigrated from Odessa to Germany before eventually settling in Mexico City in 1925 when the artist was twelve.

oil on canvas signed and dated 50 upper right, Description: Provenance: Private Collection, Estimate: Followers. Follow.

$10,000 - $12,000. [1][3][4] She and her sister Lya first attended the Colegio Alemán (German School) in the city, with Lya becoming a writer (later married to historian and art critic Luis Cardoza y Aragón) and Olga participating in music, especially playing the piano and singing in the school choir. Unfortunately, the home is far away from most attractions, and it's difficult to justify the trip for a 10 to 15 minute experience. No fotografía.

with beautiful plants and sculptures by the artists.

He was detained several times by the German government but when sentenced to death, the family escaped to Mexico in 1925. Plumín sobre papel. Olga Costa (b.Leipzig, August 28, 1913 – Guanajuato, June 28, 1993) was a painter and cultural promoter who immigrated to Mexico from Germany when she was twelve. Muere México en 1993. My previous blogs have focused on famous artists in general...Van Gogh's Ear 3 is an indepth look at Mexican artists on their birthday. México 2002.

Agradecemos a María Chumacero por corroborar la procedencia de esta obra, octubre de 2015. [2][9][10] Amor was also the first to start sending Costa's work to the United States where it received higher prices. Estimate: Olga Costa (Alemania 1913 - México 1993) Retrato.

(21.6 x 16.5 cm.) Muere en México en 1993. [12][6], Although she took some classes in painting and engraving at the Academy of San Carlos, she was there only for three months in 1933. Véase: La colección de Pintura del Banco Nacional de México, T.I. Lot 4: OLGA COSTA, Sin título, Firmada y fechada 74. Estimate: However, she met her husband, artist José Chávez Morado during this time. Her paintings often contain one or more elements larger than proportion to the rest of the composition such as the chair in La Novia from 1941, on which sits a bride. Nace en Alemania en 1913. Private collection, Mexico City. OLGA COSTA Mundo marino Firmado O.C. "Artes Gráficas Panamericanas". This connection landed Costa her first exhibition of her work. More from This Artist Similar Designs. OLGA COSTA Piedras Firmado y fechado Gto. (N. Leipzig, Alemania, 1913 - Guanajuato, 1993) Este año se conmemora el centenario del nacimiento de esta importante pintora alemana que radicó en México desde 1925. Olga Costa 1913-1994 (German/Mexican) Lemons, 1969 oil on canvas h:60 w: 100 cm signed lower right Provenance: Israel Embassy, Mexico Exhibited: Museo de arte Moderno Mexico, Bosque de Chalputepec (label on the reverse).